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场所: street supermarket cinema house

交通工具:train boat plane

人:people children man(men) kid


事物:picture flower clock star light face tomorrow month day sock subject family year

食物:food juice tomato egg potato soup bread vegetables fruit

动物:horse sheep chicken bear pig


can live read take listen talk see drink draw jump sing want make help buy run give visit fish

形容词&副词:near fast interesting hungry also high far every Chinese


第1模块X Kb 1. C om

go straight on

turn left on your left

turn right on your right

near the house\park

up the hill

down the hill

at the station

Thank you!


reading a book

watching TV


playing basketball

doing taijiquan

rowing a dragon boat

drinking soya milk

playing chess

drawing pictures




look at these pictures.

get on the bus

between the trees


make noodles

make dumplings

noodles with tomato and egg noodles with meat and potato buy some eggs

Here you are.


run fast

jump high

jump far

ride fast


Happy birthday! I’m hungry.

You can have some cakes. Trick or treat!

Happy Halloween.

Of course!


There is

There are

have a look

running fast

eating vegetables

climbing a tree

riding ahorse

eating fruit


by plane

visit Hainan

I’m from UK. I’by bus


have a sports day

run the 100 metres do the long jump do the high jump

I’m the winner.

Good luck X k B 1 . c o m 第10模块

family dinner

Happy new year!

Merry Christmas.


1)Where is the supermarket?

回答:Go straight on and turn left.

2)what are you doing ?

回答I am reading a book.

3)what are they doing?

回答:They are doing taijiquan.

They are playing chess.

They are drinking soya milk.

4)what is it doing?

回答:It is running.

It is drawing pictures.

It is dancing.

It is singing.

5)Do you want some rice?(fish\milk\noodles)

回答:Yes, please! 或者 No, thank you!

6) How much is tit?

回答:It is ...yuan.

7) Can you run fast?

Can you jump high?

Can you jump far?

Can you ride fast?

回答:Yes, I can. 或者No, I can’t.

8) Can Sam play football?

回答:Yes, he can. 或者9) Can Lingling play basketball?

回答:Yes, she can. 或者10) 回答:’t.

11) ’s running fast.

’s eating vegetables.

There is a panda in this photo. It is eating fruit.

There is a bear in this photo. It is eating sweet.

12).There are twelve boys on the bike.

There are three chickens in the photo.They are eating rice.

There are twelve pigs in the photo. They are eating fruit and vegetables.

13) We are going to visit Hainan.

I am going to swim.

I am going to visit my grand pa.

14) Sam is going to ride a horse.

He is going to fish.

She is going to take some pictures.

15) Are you going to run on sports day?

Are you going to jump on sports day

16) what are you going top do?

回答: I’m going to run on the sports day.

17) we have a big family dinner.


场所: 交通工具人: 国家:事物:tomorrow 食物:


go straight on

turn left

Thank you!


reading a book

X k B 1 . c o m between the trees

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