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(90分钟 100分)


一、Listen and choose.听录音标序号。(10分)

( ) 1. A. 15㎏ B. 15㎝ C.50㎏

( ) 2.A. clean B. climb C.climbed

( ) 3.A. take B. tail C. took

( ) 4.A. play football B.play the piano C.go by plane.

( ) 5.A.wash B. watch C. wear

( ) 6.A. buy B. bike C. nine

( ) 7.A. sky B. skate C.snake

( ) 8.A. present B. parents C.pear

( ) 9.A. I’m fine. B. I’m nine. C. I’m five.

( ) 10.A. He’s sad. B. He’s sick. C. He’s thin.

二、Listen and choose.听录音,选出你所听到的句子。(10分)

1.A.Line up from younger to older.

B.Line up from older to younger.

2.A.A sperm whale has 50 teeth.

B.A killer whale has 40 teeth.

3.A.The straw man has a headache.

B.The straw man has a toothache.

4.A.I got a new picture book.

B.I got a new storybook.

5.A.We read funny tongue twisters together.

B.They read funny tongue twisters together.

三、Listen and choose the best answer.听录音选择最合适的答语。(10)

( )1. A.It’s not far. B.I can go by bike. C.It’s south of the park..

( ) 2. A.This afternoon. B.On Sundays. C.In May.

( ) 3. A.Yes, it is. B.No, it isn’t. C.Yes, she is.

( ) 4. A.I’m going to buy a comic book.. B.I’m going to buy a post card.

C.I’m going to take a trip next week.

( ) 5. A.I go by bike. B.I go by plane. C.I go by subway.


四、Road and choose.与众不同。(选出不同类的单词)(10分) 1.A.strong 2.A.taller

B.young B.lobster B.fever B.pencil B.angry


D.thin D.smaller D.cold D.pen D.tired D.water D.was D.cooked D.warm D.foot

C .bigger C.head

3.A.headache 4.A.meter 5.A.bored 6.A.doctor 7.A.clean 8.A.did

C.bag C.winter C.drinks

B.medicine B.wash B.went B.which B.leg

C.watch C.take

9.A.what 10.A.nose

C.who C.hurt

五、Read and write.(按要求写单词)(10分) 1.sad(反义词)_________ 3.heavy(比较级)_________

2.did(原形)_________ 4.play(过去式)_________

5.thin(比较级)_________ 7.take(过去式)_________


8.come(现在分词)_________ 10.longer(反义词)_________

9.can not(缩写)_________

六、Road and choose.选择最佳答案。(10分) 1.—I have a high fever. —_________.

A.I’m sorry to hoar that B.That’s good C.Super

2.—I am going on a trip to Hainan.—_________.

A.Have a good t rip B.Thank you C.OK

3.—Oh,you r dress is so beautiful!—_________. A.Not at all

B.Thank you

C.That’s right

4.The tiger is _________ than the monkey.

A.fat B.fater C.fatter

5.What size do you wear? _________.

A.7 size B.Size 7 C.No.7

6.We _________ a football match next week.


B.are going to have

C.are having

7.Chon Jie _________ her math test last week.

A.do B.does C.did

8.We often _________ English on Tuesdays.

A.road B.reads C.readed

9.I went _________ a film last Saturday.

A.see B.to see to C.to see

10.What’s the matter _________ your bike?

A.for B.In C.With

七、Make sentences.连词成句。(10分)

1. monkey, which, do, you, like,


2. 4㎝, you’re, than, me, taller,


3. have , a , headache, do, you,


4. Liu Yun, where, on, her, did, go, holiday


5. danced, I, sang, and


八、Read and match.手牵手,找朋友。(连线)(8分)

1.Did you watch TV?

a.My desk is 90 cm long. b.I did my homework. c.No, she didn’t. d.No,I didn’t. e.The yellow one. 2.How old is your sister? 3.Which monkey is stronger? 4.Did she go swimming? 5.How long is your desk?

6.What did you do yesterday?

7.Did he have a good time?

8.How do you feel? f.I feel very excited. g.She’s twelve. h.Yes,he did.

九、Look and write.看图完成句子。(5分)

1.A:________ do you feel?

B:I feel sick.I ________ ________ ________.

2.A:What’s the matter,Zoom?


Help! I________ my leg!

3.A:What’s the matter?

B:I ________ ________ ________.

4. A:My hair is ________ ________ your hair.

B:Yes,my hair is shorter than yours

5.—What did you do yesterday?

—I ___________________ .

十、Read and correct.有错必纠。(选出错误的一项并改正)(5分)





3. A B C

4.A B C D



十一、Read and judge.读短文,判断正(T)误(F)。(12分)

Zhang Peng gets up early every morning.He washes his face and runs outside.He does morning exercises and plays sports.On the weekend he usually watches TV and goes hiking or climbs

mountains. Sometimes he visits his grandparents on the weekend.He can swim in the lake in summer and skate in winter. He likes fall, too.Because his birthday is in October. and the date is October 1st .

1.Zhang Peng gets up early every day.

2.He does morning exercises and plays sports.

3.He usually goes shopping and watches TV on the weekend.

4.He often visits his grandparents on the weekend.

5.Zhang Peng’s birthday is in October.

6.He can swim in the lake in winter.

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