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人教PEP版英语六年级下册《一般将来时 1》课件

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一般将来时的意义: 表示将要…..,将会做….,打算去做….. 如:它将要下雨了。 我打算去买一本书。 我们明天将会去中山公园。

一般现在时的构成: 主语 + be going to + 地方 / 动词原形 +(将来时间)…..
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1. we are going to grandparents tomorrow. visit 2. She going to go soon. is 3. He is going to books this evening. read 4. My parents is going to Beijing next week. 改为are 5. John is go to the park.

be going to+动词原形 = will +动词原形
试写出同义句: will eat 1. I am going to eat. → I __ __. will eat 2. He is going to eat. → He __ __. 3. She is going to play piano. will play → She __ __ piano. 4. The cat is going to jump. → The cat will _. _ jump 5. We are going to fly kites tomorrow. will fly __ →We __ __kites tomorrow.

一、单项选择。 ( ) 1. There __________ a meeting tomorrow c afternoon. A. will be going to B. will going to be C. is going to be D. will go to be ( ) 2. Charlie ________ here next month. D A. isn’t working B. doesn’t working C. isn’t going to working D. won’t work ( ) 3. He ____ go to Zhaoqing this week. A A. will B. is D. is going

( B ) 4. There ________ a kite show in the zoo tomorrow evening. A. was B. is going to have C. will have D. is going to be

( B ) 5. Mother ________ me a nice present (礼物) on my next birthday. A. will gives B. will give C. gives D. give
( B ) 6. They ________ an English evening next Sunday. A. are having B. are going to have C. will having D. is going to have

( A ) 7. He ________ John a new pen. A. gives B. gave C. will giving D. is going to giving
( B ) 8. – Will his parents go to see the movie tomorrow? – No, ________ (不去). A. they willn’t. B. they won’t. C. they aren’t. D. they don’t. ( B ) 9. We ________ the work this way next time. A. do B. will do C. going to do D. will doing

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