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初中三年级下Module2 Unit2

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How many subjects does Sally have this year?

She has 11 subjects.

Try to remember the words
secondary school 在场的,出席的 present 缺席的,不在的 absent 演讲 speech 生物学 biology 安全 safety 幸运地 fortunately 毒品 drug

Spanish 法国的,法语的(法语) French involve 牵涉,牵连,影响 training 训练 athletics 田径运动 society 社团,协会 disco 迪斯科舞会 /舞厅

1. make a speech 2. tell us some news about 3. have a break 4. have exams 5. the dangers of drugs 6. a parents’ meeting 7. last for an hour 8. do athletics 9. after-school activities 10.talk about our progress 11.during and after school hours

演讲,讲话 给我们讲有关…消息 休息 参加考试

家长会 持续一小时

课外活动 谈论我们的进步 课内外时间


make a speech

after-school activities 2.课外活动 3.给我们讲有关…消息 tell us some news about
4.休息 5.进行体育锻炼 6.参加考试

have a break do athletics have exams the dangers of drugs last for an hour talk about our progress a parents’ meeting during and after school hours

7.毒品的危害 8.持续一小时
9.谈论我们的进步 10.家长会 11.课内外时间

1. 持续一小时 2. 休息 3. 给我们讲有关…消息 4. 演讲,讲话 5. 毒品的危害 6. 家长会 7. 进行体育锻炼 8. 参加考试 9. 谈论我们的进步 10.课外活动 11.课内外时间

last for an hour have a break tell us some news about make a speech the dangers of drugs a parents’ meeting do athletics have exams talk about our progress after-school activities during and after school hours

Part 1

Para 1- 2

1.Where’s Park School?
2.What kind of school is it? 3.How far is it? 4.How long did you stay at primary school?


Part 1

Para 1-2

No. 1 2

Where’s Park School?

It’s in London.

What kind of school is it? It’s a secondary school.

3 4

How far is it? How long did you stay at primary school?

It’s about 20 minutes by bike away from my home. I stayed there for six years.

Part 2

Para 3


Events School starts

At what time 8:45 9:05 11:05 11:20 12:20 1:20pm 3:15pm

Lessons from In the morning Break Lessons from Lunch In the Lessons from afternoon School ends

Part 2

Para 3

8:45-8:55 8:55-9:05

11:05-11:20 11:20-12:20 12:20-1:20pm

Activities teacher checks who is present or absent makes a speech and tells us any news about have a lesson have a break have another lesson

have lunch
have two more lessons

Part 3

Para 4-5

1.They have ___________ 11 subjects this year. But they _______________ don’t have exams in every subject. drugs and 2.PHSE is about the dangers of _______ ________. smoking learning to cook as 3.Students do things like ________ drawing and design in ADT. well as ________________ physical exercise basketball, 4.PE involves _______________,


training in the gym and swimming. 5.Sally has taken ____ 3 exams and she’ll take eight subjects her exams in ____________.

Part 4

Para 6-7

1.What can you do on the sports ground? We can play football, tennis and do athletics both during and after school hours. 2.Do you have after-school activities? Yes, we do. 3.What are they? They’re sports club and language societies. 4.What’s the best thing about school? English, history, music … and my friends. 5.What other events and activities are there in the school year?

Part 4

Para 6-7

What other events and activities are there in the school year? visits to museums and galleries, and to camps for activities, …climbing … parties and discos and a sports day, and the There are / is school play … a parents’ meeting, so … and … talk about our progress

London Museum

There are museums and galleries, camps for, climbing and cycling visits …
parties, discos a sports day the school play

There is …

a parents’ meeting, so, talk about

1. 我们的课持续一小时。 Our lessons __________________. last for an hour

2. 11:05到11:20是课间休息。
We ______________ at 11:05 until 11:20. have a break 3. 明年我要参加八门课的考试。 I _______________ in eight subjects take my exams next year.

4. 一学期我们开一次家长会和运动会。
There is _____________________ and a parents’ meeting _______________ a sports dayonce a term.

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