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(分值: 100分时间:50分钟)


―、听录音,选择你所听到的单词。 (每小题读两遍。5分) 1. A. sign 2. A. his 3. A. eight 4. A. milked 5. A. get off

B. sing B. hers B. point B. watered B. take off

C. song C. mine C. wallet C. picked C. next to

D. tiger D. ours D. night D. tasted D. in front of


三、听录音,选择正确的应答。(每小题读两遍。10分) 1. A. Yes, I do. 2. A. It’s my grandpa. 3. A. It’s on the chair. 4. A. Eat rice dumplings. 5. A. It’s Monday.


1. What does this sign__________? It means you shouldn’t__________ on the grass. 2. What’s your favourite__________? __________Day. 3. Whose__________ is right? Yours or__________? 4. All the __________ are very__________.


B. No, we didn’t. B. It’s my.

B. They were near the bed. B. Dress up in costumes. B. It’s sunny.

C. Yes, we do C. It’s mine. C. It was on the sofa. C. Make chocolate eggs. C. It’s the 22nd of July.

5. She__________ Nancy in the school playground__________ class.



1. My mother can__________ (make) cakes.

2. It’s__________ (she) umbrella. It’s not__________ (he).

3. There are five__________ (people) in my family.

4. I__________ (go) to the supermarket last weekend.

5. I’d like __________ (come) to her birthday party.

6. Ben usually__________ (do) his homework at the weekend.

7. Look! She__________ (eat) a cake.

8. My birthday is on the__________ (twelve) of March.

9. Did your father__________ (have) dinner at home last night?

六、选择正确的答案,将其序号填入括号内。(10 分)

1. — Thank you, Mike.

— _____.

A. You’re welcome

B. That’s right

2. What_____ is it today? It’s the third of January.

A. date B. day C. colour D. time C. Thank you D. No, thank you

3. He_____ to school by bus every day, but he _____ there on foot yesterday.

A. goes, went B. go, went C. went, go D. went, goes

4. Mike’s birthday is_____ September.

A. on B. in C. at D. with

5. Su Yang are talking_____ her friends_____ their birthdays.

A. with; to B. with; with C. to; about D. and; about

6. A: _____are the presents from?

B: _____from my grandfather.

A. What, They’re

B. Who, They’re

7. These are my football shoes. Where are_____?


C. Whose, It’ D. Where, They’re

A. you B. yours C. your D. yourselves

8. The photos aren’t there_____, but they were there_____.

A. a moment ago; now

B. just now; a moment ago

9. —Would you like to go there, too?


A. Yes, I do

B. Yes, I’d like

10. It is an _____day, we are all

A. excited; exciting

B. exciting; exciting


1. His father goes to work by bike. (改为一般疑问句)

_____his father_____ to work by bike?

2. I had a party last Halloween. (改为否定句)

I_____ to a party last Halloween.


_____is it?

4. This calculator is mine. (改为同义句)

This is_____ _____.

5. weekend, else, you, last, did, what, do (?)(连词成句)



A: ____Mid - Autumn Festival?

B: It’s_____ August or September.

A: What do people usually_____?

B: They usually_____ moon cakes and

A: Is this your mirror?

B: No, it_____.


C. exciting; excited D. excited; excited C. Yes, I would D. Yes, I’d like to C. now; just now D. a moment ago; just now

A: _____ mirror is it? B: It’s_____.

A: Let's give it to_____ moon.



1. What’s your favourite holiday? 2. When’s your birthday? 3. What did she do on the farm? 4. Did you have a good time? 5. Whose gloves are they? 6. What date is it today? 7. What does this mean? 8. Where are your glasses? 9. Can I have a cake, Mum? 10. Is there a pen in your hand?


A. They’re Jim’s.

B. She watered some trees. C. It’s the 21st of January. D. It means “No Parking” E. They’re in Jim’s desk. F. Halloween. G. Yes, we did.

H. It’s on the 21st of Jan. I. Yes, there is. J. All right.

十、阅读短文。(共10题,每小题2分,计20分) A: 阅读短文,判断正(T)误(F)。

Last Sunday, Li Ming and his friends went to his uncle’s home. Li Ming’s uncle lives on a farm near Nanjing. It’s a beautiful and big farm. Li Ming’s uncle showed them a lot of photos about his farm at first. There were many cows, chickens, ducks and fruit trees on the farm. Li Ming and his friends picked a lot of pears, apples and oranges. It was very hot. But the boys still had a good time on the farm.

1. Last Saturday, Li Ming and his friends went to his uncle’s home. 2. Li Ming’s uncle lives in Nanjing. 3. The farm is beautiful and big.

4. There were many cows, chickens, ducks and fruit trees on the farm. 5. They were very happy.


B:阅读短文, 选择正确答案。

Today is the 5th of March. It’s my birthday. I get a lot of presents from my friends and family. They are in nice boxes.

My father gives me a yellow box and there is a book in it. Jack, one of my friends, gives me a long box. What’s in it? It’s an umbrella. My sister gives me a round box. I think it’s a big cake, but it is a basketball. I like playing basketball very much. So I’m happy to have it.

1. My birthday is on_____.

A. March 5 B. March 7

2. I get a lot of presents from_____.

A. my parents B. my friends

3. My sister gives me_____ as my birthday present.

A. a big cake B. a basketball

4. There’s_____ from my father.

A. a box B. an umbrella

5. Jack is the writer’s _____.

A. brother B. sister


C. Sunday C. A and B C. a football C. a book C. friend

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