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Lesson 22 : Sending an


Do you know where the computer is ?

You write it on paper. You put it in the envelope. What is it ?
April 17 Dear Wanrong, May I come to see your school? Say hi to Zhiwei. See you soon. Jeff

It’s a letter.

It has a picture on it .You can send it to your family or friends. What is it ?

These are postcards.

You write it on the computer . What is it ?
Dear Steven, I am in Beijing. How's the weather in Canada? Is it snowy?

It’s an e-mail

Thursday, February fourth
Dear Steven, I am in Beijing. How’s the weather in Canada ? Is it snowy ? In Beijing, it is sunny. There is no snow. I am coming home to Canada on February sixth. Yours truly, Danny

Fill in the blanks.
1.I want to send an ______to my mothe on the ______ . It is ______ . 2.LiMing is writing a _____to his parents. It is ______ . fast e-mail


letter computer


Send an e-mail to your mother ,father , teacher or friends. Write anything that you want to say.

练习 (Tick or cross) 1. We write a letter on the postcard. 2. We put a stamp on the bottom of the postcard. 3. We send an e—mail on the computer. 4. We put a postcard in an envelope. 5. A postcard has a picture.

? Mach
? 1. Where is he from?

? 2. May I help you? ? 3. What’s this ? 4. Where do I put the stamp? ? ? ? ? A. In the top, right corner B. He is from China. C. This is a computer. D.Sure

I have a friend in Canada. 大我有一个朋友。 在加拿

2. How’s the weather in Beijing? It’s sunny. 北京的天气怎么样? 晴朗。

3. There is + 事物名称+in + 地点名词。
There is no snow in Beijing.

There is a square in Tangshan.


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