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1. What’s the weather like ? It’s sunny.

2.What’s the weather like in summer? It’s hot.

3.What do you like doing in summer? I like swimming .

4.What’s she doing? She’s writing a letter.

5.What’s he doing ? He’s playing with his train.

6.What are you doing ? I’m watching TV.

7.What’s that noise?

8.What game are they playing ?

9.What are you playing ?

10.What do you usually do on Sundays?

11.Where’s my hat?

12.Where’s Lingling?

13.Where’s the train going?

14.Where’s West Lake Road?

15.Where are you?

16.Where do you live?

17.Excuse me.Where’s the supermarket?

18.Where’s the zoo?

19.Where’s the toilet?

20. Is Lingling tidying her room?

21.Is Sam doing his homework?

22.Is it sunny?

23. Are you sad?

24.Are you tidying your room?

25.Can I play with you ?

26.Do you like playing clapping games?

27. Thank you .

28. Happy birthday!

29.I can see you !

30.Where are you going ? It’s Tom. They’re playing five-stones. We’re playing hide-and-seek. I usually watch TV. It’s over there. She’s there. It’s going up a hill. Go straight on . Then turn right. I’m in West Lake Road. I live in Apple Street. It’s next to the park. It’s in front of the school. It’s on the left. Yes, she is. / No, she isn’t. Yes, he is . / No, he isn’t. Yes, it is. / No, it isn’t. Yes, I am. / No, I’m not. Yes, I am. / No, I’m not. Yes, you can. / No , you can’t. Yes, I do . / No, I don’t. You’re welcome. Thank you . I can see you ,too ! I’m going to Daming’ flat.



1..Sam isn’t tidying his room.

2. You’re not doing your homework.

3. No one is playing with me.

4.Daming and Sam are playing hide-and-seek.

5. Daming is hiding and Sam is seeking.

6. Those girls are playing clapping games.

7.On Sundays, I usually do my homework. But he’s not doing his homework now.

8. I usually ride my bike. But I’m not riding it today.

9.My grandma usually cooks.

10.Daming is doing a play with some children .

11. Children from Class 2 are coming . They’re doing a dragon dance.

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