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3A M2U3 教案 3rd

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Ⅰ.Listen and choose the best answer

( ) 1. A: My name is Alice. B: Her name is Alice.

( ) 2. A; He’s nine years old. B: she’s nine years old.

( ) 3. A: I’m Danny. B: You are Danny.

( ) 4. A: Yes, it’s long. B: No, it’s long.

( ) 5. A: Yes, they’re small. B: No, they’re big.

Ⅱ.Fill in the blanks with ‘I’ or ‘my’ in the proper form

_____ name is Helen. ____ am a girl. _____ am short and thin. Look! ____ hair is short. ____ face, nose and mouth are small, but ____ eyes and ears are big.

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