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Unit 2

Lesson11. Tian’an men Square

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第十一课笔记 loud 吵闹 的 happy 高兴的 hurt 受伤 easy 容易的 quiet 安静的 bandage绷带 laugh大笑

loudly 吵闹地 happily 高兴地 stand站着 hard 困难的 quietly 安静地 help救命 walk走路

see sb doing sth看到某人做某物 fly a kite放风筝 put …on…把…放在…上 have fun过的愉快 on the square在广场上

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英汉互译 1. 放风筝 _______ 2. on your arm —— 3. 玩儿得高兴 ———— 4. walk slowly—————— 5. play happily—————— 6. 在广场上———————— 7.become quiet —————————— 8. 别担心——————


loud— loudly quiet— quietly slow— slowly quick— quickly happy— happily

Listen and Do
walk quietly jump quietly run quietly run loudly jump loudly walk loudly sing loudly sing quietly

We are laughing loudly. We are singing loudly. We are reading loudly quietly They are walking quietly They are singing quietly. They are reading quietly.

二、用适当的词填空 1. The man is quick. quickly The man is walking __________. 2. The baby is loud. loudly The baby is crying__________. 3. Danny is __________. slow Danny is speaking slowly. 4. The children are _________. happy They are laughing happily. 5. The students are quiet. quietly They are sitting__________.

see 人 doing 事 -- 看到某人做某事

I see Danny drawing a picture.

Danny riding a bicycle I see _________ _________________.

a girl eating I see _________ _________________.

Oh, I hurt my head. Don’t worry. I can help you. Let’s put a bandage on your head.

1.Is Tian’an men Square big? Yes big _______, Tian’ an men Square is _______. 2. What does Jenny see on the Tian’an men Square? Jenny sees some __________ children 3 What are the children doing? The children _______ ________ are laughing 4. Are they loud or quiet? laughing ______ loudly They are ______. They are ________ loud

1. what can you see?(


A. laughing B. laughs C. to laugh 2. Danny puts a bandage __his arm. A. an B. on C. in

3. “It’s easy” ___Jenny.
A. says B. saying C. say

4. I see a girl walking _____. A. happy B. happyly C. happily

5. What does Li Ming see?
He sees some ________ _______ People walking happily on the square. 6. What does Danny see? Danny sees some men ______.

What are the men doing?
flying _______. kites They are _____

7. Can Jenny fly a kite?______ Yes she _______. can
8. Can Danny fly a kite?

No can’t This is _____ hard _____ , he _____.

Mrs Li , Danny, Jenny and Li Ming ______ take a _______ to the hotel .Then Li Ming, Danny and cab Jenny go for a ________. There ______ many walk are _____ cars ,________ buses ______ bicycles
and big_______ on the street. The trucks _____ and cars and _______ bicyclesgo _______. quickly The _____ buses ______ trucks go ________. slowly Th

ere are many people on the street, too. The men and ______ womenare quick. They walk _______ quickly

slowly The ________ children are slow. They walk ________.

? 句型 ? I see some people walking happily on the square. ? 我看见一些人在广场上高兴地散步。

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