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1.冰箱 2.脏的

3.整洁的 4.乱七八糟的

5.橱柜;碗柜 6.空的

7.健康的 8.昨天

9.每件事;事事 10. 不高兴的


1.Look Kitchen A ! The walls dirty.

Saturday, there was a party at their house.

3.Mrs Simpson left a note her husband.

4.Ray is talking a friend his morning.

5.The walls were clean but the fridge was . The sink was

bin was full.

6.Yesterday, there was a party my flat.

7.Please come my Christmas party Saturday night 8.The cupboards tidy. The sink empty.


1. and the are sink the bin full .

2. in was the who kitchen ?

3. was food the good . very

4. this everything was morning . clean

5. before . the was clean tidy and kitchen


(clean) your kitchen and (be) healthy.

2.The cupboards and the new fridge (be) messy.

3.Tom (leave) a letter for his wife.

4.Mary is (talk) to a friend about his new coat now.

5.What a mess. Let’s (clean) up.

6.There (be) an accident on the playground yesterday.

7.Please (come) to my party.


( you wrong?


----Yes, I wrong.

A.Were; was B.Was;were C.Were; were D.Was;was

( ) 2.I’m sorry. I’m not good physics.

A.at B.in C.for D.with

( ) 3.I’m watch the basketball match this evening.

A.go to B.went to C.going to D.goes to

( laugh at me!

A.Not B.Don’t C.No D.Nor

( ) 5.You can many other questions.

A.ask B.asked C.asking D.to ask

( is it?

----It’s fifteen dollars.

A.How many B.How C.What many D.How much

( do you want to eat?

----Ice cream.

A.Where B.When C.What D.How

( ) 8.Sam is going to play football his friends.

A.for B.with C.to D.of

( ) 9.I go home school.

A.before B.on C.at D.after

( )10.We’re going to a picnic in a park.

A.have B.do C.make D.go

六、句型转换。 就画线部分提问)

2.He lived near the lake.(改为否定句)

3.The bottle is not full.(改为同义句)

4.Please clean your kitchen.(改为否定句)

5.What a beautiful girl!(改为由how引导的感叹句)


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