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2010 学年度第二学期武宁路小学三年级英语期终测试

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Part I Listening (40%)

I. Listen and choose.(听录音,选出听到的单词)10% ( ) 1. A. aeroplane ( ) 2. A. red ( ) 4. A. see ( ) 6. A. make ( ) 7. A. picnic ( ) 9. A. green ( ) 10.A. small

( ) 3. A. balloon

B. bus B. read B. blue B. bee B. wind B. cake B. picture B. coat B. grey B. soft

C. car C. cat C. ball C. we C. window C. take C. pig C. boat C. grass C. sour

( ) 5. A. winter

( ) 8. A. cold

II. Listen and choose. (听录音,选出你听到的单词的反义词)5% ( ) 1. A. short ( ) 2. A. clean ( ) 3.A. tall ( ) 4.A. smooth ( ) 5.A. hungry ( ( (

( (

B. tall C. long B. open C. cold B. thin C. three B. soft C. rough B. thirsty C. full

III. Listen and choose the right response.(听录音,选出恰当的应答句)8%

)1. A. I’m fine. B. I’m five . C. I’m Eddie.. )2. A. Yes, I like summer B. I like summer.

C. I can swim in summer.

) 3. A. Yes, it’s his umbrella. B Yes ,his bag is brown..

C. Yes, he likes his umbrella.

B. They are brown.

C. I like brown.

) 5. A. I can see green. B. It is a green pineapple.

C. There is a green pineapple. C. I can see the bus..

) 6. A. I can hear a bus. B. I hear a bus.

) 4. A. It’s brown.



( ) 7. A. It’s smooth and hard. B. It is a hard desk. C. It is his desk. C. No, I like dogs. ) 8. A. Yes, I do.. B. I like cats.

IV. Listen to the dialogue and choose the best answer to the question you hear.(根据听到的对话和问题,选出正确的答案)5%

( )1. A. She is eight. B. She is nine. C. She is ten.




( )2. A. It’s black and red. )3. A. It’s a lorry. B. It’s black and white. C. It’s red and white. B. It’s an aeroplane. C. It’s a drill. )4. A. She can see a rubber, a pen and a desk. B. She can see a rubber, a pen and a book. C. She can see a ruler, a pen and a rubber. B. They have bicycles. C. They have cars. )5. A. They have cameras.

V. Listen to the passage and fill in the blanks.(听短文,填入所缺单词)7%

1. In autumn, the _________ is yellow.

2. I have a small ___________.

3. I like this ____________. It’s nice.

4. Do you like ___________?

5. Peter has a pair of ___________.

6. Let’s go to the __________.

7. The________ is green..

VI. Listen and judge. (听短文判断,正确的用T表示,不正确的用F表示) 5%

( ) 1. We are in the garden.

( ) 2. The sun is red and the sky is blue.

( ) 3. There is a brown dog in the park.

( ) 4. All the flowers are red and pink.

( ) 5. It is a fine day.

Part II Vocabulary, grammar and structure (40%)

VII. Copy the sentence. (正确抄写下列句子,注意大小写和标点符号)4%

1. how many squares there are nine

2. what season is it its winter

VIII. Read and write.(根据划线部分的提示,写出同类词)6%

1. In spring the green, the__________ is green and the _________ are

beautiful. _________ in the zoo.

IX. Choose the best answer.(选择最恰当的答案)12%

( ) 1. There _______ a wolf and tree little pigs in the story.

A. has B. are C. is

( ) 2. ______ can you see? I can see yellow.

A. What colour B. What C. Where

( ) 3. In spring, ______grow and grow.

A. a tree B. the tree C. the trees

( ) 4. ______the lemon. It’s sour.

A. Smell B. Touch C. Taste

( ) 5. Is this ______ ruler? No, it’s ______ ruler.

A. my…your B. your…your C. your…a

( ) 6 . When is Children’s Day? _______________.

A. Jun.1st B. On the first of June. C. In May.

( ) 7.How ______ the apples feel? Hard.

A. is B. do C. does

( ) 8. ______toys are super. I like them.

A. Those B. This C. That

( ) 9. This pair of _________ is for my toes.

A. hats B. gloves C. socks

( ) 10. Tom is my friend. ______is a pupil. ______eyes are big.

A. She…He B. He…Her C. He…His

( ) 11. There is ________ in the sky. It’s _________..

A. sun/ sunny B. sunny/sun C. the sun/sunny

( ) 12. I like _______ robots, but I ________ like bicycles.

A. don’t like…like B. like…don’t like C. likes…like

X. Complete the sentences with the given words in their proper forms.(用括号中所给单词的适当形式填空)8%

1. The cat________(be) big and fat. It eats ________(mouse).

2. I like ________ (this) dolls. The dolls are so beautiful.

3. (she) name is Mary. She (have) a pink blouse.

4. Grandma! Your (tooth) are big.

5. What are they? They are (scarf)

6. Touch this. How (do) it feel?

XI. Rewrite the following sentences as required.(改写句子,每格一词)10%

1. Those are their pencil boxes. (改单数句)

__________ is __________ lunch box.

2. Is this pencil long? (改成肯定句)

This__________ __________ long.

3. I like the beautiful picture. (改成一般疑问句)

__________ __________ like the beautiful picture? (对划线部分提问)

is it? (对划线部分提问)

is your T-shirt?

Part III Reading and writing (20%)

XIII. Reading comprehension

A. True or false.(判断下列句子是否符合短文的内容,符合的用“T”表示,不符合的用“F”表示)5%

I am Tony . Today is Children’s Day. I am in the park. There are many children in the park. I play the swing and the slide in the park. I like the swing very much. Look, those are flowers. The big flowers are red. The small flowers are blue. They are nice. Look at the blue sky. I see some colorful kites. Some girls are flying the kites. Under the tree, some boys are having a picnic. They are

学校 班级 姓名 学号 eating and drinking. But Tom is riding the bicycle. All the children are having a good time. ( ) 1. Tony likes the slide very much. ( ) 2. The small flowers are red. ( ) 3. All the boys are eating and drinking under the tree. ( ) 4. The kites are in the sky. ( ) 5. Today is the first of May. B. Read and choose.(读短文,选择最恰当的答案)5% A girl is walking in the park. She sits down to eat some cakes. A bug(小虫)comes and says, “ I like cakes. Can I have some?” The girl looks at the bug. Then she looks back at the cakes. She says, “Bugs do not talk. You are a bug. So you can not talk.” The bug says, “But I can talk. And I can sing.” The bug is singing. “That singing is bad. I have to hold my hands over my ears(用手捂着耳朵).” “Why don’t you like my singing? Give me some cakes.” “The girl says, “Stop that singing. I’ll give you some cakes.” The bug stops and the girl gives the bug some cakes. The bug gets sick(感到恶心). It says, “Now I can’t sing.” The girl says, “That’s good.” Then she eats the rest(剩余部分) of the cakes. ( ) 1. The girl is ________ in the park. A. singing B. walking C. playing with her pet ( ) 2. The bug can ________. A. sing and dance B. talk and sing C play a drum ( ) 3. The bug’s singing is ________. A. good B. loud C. bad ( ) 4. The girl gives the bug some ________.

A. cakes B. oranges C. ice cream

( ) 5. ________ eats the rest of the cakes.

A. The girl B. The bug C. The girl’s friends

C. Read and complete.首字母填空:5%

In s______, it’s hot. It’s not cool. The sun shines and shines. We can stay at home. The children like to go to the b__________. We can eat i_________. We can swim and make s____________. We are very h______.

D Writing 介绍你最喜欢的事物(最喜欢的玩具、颜色、季节、节日等),至少5句话, 三种句型5%

My Favourite ___________

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