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ADVISER: Good morning, how can I help you?

STUDENT: Good morning. Umm, I understand you help fix up students with host families.

ADVISER: That's right ... are you interested in ...?

STUDENT: Yes ...

ADVISER: Well please sit down and I'll just take a few details.

STUDENT: Thank you.

ADVISER: Right now ... what name is it?

STUDENT: Jenny Chan.

ADVISER: Can you spell that please?

STUDENT: Yes ... J-E-N-N-Y C-H-A-N.

ADVISER: Right ... and what is your present address?

STUDENT: Sea View Guest House, 14 Hill Road.

ADVISER: OK, and do you know the phone number there?

STUDENT: Yes ... I have it here, ummm ... 2237676, but I'm only there after about 7 pm.

ADVISER: So when would be the best time to catch you?

STUDENT: I suppose between 9 and, let me see, half-past, before I leave for the college.

ADVISER: Great ... and can I ask you your age?

STUDENT: I've just had my nineteenth birthday.

ADVISER: And how long would you want to stay with the host family?

STUDENT: I'm planning on staying a year but at the moment I'm definitely here for four months only. I have to get an extension to my permit.

ADVISER: You're working on it? Fine ... and what will be your occupation while you're in the UK?

STUDENT: Studying English?

ADVISER: And what would you say your level of English is?

STUDENT: Umm. Good, I think I'd like to say 'advanced' but my written work is below the level of my spoken, so I suppose it's intermediate.

ADVISER: Certainly your spoken English is advanced. Anyway, which area do you think you would prefer? STUDENT: Ummm, well I'm studying right in the centre but I'd really like to live in the north-west.

ADVISER: That shouldn't be a great problem ... we usually have lots of families up there.

ADVISER: And do you have any particular requirements for diet?

STUDENT: Well, I'm nearly a vegetarian ... not quite.

ADVISER: Shall I say you are? It's probably easier that way.

STUDENT: That would be best.

ADVISER: Anything about your actual room?

STUDENT: I would prefer my own facilities - 'en suite', is that right? And also if it's

possible a TV and I'd also like the house to have a real garden rather than just a yard, somewhere I could sit and be peaceful.

ADVISER: Is that all? STUDENT: Well ... I'm really serious about improving my English so I'd prefer to be the only guest if that's possible?

ADVISER: No other guests ... Yes, you get more practice that way. Anyway, obviously all this is partly dependent on how much you're willing to pay. What did you have in mind? STUDENT: I was thinking in terms of about £60-£80 a week, but I'd go up to a hundred if it was something special.

ADVISER: Well I don't think we'd have any problems finding something for you. STUDENT: Oh, good.

ADVISER: And when would you want it for?

STUDENT: I'd like to move in approximately two weeks.

ADVISER: Let me see, it's the 10th today ... so if we go for the Monday it's the 23rd March...


ADVISER: Right ... good, and if I could ask one last question ...


Fix sb.up with 为某人提供某物

Host family 寄宿家庭

Extension 延期

Advanced 高级的

Intermediate (英语学习水平)中级的

Particular requirement 特别要求

Vegetarian 素食主义者

Facility 设备

Approximately 大约

En suite 套间(卧室含卫生间)


Homestay (在国外的访问者)在当地居民家居住

Post code 邮政编码

General English 普通英语

Academic English 学术英语

ESP 专门用途英语

English for Specific Purposes

Move out

Move in

Accommodation 住宿

Deposit 押金

Double room 双人间

Twin room (旅馆)标准间

Single bedroom 单人间

Studio apartment 一居室的公寓

Den n.舒适的私室(办公,学习用) Living room

Sitting room

Kitchenette 小厨房


Stove 炉

Stereo system 立体音响系统

Phone connection (电脑)电话连线上网 Entrance hall 门廊(进门的门厅)

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