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人教PEP版英语六年级下册《期末总复习 句型》课件

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1. How do you go to school, Sarah?
Usually I go to school on foot . Sometimes I go to school by bike. 2. How can I get to Zhongshan Park?

You can go by the No.15bus.
3. Where is the cinema, please?

It’s next to the hospital.
4. Turn left at the cinema, then go straight. It’s on the left.

5. What are you going to do on the weekend? I’m going to visit my grandparents this weekend. 6. Where are you going this afternoon? I’m going to the bookstore. 7. What are you going to buy? I’m going to buy a comic book. 8. What’s your hobby? I like collecting stamps.

9. He likes collecting stamps, too. 10. Does she teach English? Yes, she does. No, she doesn’t. 11. What does your mother do? She is a TV reporter. 12. Where does she work? 13. How does she go to work? 14. Where does the rain come from? It comes from the clouds. 15. How do you do that? 16. What should you do then?

1. When do you eat dinner?
I eat dinner at 7:00 in the evening.

2. When do you get up?
I usually get up at 12:00 noon.

3. What do you do on the weekend?
Usually I watch TV and go shopping. Sometimes I visit my grandparents. 4. I often play football. Sometimes I go hiking.

5. Which season do you like best?
I like winter best.

6. Summer is good. But fall is my favourite season.

7. Why do you like summer?
Because I can swim in the lake.

8. Why do you like winter?
Because I can sleep a long time.

9. When is your birthday?
It’s in May. 10. My birthday is in June. Uncle Bill’s birthday is in June, too.

11. Is her birthday in June?

12. What’s the date? June 9th. 13. This is Zhang Peng. 14. What are you doing? I ’ m doing the dishes. I ’ m reading a book. 15. Grandpa is writing a letter. Brother is doing homework. Mom is cooking dinner in the kitchen. 16. He is writing an e-mail in the study.

17. What is it doing?

It’s eating She ’ s

18. What is she doing?
jumping. swimming. trees.

19. What are they doing? They’re
They ’ re climbing

20. Are you eating lunch? No, we
21. Are they eating the honey? Yes,
they are.

23. Is she counting insects?
No, she isn’t.

24. Who’s your English teacher?
Mr Carter.

25. What’s he like?
He’s tall and strong.

26. Is she quiet?
No, she isn’t. She’s very active.

27. Is she strict?
Yes, she is, but she’s very kind.

28. What day is it today?
It’s Wednesday.

29. What do you have on Thursdays? We have English, math and science on Thursdays. 30. What do you do on Saturdays? I watch TV on Saturdays. 31. What about you? I do my homework, too. 32. What do you have for lunch on Mondays? We have tomatoes, tofu and fish. 33. What’s your favourite fruit, Monkey? I like apples. They’re sweets.

34 . I like fruit. But I don ’ t like grapes. They’re sour. 35. What can you do? I can sweep the floor. I can do the dishes. I can water the flowers. 36. Can you make the bed? No, I can’t. 37. Can you use a computer? Yes, I can. 38. There are two bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom

and a living room. 39. There is a mirror, a bed and a big closet.

40 . The closet is near the table. Many clothes are in the closet. The trash bin is behind the door. 41. Is there a forest in the park? Yes, there is. 42. Is there a river? No, there isn’t. 43. Are there any pandas in the mountains? No, there aren’t. 44. Are there any fish in the river? Yes, there are.

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