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六年级下册英语1----2 单元练习

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draw pictures good idea

watch a film go skating

good at play table tennis

skating rink try to

stand up never mind all right fall over


1.good at You drawing are.

2.She films likes watching.

3.a idea That good is .

4.do How skate you?

5.tired Peter to skate fell over but he.

6.skate You beautifully.

7.to want I stand straight up.


( )1.What ______Mingming like doing?

A. is B. does C. are

( )2.Peter wants to _________kite.

A. flys B.fly C.flying

( )3.______does Dongdong want to do?

A. What B.How C.Who

( )4.Anne tried to skate but she _____ over.

A. fall B.fell C.falls

( )5.We always go to school ______two o?clock.

A. in B.on Cat

( )6.She is not good at_____basketball.

A. play B.playing C.plays

( )7.The kids are at ______home.

A. Peter B.Peter?s C.Peters

( )8.I want to skate _____you.

A. likes B.like C.liked

( )9.Anne went to skate________Peter.

A. For B.to C.with

( )10.---Can you lift the toy car? ---_____________.

A.I am .B.I can C.you are


1.What are you good at? A. She likes skating.

2.Do you like watching films? B.I want to go to school.

3.What does she like doing? C.You?re welcome.

4.What do you want to do? D..Yes, I do.

5.Thank you very much. E.I?m good at drawing .


Today is Sunday.Peter is having breakfast. He likes eating milk and a hamburger for breakfast.After breakfast,he will go to school by bus.But he doesn?t want to take a bus today,because(因为)his classmates will go with him.They walk to school.

( )1.Today is sunny.

( )2.Peter likes eating rice at breakfast.

( )3.Peter always go to school by bus.

( )4.Today Peter will take a bus to school.

( )5.They go to school on foot today.

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