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Unit 5 第二课时

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永和中学八年级上导学案 课型:新授课 备课人:单钟辉 审核人:王庚文 班级:________________ 姓名:_____________ 使用时间:2013年11月

Unit 5 If you go to the party, you’ll have a great time! Section A 3a-4 第二课时

Learning Goals :

1能听、说、读、写本单元所列重点词汇。 2理解并运用本单元的重点句型及条件状语从句。

3.运用所学知识谈论人们做某事可能出现的后果,并提出合理的建议。 Learning Emphasis : 条件状语从句

Learning Difficulties : 复合句的时态(主将从现) Learning Methods : 自主学习 展示提升 Learning Activities :

Ⅰ.翻译词组P.25 2a P.37 1 Ⅱ.完成P.36 3a

K:Are you going to_______?

M:Yes,I am _______to wear my new jeans! K:You can’t do that! M:What will happen if I do?

K: _______You should wear your cool pants. M:That’s great idea. Ⅲ.Self-study

1.课前检测Read the new words. 2. 预习检测:英汉互译

1.玩的愉快_________________ 2. 组织_________________ 3.拿走_________________ 4.清除,打扫 _________________ 5.花 _____________________ 6.代理人 _________________

7.在世界各地 _________________________ 8.谋生 ____________________

9.反对 _____________________ 10.慈善团体 ________________ Demonstration P36 3b Ⅳ.知识拓展(7分钟) 区别take与bring

1.______ the book to him,and _____the dictionary to me.把这本书拿给他,把那本字典给我。

区别wear与put on

2.He was________a beautiful coat.It is very cold.____ ____your coat. Ⅴ.基础训练

1.They _______ come to see you _______ they have a holiday this month. A. will,so B. will,if C. do,and

2.I _______ the dormitory to get a dictionary for you if you want one. A. will go to B. am going to C. Both A and B

3.If it rains this afternoon, we _______ a picnic by the river. I agree with you. I hope it will be a sunny day .

A. won’t have B. aren’t having C. Both A and B Ⅴ.家庭作业:

1.Get up early,or you will be late for the meeting. (改为同义句) ___you _____get up early,you will be late for the meeting. 2.If we have the party today,half the class won,

t come.(就划线 部分提问)

_____ ______ _______ if we have the party today? 3.Why don,t you bring some snacks?(改为同义句) ____________________________________ 课后反思:

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