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一、听录音,选出你所听到的内容。(听两遍,10分) 1. A. cat 2. A. nose 3. A. hurry 4. A. friend 5. A. forty 6. A. sad 7. A. tail 8. A. have 9. A. long 10. A. thirty


B. fat B. mouth B. hungry B. fridge B. forty-five B. salad B. table B. her B. like B. twenty

C. cake C. horse C. happy C. fly C. fourteen C. short C. tall C. home C. lion C. twelve

三、听录音,根据所听问句选择正确的答句。(听两遍,10分) 1. A. Yes, I am 2. A. I like tigers 3. A. Yes, he can. 4. A. It’s four yuan. 5. A. Well done!


B. Yes, please B. Yes, I like tigers. B. Yes, she can. B. They are four yuan. B. Yes. How nice!

C. Yes, I do C. No, I like tigers. C. Yes, I can. C. I have four yuan. C. Thank you!


A: Hello, I’m Su Yang. I__________ fruit very much. Do you have __________ pineapples? B: No, I__________.

A: __________do you__________?

B: I have some__________ and oranges.

A. __________oranges do you have?

B: __________.

A. Great. Let’s __________a fruit salad.

B: OK.



1. A. fat

2. A. nine

3. A. play

4. A. sticker

5. A. sofa


1. Do you like______________? Yes. (熊猫)

2. Liu Tao’s eyes are very_____________. (小的)

3. Can you play______________? No, but I can do this. (足球 )

4. Don’t be sad. I can’ t_____________ either. (游泳 )

5. Come and look, Su Yang. Your shoes are in the _____________(卫生间)


1. —What are these?

—They are_____.

A. mango

2. —_____the ball?


B. a mango C. mangoes B. thin B. nice B. ball B. pineapple B. kitchen C. cat C. sixteen C. skate C. mango C. table

—It’s under the bed.

A. Where’s B. What’s

3. Look! That thin woman is my teacher._____ hair is black.

A. She’s B. Her

4. —Do you like this _____?

—Yes, I do. I like_____.

A. horses, horse B. horse, horses

5. —Can I have a look?


A. No, I don’t. B. Sure.

6. —How many robots do you have?


A. Yes, I have a robot. B. One.

7. How much_____ your fan?

A. are B. is

8. The_____ are very nice.

A. coffee B. car

9. —I’m very hungry.

—Here’s a_____ for you.

A. egg B. sandwich

10. —I can’t play basketball.


A. I can play basketball, too.

B. Have a try,

C. Yes, I can.


1 —_____are the stickers?

—Eight yuan. ( How many, How much )

2. Do you have_____ dogs? ( some , any )


C. How many C. she C. horses, horses C. Yes, l can. C. One yuan. C. do C. socks C. book

3. Tim is my friend. _____mouth is big. ( Her, His ) 4. What_____ nice umbrella! ( a, an ) 5. —Anything else?

—_____some noodles. ( I’d like, I like )



1. Can you fly? 2. Do you have a look? 3. What do you have? 4. What would you like? 5. Where are my skirts? 6. Look at this monkey. 7. I can't play table tennis. 8. How many would you like? 9. How much is the book? Guess. 10. Here you are.


A. It’s twelve yuan. B. They are on the bed. C. No, I can’t. D. Thank vou. E. Yes, I do. F. Lucy can’t, either. G. Wow | It’s cute. H. Ten, please. I. I have a skirt. J. I’d like apples.

十、阅读短文,正确的写“T”,错误的写“F” ( 10分)

I have many toy animals. Can you find them? Look! The tiger is in the living room. The horse is under the table. The cat is on the sofa. The dog is beside the fridge. Where is the monkey? Oh, it is in the kitchen. And the elephant is in the bedroom. ( ) 1. I have many dogs. ( )2. The monkey in the kitchen. ( )3. The tiger is on the sofa. ( )4. The horse isn’t under the table. ( )5. The elephant is in the bedroom.


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