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听力部分 (30分)


( )1、A、bag B、pig C、big

( )2、A、lion B、lions C、cats

( )3、A、two B、one C、three

( )4、A、basketball B、football C、swim

( )5、A、grapes B、apple C、orange

( )6、A、tiger B、monkey C、panda


( )1、A、grape B、horse C、fourteen

( )2、A、sofa B、umbrella C、basketball

( )3、A、swim B、juice C、hamburger

( )4、A、shoes B、rice C、long

( )5、A、bedroom B、fan C、tail

( )6、A、fifty B、thin C、mouth


( ) ( )

四、听录音,选择正确的应答。(读两遍)5分 ( ) ( ) ( )

( )1、A、I like mangoes. B、I’d like some bananas. C、I have some coffee.

( )2、A、It’s fifteen yuan. B、They’re nine yuan. C、It’s twelve o’clock.

( )3、A、It’s on the sofa. B、They are on your bed. C、I have five.

( )4、A、Sure. B、No, I don’t. C、Great!

( )5、A、Yes, I am. B、Yes, I can. C、Yes, I do.


1、A: What are these?

B: They’re bananas.

A: Are these your bananas?

B: No, they aren’t. I have apples. A: How apples you have? B: I have apples.

2、My name is Jane. I am a and girl. I’m twelve. My are big. My nose is .

笔试部分 (70分)


1、( ) bag girl 2、( ) rice coffee

3、( ) father breakfast 4、( ) look lovely

5、( ) dogs cakes



( )1、A、sofa B、mouth C、nose

( )2、A、apple B、fourteen C、nineteen

C、sure ( )3、A、rice B、panda C、noodle ( )4、A、basketball B、football

( )5、A、skirt B、shoe C、hamburger



C、tiger ( )6、A、pear B、monkey C、grape ( )7、A、horse B、lion ( )8、A、these B、this ( )9、A、dogs B、monkeys

( )10、A、our B、he C、my


( )1、You can see many pears the tree.

A、at B、in C、on

( )2、This is fan. That’s umbrella.

A、a;an B、an;an C、an;a

( )3、Do you ______?

A、like cat B、like monkey C、like lions

( )4、——Do you like pandas? ——______

A、Yes , I don’t. B、Yes , I do. C、No, I do.

( )5、——Would you like a pie? —— ______

A、Yes, please. B、 No, please. C、Yes, a pie.

( )6、—— you skate well?

—— No, I .

A、Can; can’t B、Do; can’t C、Can; don’t

( )7、Look at these ducks.

A、 toy B、a toy C、toys

( )8、How many ______ do you have?

A、 ruler B、rulers C、a ruler

( )9、——What______ is my skirt? ——It’s yellow.

A、nice B、colour C、cute

( )10、——What you like?

——I’d like a glass milk.

A、 would; of B、do; of C、would; for


1、十三只狗 2、have a try

3、打篮球 4、well done

5、一些熊猫 6、how much

7、他的小耳朵 8、a cup of coffee


( )1、你让别人和你一起跑,可以说:

( )2、告诉别人你有一些菠萝,可以说:

( )3、你让别人看那些玩具动物,可以说:

( )4、告诉别人你不喜欢老虎,可以说:

( )5、你想知道对方有多少个苹果,可以问:


1、my tail look sister’s at ( .)

2、stickers many have do you how ( ? )

3、hair is my long ( . )

4、would I like cup a of tea ( . )

5、about what you ( ? )


( )1、Let’s hurry. A、My nose is big.

( )2、I want a red skirt. B、How nice!

( )3、How beautiful! C、The snowman is not short..

( )4、Can I help you? D、My eyes are big.

( )5、Come and have a look. E、Come and look.

( )6、The snowman is tall. F、I’d like a red skirt.

( )7、My eyes are not small. G、What would you like?

( )8、I have a big nose. H、Hurry up!


1、I can’t play football (too/either).

2、Do you have (some/any) apples?

3、I (don’t/can’t) like apples.

4、How many (books/book) do you have?

5、——What ( would/do) you like? ——I’d like a hamburger.

6、She is a girl. (His/Her) hair is long.


Hello, boys and girls. My name is Nancy. I’m twelve years old. I’m from England(来自英国).

I like cats and monkeys. They are cute and funny(好玩的). I can sing and dance well, but I can’t play table tennis. I have a good friend Mary. She’s eleven. She likes pandas very much. And she likes pears. She can’t dance, but she can swim very well. We often(经常) play together(一起).

( )1、Nancy is eleven years old.

( )2、Nancy likes cats and pandas.

( )3、Mary likes pears.

( )4、Nancy and Mary are good friends.

( )5、Mary can sing and dance well.




1、A: Is that a bag? B: Yes, it is.

2、A: Do you like cats? B: Yes, I do.

3、I have three pencils.

4、What can you do? I can play football.

5、What are those? They’re grapes.

6、Look at this cute panda. I like it.


1、This is an elephant. 2、I can play football.

3、I’d like some tea. 4、My hair is short.

5、I have dinner in the kitchen. 6、I’m thirty.


1、Can you play football? Yes, I can.

2、Where are my skirts? They’re in the living room, on the sofa.

3、What would you like? I’d like a hamburger.

4、This umbrella is beautiful. How much is it? It’s twenty yuan.

5、Do you have a banana? Yes, I do.


1、Can I help you?

2、How much is it?

3、Where are my dolls?

4、Can you make a salad for me?

5、Do you have a long tail?


1、A: What are these?

B: They’re bananas.

A: Are these your bananas?

B: No, they aren’t. I have some apples.

A: How many apples do you have?

B: I have fifteen apples.

2、My name is Jane. I am a tall and thin girl. I’m twelve.

My eyes are big. My nose is small.

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