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Module 1

Waiter: What do you want to eat ?

Lingling: I want a hamburger ,please .

Waiter: And what do you want to drink ?

Lingling: Milk , please .

Waiter : What do you want to eat ?

Dad: I want noodles ,please .

Waiter :And what do you want to drink ?

Dad: I want a cola , please .

Module 2

The weather tomorrow

It’s going to snow in Harbin, It’s going to rain in Beijing ,It’s going to be warm and sunny in Dalian and it’s going to be cold and windy in Xi`an .

Module 3

Girl : Where are you ?

Boy : I am on the train ,I am looking out of the window. It is raining .Pigs are sleeping under the tree. A man is wearing a big hat and a raincoat. Children are jumping in the water . The train is going up hill. Now we are going down the hill .It isn’t raining . The sun is shining .Children are playing in a park .Now the train is coming to the station . I can see you !

Module 4

Who can help the girl ?

Woman : Sorry , I can’t help you . I’m talking on the phone .

Man: Yes, I can . I will pick up the apples .

Boy : I will wash the apples .

Girl : And I will clean the stairs .

Module 5

1 She’s eating dinner, but the phone is ringing .

2 He’s riding his bike, but it’s starting to rain .

3 She’s doing exercises , but it’s getting too hot .

4 She’s watching TV , but the doorbell is ringing .

5 He’s walking in the park , but it’s starting to snow .

6 He’s listening to music , but his sister is singing .

Module 6

Daming’s mum : Daming , Ibought a book for you ,too .

Daming : Thank you , Mum . What’s it about ?

Daming’s mum : It’s about spaceships.

Daming : Great ! Let’s look at it .

Daming’s mum : Here’s a picture of an American spaceship . It took a man into space. Daming :Look at this dog.

Daming’s mum : Yes, the Russians sent the first animal into space.

Daming : And here’s a Chinese spaceship !

Daming’s mum : Yes, Daming .China sent a man into space , too .

Daming : Yes, I know that . I’m going to read all about it .

Module 7

My father , Yang Liwei , is 168cm tall . He is a taikonaut and now he is very famous . In October 2003, he went to Jiuquan Space Center . He flew into space in Shenzhou V . He spent about twenty-one hours in space . My mother and I saw my father on TV .He made a video . Then he came back to China and he flew to Beiijing . That day , I went to the airport . My mother went, too. We saw my father .We were very happy . He was very happy, too. We ate in the restautant . Then we went home .It was a great day !

Module 8

Look at the man in the picture . His name is Louis Braille . He was born in 1809 . He was born in France . He became blind in 1812 .But he learnt to read at a school for blind children ,he made the fires letters in Braille in 1824 .

Module 9

Mum : Why are you wearing a raincoat ?

Boy : Because it’s going to rain .

Boy : Why are you wearing a hat ?

Girl : Because it’s going to be hot .

Dad : Why are you wearing a T-shirt ?

Boy: Because I’m going to play basketball .

Girl : Why are you wearing a dress ?

Mum 2 : Because I’m going to go to the theatre.

Module 10

Girl : Are you going to go to middle school in September ?

Boy : Yes, I am . I’m going to go to Bridge Middle School . What about you ? Girl : I,m going to go to London Middle School .

Boy: What are you going to study history , Science ,Geography and French .What about you ?

Girl: I’m going to study Physics , Chemistry and Chinese , I’m also going to study History and Boy: Geography .But I’m not going to study French .

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