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1. Look! What ___ he____(do)? 2. There_______(be)a pen and pencils on the desk.

3. ________ (not open) the door, please. 4. She_____(buy)some new clothes every year.

5. Who_________(read)English now? Li Lei is. 6. I want__________(look)at your new water.

7.Jim__________(not do)his homework on Sunday evening.

8. Tom usually_________(have)lunch at school.

9. I_______________________(play)football with my friends tomorrow.

10.Alice___(go) to school by bus every day.11.There____(be)some water in the glass.

12. _______(be)Tom ___________(read) a book now?

13. When _________ (do) your father usually _________ (go) to work?

14. Ten and two ___ (be) twelve. 15. Look! Many people _______(swim) in the river.

16. ___ (be) Tom _____________________(get) to Guangzhou tomorrow?

17. ________(do) Ben and Kate _________ (go) to school on foot?

18. What ___(do) Mr. Li___(do)? 19. Sometimes Chenjie ______ (fly) to the USA.

20. _____ (do) you go home everyday? No, but my sister_____. (do)

21. Listen, the car ____________ (come) .

22. Next week, I ______________________________ (visit)my grandparents.

23.MissMa_____(come)from England.24.My hobby _____(be)______(play) football.

25.My sister________(like run)everyday.26.Thankyoufor____(tell)meabout your day!

27. I’m going to (visit) the Great Wall.

28. My sister always (read) English in the morning.

29. My grandparents like .

30. I would like (go) to London.

31. There are twelve 32. You often _________(do) your homework well.

33. What _____ you ____ ( do ) now?

34. We __________ (have) a picnic this afternoon.

35. Tom usually___(go) to school on foot. But today is rainy. He can___ (go) by bike.

36. You must____(stop) at a red light, and you should _____( go) at a green light.

37. I ____________ (get) up at 6:30 every morning.

38. Tom and I _______________ (go) to the science museum tomorrow.

39. Sarah is a good girl. She often _______________ (help) old people.

40. What's your hobby? --- ___________ (ride) a bike.

41.My plants_______(have) two red flowers.

42.Tom, let’s _____(go)to the park this afternoon.

43.What______Amy going to do this evening?(写上合适的词)

44.Today is Tom’s________ birthday.(twelve )

45. My sister _______ (not) like Chinese class very much.

46. There are so many___________ (photo) on the wall.

47. I like to ___________ (paint) .

48.I am _________(excit) because of the _________ ( interest )news.

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