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Unit 5 Lesson 1
Listening and Speaking

1.Learn the functions of giving advice,sympathiaing and expressing wishes. 2. Learn the useful phrases and other expressions. 3. Practice the listening and speaking skills.

Task1:Listen and choose the correct answers on P44. Task2:Listen and fill in the blanks on your learning plan.

Giving advice:


我认为你应该去看牙科医生。 I think you should go to see the dentist.
had______ better go to see the dentist. = You _____ =You are _____ _______go to see the supposed to dentist.

Expressing wishes:


You should be much better after you see him.


1.Listen and fill in the blanks. 2.Listen and answer the questions on your learning plan. 3.Listen and repeat.

Key Points: 1.What's the matter? (1') =What's ______ ______ you? with wrong =What's _______?(1') up 2.I have a stomachache. pain =I have a terrible _____ in my ________. stomache

Read after the tape.





That's too bad. I know how you feel. 太糟糕了。我了解你的感受。

1. 接到一个电话 receive a phone call 2. 感觉生病了 feel sick 3. 咳嗽得厉害 have a bad cough 4. 为……开药 prescribe medicine for 5. 抓药 pich up medicine 6.在两三天之后 in a couple of days

Key Points:

Summarize what you have learned to check if you have achieved the goal. Revise the key points. 总结本节课所学内容并自查是否达成 预设目标。 Have a quiz. 测试。

Homework 1.抄写并翻译P45对话(积累本)。 2.反馈小卷罚写 3.熟读对话。 4. 预习课文。完成阅读导学案和书上 习题。

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