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1.Shanghai is one of ___________ in China.

A. the bigest city B. the biggest cities C. biggest city D. biggest cities

2.There _____ a typhoon in Japan yesterday.

A. is B. was C. were D. be

3.Many people like ______ windsurfing in summer.

A. go B. goes C. going D. went

4.Mr.Smith has two daughters. One is a teacher, ______ is a doctor.

A. other B. others C. the other D. the others

5.There _____ some milk in the bottle.

A. are B. is C. am D. be


1.C 这里 one of + (形容词最高级) + 名词复数,所以用 the biggest cities

2.B 这里 yesterday 昨天,用过去时(单数) was

3.C 这里 like + doing 是指 “喜欢做某事”,所以用 going

4.C 这里 one ...the other 意为: “一个...,另一个...”所以用 the other

5.B 这里 milk 不可数名词,应该用 There is some milk 意为:有些牛奶。


I was staying at a restaurant. One morning I was walking past a room on the first floor when I heard a woman’s voice, “Help! Help!” Then I heard a man’s voice, “Don’t move or I’ll shoot you.” “Please don’t shoot me,” the woman begged. Then I heard a shot. I knocked at the door loudly.

“Come in,” the woman said.

“What’s the matter?” I asked, “Can I help you?”

“Who are you?” the woman asked with a little surprise.

“I heard a shot,” I said, “Are you all right?”

The woman laughed, “Of course I’m all right.” Then she turned to the man. “Put your gun into your pocket,” she said, “We are not quarrelling. We are actors. We are learning our parts.”

1.Where was the writer once staying?

A. In the school. B. At a restaurant. C. In the hospital. D. In the street.

2.Where did the story happen?

A. In the school. B. In a room. C. In the restaurant. D. In the street.

3.Who shouted for help?

A. A man. B. A woman. C. A boy. D. A girl.

4.Who was shot in fact?

A. A man B. A woman. C. A boy. D. No one

5.What were the man and woman doing?

A. They are learning their parts. B. They are having their lessons. C. They are reading the books.

D. They are watching TV.


1.B. 作者一度呆在饭店里.

2.B. 故事发生在房间里.

3.B. 妇女在大声求救.

4.D. 事实上没有人被击中.

5.A. 他们在学习他们的角色.


Of all the stars the sun is the nearest to the earth. Millions of __1__ stars are even bigger and brighter than the sun. They look __2__only because they are much farther away. You can’t see them __3__ the daytime. But if you go out at night, you’ll be able to see __4__ of them. Many countries have set up man-made satellites to circle the earth. __5__their help, people have done much research in many fields of science.

1. A. another B. others C. other D. the others

2. A. big B. little C. small D. large

3. A. at B. on C. in D. under

4. A. hundreds B. thousands C. hundred D. thousand

5. A. In B. With C. Without D. Under


1.C. other stars 意为 “其他的星星.”

2.C. look small 意为 “看上去小的”.

3.C. in the daytime 意为 “在白天.”

4.B. thousands of 意为 “成千上万”.

5.B. with one’s help 意为 “有了帮助”.



I n___ t_ g_ t_ s_____ o_ f___.


L__ m_ h___ y__.


P_____ u__ f___ t_ c___ f___.


A d__________ i_ v___ u_____.


F______ u__ w____ t_ p__ o__ f____.



I need to go to school on foot.


Let me help you.

3.人们使用火去煮食物。 People use fire to cook food.


A dicitionary is very useful.


Firemen use water to put out fires.

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