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let's make a fruit salad 让我们制作水果沙拉

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Let’s make a fruit salad --- Miss Zhuang

Let’s sing a song

fruit song

Apples, Apples, Apples. I like apples . Because they are yummy yummy yummy to my tummy tummy tummy.

Do you like fruits? pineapple mango

grape banana

Miss Li and her class will make a fruit salad,too. 李老师和同学们也正在制作水果沙拉

? Watch the cartoon,find out what fruits they have. 观看动画,找出他们各自带来的水果。

Let’s watch and match观看并连线 some grapes
Wang Bing
v a banana

Yang Ling

v an orange

a pineapple

v a mango Liu Tao

Let’s match 连线

Do you have a banana?Yes,I do.
Wang Bing

some grapes
v a banana

Do you have any bananas, Yang Ling?
No, I don't. I have some grapes.
Yang Ling

v an orange

I have a mango and an orange.

a pineapple

I have a pineapple.
Liu Tao

v a mango

Read the cartoon again 再次观看
work in groups,act out picture 1,2,3,4

然后按组练习,表演出对话1,2,3,4 幅图

work in groups. 分组合作

You have a minute to practice 你有一分钟时间练习
Time is up.It's Show time show time. 时间到.现在是展示时间

Miss Li and her class have many fruits.李老 师和她的同学们有很多水果。
What do you have?
你有什么? Show us

小朋友们用 I have a /an/some...我有一个/一 些。。。 来展示下自己组拥有的物品吧。

what do you have?
Do you have a /an/any...? 你有一个/一些。。。吗? Yes,I do .是的,我有。 No,I don't.不,我没有
Some 与any 都是 一些的意思,他们 有区别吗?

any 一般用于疑问句, 和否定句。 some 用于陈述句


Let’s make a fruit salad

a fruit salad
Let’s = let us

How to make a fruit salad

1.wash and peel(洗净去皮) 2.cut into pieces(切成块) 3.put the milk(放上沙拉酱或者酸奶)
You have two minutes.你有两分钟时间

watch out fingers.(小心手) Don't throw rubbish anywhere.(不要乱扔垃圾)

How nice!

Show time

show us your work.
小朋友们,向大家展示下自己刚 才的作品吧.别忘了使用句型 “Look at..."

Home work:
1.Read the cartoon three times.

2.Copy the cartoon two times.

3.Make a fruit salad for your parents and say "Thank you!" 为父母制作一份水果沙拉,并表达 感谢

Thank you!

@ @

Let’s sing a song for all the teachers.

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