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Unit 1 Welcome back to school!
A Let’s spell

Let’s chant
We are friends. We like to play.

We are friends. We like to play.
A boy from Canada. A girl from the UK.

Friends from China and the USA.

你还认识哪些含有字母Aa 发音是/? /的单词?

Listen and write
听一听,辩一辩。找出哪个单词中没有a/? /的发音。

Listen, repeat and chant.

Let’s sing!

? 一、找出发音与众不同的单词。 ? 1. bag cat cake dad ? 2.name plate Kate hand ? 3.China Canada cat ant ? 二、判断下列对话正误,正确的打“√”,错误的打“×”。 ? ( )1、A:Where are you from? B: I’m Mike.

? (
? (

)1、A:Good afternoon?
)1、A:What’s her name?

B: Good morning.
B: My name is Jenny.

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