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三年级起始第六册MODULE_2__Unit_1 (1)

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三年级起始第六册MODULE 2


Unit 1 she learnt English.
漳河小学 王燕

ate sweets
(eat ----ate)

played computer games

watched TV

played football

drank milk

在我们学过的第一模块出现过哪些动 词过去式?
? live----lived
? ?

? ? ?

We lived in a small house. is -----was How was it different? are---were There weren’t any buses. talk—talked An old lady talked about her life. cook-cooked She cooked on a fire. do---did She didn’t have a telephone. work-worked She worked in the fields.

? 本节课出现的动词过去式:

dance –danced

learn- learnt

? these (this)
? 构词法:


dance–dancer drive- driver teach-teacher work-worker sing-singer farm- farmer police-policeman fire-fireman ( 特殊:doctor nurse)

1.Listen again answer some questions Now, look at the

screen and look at these questions, then answer. 播放第一遍录 音 ,学生带着问题听录音并寻找答案(Study in their groups. )
C:\Users\asus\Desktop\新标准小学英语第六册(三年级起点)MOUDLE2_在线英语听 力室(流畅).f4v

1)Who are they in the pictures? 2)Did she learn any foreign languages? 3)Why is she wearing these clothes? 4)What is Lingling's grandpa? 5)Did he learn English?


1) They are my grandparents. 2)Yes, she learnt English. 3) Because she was a dancer. 4)He was a driver. 5)No,he didn’t. But he’s learning English now.

? 3、 Listen and repeat 播放第二次录音。

每个句子后停顿后,要求学生进行指读和跟 读。 ? 4、 Act out the test. (Give Ss some minutes to practise.)

? 一、 按所给单词的正确形式填空。

? 1、Yesterday I
? ?

? ? ? ? ? ?

_ (watch)TV. 2.Now he (go) to school by bus. 3.They (live) in a small house two years ago. 4.She (do not) have a telephone many years ago. 5.There (is) a tree four years ago. 6.What did she do yesterday? She (make) a cake. 7.There (are) lots of trees now. 8.Because she was a (dance) 9.Did she (learn)any foreign languages? 10.My grandpa (is) a driver ten years ago.


1. _______ your grandma________English? ________,she________. 2.He________ ________ English now.

Thank you

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