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My desk calendar


Pease coming!

My birthday is in January. And you?

New Year’s Day

Mom ’s birthday

La Ba Festival

New Year's Eve

Spring Festival

Festival of lanterns

Valentin e's Day

My birthday is in February. What about you?

My birthday is in March. How about you?

Women's Day

Tree Plantin g Day

April Fools' Day

Tomb Sweeping Day

Labor Day Mother' s Day

Children' s Day

Father's Day

My birthday is in June. What about you?

Dragon Boat day

Double Seventh Day

Army Day

Teacher ’s Day

Father's birthda y

Midautumn Festival

National Day

Miss Tang’s birthday

Hallowee n
My birthday is in October.

Me too.

Thanksgivin g

Christma s

My birthday is in December.

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