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专题三 名词


食品、饮料(food & drink):rice米饭 bread面包 beef牛肉 milk牛奶 water水 egg蛋 fish鱼 tofu豆腐 cake蛋糕 hot dog热狗 hamburger汉堡包 French fries炸薯条 cookie曲奇 biscuit饼干 jam果酱 noodles面条 meat肉 chicken鸡肉 pork猪肉 mutton羊肉 vegetable蔬菜 salad沙拉 soup汤 ice冰 ice-cream冰淇淋 Coke可乐 juice果汁 tea茶 coffee咖啡 breakfast早餐 lunch午餐 dinner/supper晚餐 meal一餐

水果、蔬菜(fruit & vegetables):apple苹果 banana香蕉 pear梨 orange橙 watermelon西瓜 grape葡萄 eggplant茄子 green beans青豆 tomato西红柿 potato土豆 peach桃 strawberry草莓 cucumber黄瓜 onion洋葱 carrot胡萝卜 cabbage卷心菜

衣服(clothes):jacket夹克衫 shirt衬衫 T-shirt丅恤衫 skirt短裙子 dress连衣裙 jeans牛仔裤 pants长裤 socks袜子 shoes鞋子 sweater毛衣 coat上衣 raincoat雨衣 shorts短裤 sneakers网球鞋 slippers拖鞋 sandals凉鞋 boots靴子 hat(有沿的)帽子 cap便帽 sunglasses太阳镜 tie领带scarf围巾gloves手套trousers裤子cloth布 句型复习:

1.—What are they? —They are goats.

—Are they horses? —Yes, they are. No, they aren’t.

—What are these? —They’re onions.

2. —for lunch on Mondays ? 星期一你们午饭吃什么?


—What would you like for lunch? —I’d like some tomatoes and mutton.

I like hamburgers.

Have some hamburgers.

A: What do you like?你喜欢什么?B: I like hot dogs.我喜欢热狗。

A: Can I have some chicken?我能吃一些鸡肉?B: Sure here you are. 当然可以,给你。

3. —Is this your jacket? —No, it’s not. It’s Zhang Peng’s.

—Whose is this? —It’s your baby brother’s .




★ 普通名词:是某一类人、某一类事物、某种物质或抽象概念的名称 。

如:student学生 water水 machine机器 happiness 快乐

★ 专有名词:是个人、团体、地方、机构或事物的名称,开头字母要大写 。

如:Mike迈克 China中国 the Great Wall长城 名词又分为可数名词和不可数名词。可数名词有单数和复数之分,不可数名词一般不分单数和复数 。

如: 可数名词: boy(单数) boys(复数)

不可数名词: juice , rice , meat





① man→men, woman→women, foot→feet, tooth→teeth,,child-children,mouse→mice

② 单复数形式相同如:sheep→sheep, deer→deer, Japanese→Japanese, Chinese→Chinese等。 ③ 有些名词形式上是单数,实为复数意义,通常被称为复数名词,如:people, police等。

④ 由-man和-woman构成的合成词如:policeman→policemen, Englishman→Englishmen,Englishwoman-Englishwomen但German不是合成词,故复数形式为Germans.另外被man 或woman 修饰的名词变复数时,两个名词都要变。例:a man doctor →two men doctors a woman teacher→some women teachers 但: apple tree→apple trees

⑤ 有些名词只有复数形式,如:clothes, trousers, glasses, chopsticks等。

⑥数词+名词作定语时, 常采用数词+单数名词形式,如a two-week holiday, an 8-year old girl.另一种常见的形式有five minutes' walk, two days' leave等。


①用much, a little, a lot of /lots of some, any等修饰不可数名词。如:The rich man has a lot of money.

②可用表单位的词修饰不可数名词, 如:a piece of paper, two pieces of paper, a bottle of orange, a glass of milk, three bags of rice。


1)表示有生命的东西(人或动物)的名词所有格一般在名词后加's .如:my father's study以s或es结尾的复数名词的所有格只在名词后加' 如: the teachers' reading room 教师阅览室;不以s结尾的复数名词的所有格要加's.如:the women's shoes 女式鞋子。

如果一样东西为两人共有,则只在后一个名词的后面加's。如果不是共有的,则两个名词之后都要加's .如:Jane and Helen's room 珍妮和海伦的房间(共有)Bill's and Tom's radios 比尔的收音机和汤姆的收音机(不共有)

2)表示无生命的东西,一般用 of+名词的结构。如:a map of China 2

注意: ★ 表示几个人共同拥有的,只需要在最后一个名词后加’s 。

★ 表示各自拥有时,需要在每个名词后都加’s 。


一. 写出下列各单词的复数形式 。

1. glass __________ 2. family __________ 3. wolf __________ 4. country_________

5.radio__________ 6. photo __________ 7. fox __________8.fridge __________

9.bus__________ 10. box__________ 11.watch__________ 12.brush _________

13.policeman__________14.farm__________ 15.fish __________ 16.sandwich__________

17. apple __________ 18.foot __________ 19.ruler __________ 20.tooth __________


1.Do you drink much( milk ,milks )? 2.I visited ( Jim ,Jim’s )house yesterday.

3.This is ( Tom and Mary’s ,Tom’s and Mary’s )house. 4.He had two( cup ,cups )of tea.

5.Those( books ,book )are on the desk. 6.Look at this( boy ,boys ).

7.That( dogs ,dog )is mine. 8.Would you like some( bananas ,banana )?

9.The sperm whale has 50( tooth ,teeth ). 10.These ( shoes ,shoe )are very nice.


( )1.This is ______room.

A.Jack and Lucy B.Jack and Lucy’s C.Jack’s and Lucy’s D.Jack’s and Lucy

( )2.She is a good _____.

A.student B. students C.boy D.boys

( )3.I want two _____.

A. pencil–box B.pencil–boxes C.pencils–box D.pencils–boxes

( )4.How many _____ do you have?

A. friend B.friends C.friendes D.friend’s

( )5.These _____ are Judy’s.

A.fish B.fishes C.fishs D.fish’s

( )6.Look at those ____.

A.child B.childs C.children D.childrens

( )7.He has two big ____.

A.eye B.eyes C.eyees D.eye’s

( )8.He is Jeff’s ____.

A.brothers B.brother C.brotheres D.brother’s

( )9.— ____is this pen ?

— It’s Wang Fang’s.

A.Who’s B.Whose C.Where D.Which

( )10.____birthday is September 5th.

A. Her mother B. her mother’s C. Her mothers’ D. Her mother’s

( ) 11. Will you please show me the way to the _____ shop?

A. shoe B. shoes' C. shoes D. shoe's

( )12. _____ hard work it is!

A. What a B. How C. What D. How a

( )13. His family _____ a happy one.

A. be B. are C. is D. was

( ) 14. I met two _____ in the street yesterday morning.

A. German B. Australian C. American D. Japanese

( ) 15. My grandparents like _____ very much, so they grow some in their _____ garden every year.


A. vegetable, vegetable B. vegetable, vegetables


1. This is a boy.______________________________________________

2. Do you have a new rubber?______________________________________________

3. There is one apple in my hand.__________________________________________

4. That is her watch.______________________________________________

5. She has a camera and umbrella.________________________

6. There is a plane in the sky.__________________________________________


1.I don’t like orange juices. It is sour. ( )

2.There is an old books in my bag. ( )

3.Bananas is my favorite fruit. ( )

4.They go to school on feet. ( )

5.There are many photoes of my family. ( )


1. teacher is strong My and tall ( . )


2. teacher This science is new our ( . )


3. there bedrooms How are many ( ? )


4. lake The jumped the dog into ( . )


5. is What your hobby ( ? )


七. 阅读理解。

Tom is seven.He goes to school every day. The school is near his home,so he goes there on foot and comes back home on time(按时).But today he is late.His mother asks him― Why are you late today ?‖

― I am in the headmaster’s office(校长办公室).‖

― Why do you go to the headmaster’s office?‖

― Because my teacher asks us a question in the class.Nobody (没人)can answer it ,but I can.‖

―It is good to answer the teacher’s question.‖

―But the question is who puts ink on my chair.‖


1. Is Tom’s home far from his school?


2. How does he go to school ?


3. Does Tom often come back home late?


4. Only Tom can answer the question ,can’t he?


5. Is it good for Tom to do it ?



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