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3B 期末复习 第1课时

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Revision 1

Date: Jun 9

Language focus:

Review the kinds of words.

内容分析: 本学期学生所学的词汇很多,为了让学生便于记忆,在复习时将单词归类,从而较


学生实际: 由于单词的量较大,一些基础较差的学生对单词的拼写存在着困难, 要组织学生拼



交通工具:aeroplane, bus, ship, car, bicycle, train, van

服装: coat, hat, dress, T-shirt, shirt, shorts, trousers, sweater, blouse, jacket, sock, shoe,

glove, scarf, skirt, a pair of shoes, a pair of trousers, a pair of shorts, a pair of gloves, a pair of socks

形状: circle, square, triangle, star, rectangle

人体部位:body, head, shoulder, arm, finger, hand, knee, leg, foot(feet),

动物: hen, chick, duck, duckling, pig, horse, cow, cat, dog,

季节: spring, summer, autumn, winter

月份: January, March, May, June, July, October

天气: sunny, rainy, cloudy, windy, snowy, warm, wet, cool, dry, cold, hot

玩具: toy train, toy gun, doll, ball, skateboard, robot, yo-yo


3B Homework 1 Name________ Class _______


hello peter how are you very well thanks ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2009学年三年级第二学期英语备课(王琳)


二.写同类词 2. The rainbow has seven colours. They’re and ___________. 三.用合适的介词填空

1. Look _______ the rainbow _______ the sky.

2. ______ spring, the leaves are green.

3. We can see _______ our eyes.

4. ______ China, Children’s Day is ______ the first ________ June.


1. What colour _______(be) the trees? They ______(be) green.

2. I like _________(read) and ___________(run).

3. _____ you _______(like) apples? Yes, I do.

4. We can _________(ride) bicycles in the park.

5. There ________(be) some juice in the glass.

五.按要求改句子 划线提问) ______ ______ ______ _______? 一般疑问句,肯定回答,划线提问) ____________________ _________________________ ______________________________________

3. Ben has a robot.(否定句,一般疑问句,否定回答) _____________________________ ________________________________ _________________________________ 划线提问) ____________________________________


1. _______ it. Is it soft? Yes.

2. Do you _________ tigers? No, I ________ dogs.

3. I’m __________. I want to eat some cakes.

4. This is a _________ of trousers. It’s blue.


Danny and his sister May are in the park. They see a yellow chick under the tree. It’s small. It’s eating grass. There are some apples on the tree. Danny has a blue kite. He’s flying the kite. May likes drawing. She’s drawing the tree. They can hear an aeroplane. They are happy.

( ) 1. Danny is May’s brother.

( ) 2. Danny and May are in the park.

( ) 3. A small chick is under the tree.

( ) 4. Danny is drawing the tree.

( ) 5. Danny’s kite is blue.


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