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人教PEP版英语六年级下册《期末复习 一般疑问句》课件

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This is my hair 这是我的头发
This is my nose 这是我的鼻子

这是我的手 This is my arm 这是我的胳膊 This is my hand

This is an apple 这是一个苹果 That is a pear 那是一个梨

我喜欢苹果 I like apples Do you like apples? 他喜欢小狗 He likes dogs. (变一般疑问句) (变一般疑问句)

Does he like dogs?

我喜欢吃西瓜 I like eating watermelon (变一般疑问句) Do you like eating watermelon? 我喜欢唱歌 I like singing. (变一般疑问句) (变一般疑问句)

Do you like singing?
她喜欢跳舞 She likes dancing. Does she like singing

构成:人+have/has got +物

You have got a cake. (变一般疑问句)

Have you got a cake?

He has got a bicycle. (变一般疑问句) Has he have got a bicycle?

am is +职位 介绍某人的职业 人+be are 他是一名警察 He is a policeman. (变一般疑问句) Is he a policeman? Is he a milkman? 我是一名医生 I am a doctor. Are you a doctor?

他是一名牛奶工 He is a milkman. (变一般疑问句


我能看见黑色头发 I can see black hair. (变一般疑问句) can you she black hair? 他能跳舞 He can dance (变一般疑问句)

Can he dance?

根据括号内的提示把肯定句变成否定句 1.This ___(be) my book. 2. They ___(be) crazy about football. 3 .Nina____ (do) like Yelly. 4 We____(do) have much rain in June. 5 Sarah ___ (be) born in September. 6 Children ____(be) playing on the road.

7.I _____(can) go with you because I ____(have) finished my homework,
8.You ____(must) smoke in the area.

9.He ____(do) go to school when he has a cold.
10.Sue ____(do) like go to school.

11.____(do) open the door, please

一般疑问句 1.I can skate well. _____ ______ skate well? 2.Kate does morning exercises every day. ____ Kate _____ morning exercises every day? 3.The exam begins at nine. ____ the exam ____ at nine?

4.Ann returns the book to the library every Friday.____Ann ____ the book to the library every Friday?

5.There is some bread to eat in the cupboard. _____ there _____ bread to eat in the cupboard?

6.Mary likes scuba diving very much,? ____ Mary _____ scuba diving very much?

针对下列问题做简单回答 1.Can you ride a bike? Yes, _____ ______. 2.Is Tom a hardworking boys? Yes, ______ ______

3.Is there a boy at home? No, ______ ______
4.Do you have lunch at school? No,_____ ______

5.Is it Wednesday today? Yes, ______ ______

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