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形容词和副词的 比较级和最高级

Comparative and Superlative Degrees of Adjectives and Adverbs

Listening practice.
? 1.My twin brother is four minutes ____ than me. ? 2.I think we look the same ___ ,but people say we ______ . are different ? 3.Daniel is a little ____ than me. taller ? 4.We both have ___ hair and ____ big eyes. black ? 5.He likes to do a lot of _____ .
sports younger

? ? ? ? ? ?

? ? ? ?

1.Lucy 与 Lily 跑得一样快吗? 2.Lucy 与Lily 工作一样努力吗? 3.Lucy 不如 Lily 工作努力。 4.Lucy 比 Lily 瘦一点,但Lily 比 Lucy 重很多。 5.我认为Lucy 唱得比Lily更清楚。 6.这本书比其它任何一本都有创意,因此,它越来越受 欢迎了。 7.英语比赛比歌咏比赛更严肃,但篮球比赛是最好玩的。 8.你可以最舒服地坐在那,因它有最大的座位。 9.黄河是中国的第二长河。 10.鲁迅是中国最受伟大的作家之一。

形容词和副词比较级和最高级的 雷区

Correct the mistakes:
my sister’s any other 2.The Changjiang River is longer than any river in China.

1. Mary’s hair is longer than my sister. _______

more and more 3.Our country is getting more beautiful and more beautiful. big 4.This classroom is three times as bigger as that one. 5.Who is tallest student in our school?the tallest 6. Which do you like better, apples, bananas or pears? (the) best

Correct the mistakes: ___________ 8. This box is more heavier than that one.

heavier ____of the two. 9. He is taller
our 11. There are _____ many more people in the street than usual. much as 12. Mike is __ so tall as Jack. 13. Li Ying jumped farther than Jim jumped. ______ (did) the taller

______ 10. Today is our the busiest day.

_____ river in China. 14. The Yellow River is the second longer longest

用括号内形容词或副词的适当形式填空: strong (strong), but that horse is 1. This horse is very ________ much _________ stronger (strong) than this one. 2. It’s so late, so I drive the car ___________(slowly) than more slowly usual. farther/further 3. He went ______________(far) than the other explorers. 4. The ____(little) you eat, the _________(thin) you are. less thinner 5. The Beijing Library is one of __________(big) libraries the biggest in China. 6. The street is as _______(long) as that one, but it is_____ long wider (wide) than that one. 7. His drawing isn’t so _______(good) as yours. good 8. When a piece of ice is taken into a warm room, it becomes __________(small) and __________(small). smaller smaller 9. This piano is ______________(expensive) than the other more expensive two. It is __________________(expensive) of the three. the most expensive 10. Which is ________________(difficult), English, physics the most difficult or biology?

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