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2010年度第二学期三年级英语期终考查试卷 2011

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Class___________ Name_________ No.___________ Mark______________ I. Listening: 30%


( ) 1. A. hear B. ear C. hair

( ) 2. A. sea B. she C. see

( ) 3. A. warm B. want C. water

( ) 4. A. grow B. yellow C. window

( ) 5. A. boat B. coat C. cold

( ) 6. A. blue B. blouse C. balloon


( ) 1. A. It’s yellow. B. No, they’re yellow.

C. They’re yellow.

( ) 2. A. No, he’s Eddie. B. Yes, he’s my brother.

C. He’s my brother.

( ) 3. A. She’s nine. B. He’s fine.

C. He’s nine.

( ) 4. A. No, it’s summer. B. It’s summer.

C. Yes, it’s winter.

( ) 5. A. I can hear raindrops. B. No, I can hear a bird.

C. I can’t hear a bird.

( ) 6. A. We like cakes. B. No, we don’t like apples.

C. Yes, we like cakes.


1. _________ this. Is it 2. What are ? 3. What colour is the _________? It’s


1. ( ) Today is sunny.

2. ( ) There are some clouds in the sky.

3. ( ) We have a picnic at the beach.

4. ( ) My mother eats a cake and drinks some juice.

5. ( ) We play with the boat at the beach.

6. ( ) We have a good time.


( ) 1. We are in the ______.

A. school B. park C. garden

( ) 2. The sun is _____and the sky is _____.

A. red, blue B. blue, red C. green, white

( ) 3. There is a ____ in the park.

A. cat B. tiger C. dog

( ) 4. There is a pink _________ in the park.

A. kite B. slide C. flower

( ) 5. We like to _____ and dance here.

A. run B. sing C. swim

( ) 6. We are _____.

A. happy B. sad C. thirsty

II. Writing: 50%


Do you like ice-skating in winter? Yes, I do.

_______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________


______________ ______________ ______________ _____________

______________ ______________ _______________ _____________



( ) 1. They _____ like dogs. They like cats.

A. aren’t B. haven’t C. don’t

( ) 2. What shape is the sun? It’s a ___________.

A. triangle B. circle C. round

( ) 3. What ______ is it? It’s a rectangle.

A. colour B. shape C. season

( ) 4. In Singapore, Children’s Day is on the ______________.

A. first of October B. first of June C. first of July

( ) 5. _____ does it feel? It’s soft.

A. What B. Where C. How

( )6.This is a new girl. _________ name is Sue.

A. She B. Your C. Her

( )7. Touch the pineapple. Is it __________ ? No, it is not.

A. rough B. hard C. smooth

( )8. Your biscuits ________ soft, but my biscuit _________ hard.

A. are ,is B. is , is C. are , are

( )9. Do you like __________? Yes, I do.

A. an orange B. apples C. strawberrys

( )10. How does the lemon ____________? It’s sour.

A. touch B. taste C. smell


A:_________, this is a photo of my family.

B:Oh, it’s nice. Summer is very ________.

A:Yes, we are at the ___________.

B:Can you ____________?

A:Sure, I like ___________ very much.

B:Is that your____________?

A:Yes, he’s five. He can make a _______________.

B:You are very _______________.

六、按要求改句子(每格一词):12% (对划线部分提问)

can you see?

2. I like rabbits. (改成一般疑问句)

like rabbits?

3. I can touch this toy. (改成复数句)

We can touch .

4. Is that car beautiful? (改成肯定句)

That beautiful. (对划线部分提问)

___________ __________ dogs are there?

6. I like swimming in summer. (改成否定句)

I _________ _________ swimming in summer.

III. Reading:20%


There are many sweets in my bag. They are not big. Please open the bag. Look at the sweets. There are many shapes. They are stars, triangles and circles. Let’s count, there are seven circles, eight stars and five triangles. I like the stars. I like the sweets. They are very nice.

( ) 1. I have many sweets.

( ) 2. The sweets are big.

( ) 3. There are three shapes of sweets in my bag.

( ) 4. There are twenty(二十) sweets in my bag.

( ) 5. I have eight triangles and seven circles.


Today is Saturday. It’s a fine day. Tom and I are going to the park. We are good friends. It’s spring. There are many beautiful flowers in the park. They are red, yellow, purple and pink. We can see some kites in the sky. Many girls are flying kites. Two boys are drawing beside the river. Some swans (天鹅) are swimming in the river. We are sitting under a tree. Listen to the birds in the tree. We are very happy.

1. Today is .

A. cold B. hot C. fine

2. There are some ______________ in the river.

A. ducks B. swans C. boats

3. The boys are _________________ .

A. in the sky B. under the tree C. beside the river

4. _______________ are in the tree.

A. The birds B. Tom and I C. The boys

5. The girls are ______________ .

A. flying kites B. playing football C. sitting under the tree.


name is Mary. I am nine. I’m a girl. I have a dog and a cat. They’re my good . The dog is very big and fat. But the cat is and thin. Touch them. They’re s________ and s__________.




1、What season is it? 2、How is the weather today? 3、Where are you now?

4、What have you got? 5、What can you do? 6、 Are you happy?

____________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________


I. Listening: 30%

一、选出你听到的单词,把序号填在前面的括号内:6%(读一遍) in summer? No, it isn’t. 6. What colour is the scarf ? It’s Key:(A,C,A,A,C,A)


1. What colour are these flowers?

2. Is he your brother?

3. How old is Kitty?

4. What season is it?

5. Can you hear raindrops?

6. Do you like cakes?


三、听录音,填入所缺单词:6% (读两遍) It’s

四、听短文,用“T”或“F”判断下列句子是否与听到的内容相符:6% (读两遍) I am Tom. It’s a beautiful sunny day. There aren’t any clouds in the sky. My father, my mother and I go to the beach and have a picnic. At the beach, we swim in the sea. After swimming, we have a picnic under the tree. My father eats a hot dog and drinks some cola. My mother eats a hamburger and drinks some juice. I eat some cakes. After lunch, we make a sandcastle together. We play with the water at the beach. We take photographs. In the evening, we go home. What a nice day! Key:(T,F,T,F,F,T)

五、听短文并选择正确的答案,将序号填入括号内:6% (读两遍)

It’s Sunny today. We are in the children’s garden. Look at the sun. It is red .Look at the sky. It’s blue. Look at the clouds. They are white and nice. The slide is pink. The tree is big and green. The flowers are beautiful. They are red, yellow, orange and purple. There is a dog in the park, too. It’s black and white. It’s playing with a ball. We like to sing and dance here. We are happy. Key:(C,A,C,B,B,A)

II. Writing: 50%


Key:Do you like ice-skating in winter? Yes, I do.



三、写出与划线部分同一类的单词,注意在句中的适当运用:6% (野生动物类) (颜色类) 四、选择填空:10%



A:B:Oh, it’A:B:A:B:A:Yes, he’


六、按要求改句子:12% (对划线部分提问)

can you see?

2. I like rabbits. (改成一般疑问句)

like rabbits?

3. I can touch this toy. (改成复数句)

We can touch .

4. Is that car beautiful? (改成肯定句)

That beautiful. (对划线部分提问)

6. I like swimming in summer. (改成否定句)

III. Reading:20%






name is Mary. I am nine. I’m a girl. I have a dog and a cat. They’re my good m. They’re

四、看图,根据问题提示,写一段小短文。(至少3种句型,不少于5句):5% 略

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