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2013-2014五年级英语上学期期末试卷 外研版(一起)

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B. sometimes C. some time ( ) 1. A. sometime 分)

B. reply C. play ( ) 2. A. ready

B. whose C. who ( ) 3. A. why

B. right C. light ( ) 4. A. night

B. fifty C. fifteen ( ) 5. A. five


( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

( )

Ⅲ.听问句,选答句。将正确答案序号填在括号内。 (每题1分,共8分) ( ) 1. ( ) 2. A. It’s Sam’s. A. She can walk.

B. He’s Sam. B. She couldn’t walk.

C. It’s Sam. C. She could dance.

A.Yes,we are. A. I want a new bag.

( ) 3. ( ) 4.

B. Yes,we can B. I went to Shanghai.

C. I’m angry. C. Yes,we do.

( ) 5. ( ) 6. A. Yes, I am. A. It’s May.

B. Yes, I do. B. It’s March.

C. It’s February. C. No, I didn’t.

( ) 7. ( ) 8. A. I feel hungry. A. It’s in winter.

B. I feel happy. B. It’s in autumn.

C. I feel sad. C. It’s in spring.

Ⅳ.听短文,选择填空。将正确答案序号填在括号内。(每题2分,共12分) ( )1. Lily is an ________ girl.

A. English B. Chinese

( )2. Her school starts at _______ and finishes at________.

A. 3:30 , 9 o’clock B. 9 o’clock , 3:30

( )3. There are _______ paintings on the walls.

A. children’s B. teachers’

( )4. There are lots of _________.

A. games B. computers

( )5.________ she does her homework.

A. Sometimes B. Every day

( )6. Lily studies hard. And she’s a _______girl.

A. good B. bad


Ⅴ.单项填空。将正确答案的序号填写在前面的括号里。(每题1分,共15分) ( ) 1. In China, we school at 8 o’clock. A. start to B. start C. starts ( ) 2. There any swings here before. A. were B. weren’t C. wasn’t

( ) 3. ______have a picnic together at the weekends. A. them B. They C. their ( ) 4. Halloween is autumn festival. A. / B. a

C. an ( ) 5. Her friends are going to . A. went home B. going home

C. go home

( ) 6.This is ______ book. Here you are. A. your B. yours

C. you

( ) 7. Look! Mum. Tom is ______ a mess. A. make B. to make C. making

( ) 8. Fifi can’t help me. He only to .

A. wants?play B. want?play C. wants?plays

( ) 9. She was very _____.She ate some bread. A. lazy B. thirsty

C. hungry

( ) 10. This bag is too _______. I can’t lift it. A. heavy B. light C. small

( ) 11. I read books break time. A. at B. in

C. on

( ) 12. The bus is coming. Please stand line. A. in B. on C. with

( ) 13. The fireman ______ see the people last night. A. couldn’t

B. can C. will ( ) 14. A: Do you want to play chess? B: .

A. No, I didn’t. B. No, I don’t. C. No, I won’t. ( ) 15. A: What did you do yesterday? B: I some photos. A. take B. takes C. took


1) You shouldn’t play with ________ (火). It’s dangerous.

2) Many English supermarkets sell food from lots of _____________ (国家).

3) We usually do_____________ ______________ (早操) in the morning.

4) Daming wants to make a special gift for ________ (他的) mum.

5) Our new______________ (操场) is big and wide.

6) I stayed at home and I was __________ (无聊的) yesterday.

7) Happy New __________ ! (新年好! ) .

8) I know Sam can play the piano _________ (好地).

9) Miss Liu is a __________ (友善的) teacher. She helps me with my English.



( ) 1. Are you going to be twelve? A. We got seventeen points.

( ) 2. What’s the matter? B. Yes, I am.

( ) 3. How many points did you get? C. Nothing. I’m thinking.

( ) 4. What was on the walls before? D. No, I can’t.

( ) 5. Can you run fast? E. There was a map of China.

B. 根据图文提示,补全句中所缺单词。(每题2分,共10分)

1. The fireman couldn’t hear the people.

But the dog ______ ______ the people.

2. Was there a pond here before?

No, ________ _______.

3. A: Where do they go?

B: They _____ to the people’s ________.

4. A: What are they going to do?

B: They’re going to _____ ____ ______.

5. A: _____ _____ sad?

B: Yes, I am.



Mum, Can I have these cakes?

Mum: Wash your hands first.

Son: All right.

Mum: ___________________ Supper will be ready soon.


Mum: Fish and rice.

Son:Great! ____________________


A. ( ) 1. Lingling is going to be 11. ( ) 2. Amy is 10 years old now. ( ) 3. It’s a birthday invitation.

( )4. The party will last(持续

B. 阅读故事,选择正确的答案。

One day, a crow(乌鸦) was very thirsty. So he wanted to drink some water. He saw a bottle (瓶子)with a little water in it. But the neck(颈部) of the bottle was too long , the crow couldn’t drink the water. Suddenly(突然) he had a good idea. He flew(飞) away and found(发现) some small stones. He put the stones into the bottle, the water

rose(升起) up. At last he could drink the water. He was very

happy. What a clever crow!

( ) 1. The crow was ________ and he wanted to drink some water.

A. happy B. hungry C. thirsty

( ) 2. The crow________ drink the water because the bottle’s neck was very long.

A. could B. couldn’t C. can

( ) 3. ___________, so the water rose up.

A. He flew away B. He put some small stones into the


( ) 4. At last he was very happy because he _________drink the water.

A. can’t B. could C. couldn’t

( ) 5. The crow is very __________.

A. clever B. naughty C. angry




Class Rules 温馨小贴士 be helpful be late listen in class talk in class play in class try hard …




No.1 Sometimes there are restaurants in the supermarket.

No.2 This is your birthday invitation. Please reply.

No.3 Whose T-shirt is it?

No.4 Good night!

No.5 The other team got fifteen points.


No.1 In China, we sit in lines.

No.2 This man can’t see. He is blind.

No.3 Tom, please tidy your toys! I will help you.

No.4 It’s mine!

No.5 There are toy chicks and flowers on Easter hats.

Ⅲ.听问句,选答句。将正确答案序号填在括号内。 No.1 Whose car is it?

No.2 What could Amy do?

No.3 Can you see small eggs in the big eggs?

No.4 What do you want?

No.5 After lunch, are you going to watch TV?

No.6 What month is after January?

No.7 You helped blind people. What do you feel?

No.8 When is Easter?

Ⅳ. 听短文,选择填空。将正确答案序号填在括号内。

Hello, my name is Lily. I live in England. I go to school from Monday to Friday. My school starts at 9 o’clock. It finishes at half past 3. School is fun here. There are children’s paintings on the walls. There are lots of games. I play with my friends at break time. I always study hard. I do my homework every day. I’m a good girl.




Ⅰ.(1×5=5分) 1.B 2.B 3.B 4. A 5. C

Ⅱ. (1×5=5分) 3—5—1—4----2

Ⅲ. (1×8=8分) 1.A 2.C 3. B 4. A 5.A 6.C 7.B 8.C Ⅳ. (2×6=12分) ⒈A ⒉B ⒊A ⒋A ⒌B ⒍A


Ⅴ. (1×15=15分) 1.B 2. B 3. B 4.C 5.C 6.A 7. C 8.A

9.C 10. A 11.A 12.A 13. A 14. B 15. C

Ⅵ. (1×10=10分) 1.fire 2.countries (0.5分) 3.morning, exercises

4.his 5.playground 6.bored 7.Year (0.5分) 8.well



Ⅶ. A. (2×5=10分) 1. B 2.C 3.A 4.E 5.D

B. (1×10=10分) 1. could hear 2. there wasn’t 3. go houses

4. sing (and) dance 5. Are (0.5分) you

(请注意画线黑体部分,其它9空完全准确方可得1分,(and)一空忽略不计分) Ⅷ. (2×5=10分) C A B E D

Ⅸ. (1×10=10分) A. ⒈F ⒉T ⒊T ⒋F ⒌F

B. 1.C 2.B 3.B 4.B 5.A







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