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剑桥小学 英语 五年级第3单元 教学设计

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Unit 3 School(Period 1)

I. Teaching content:

1. Talk about learning English.

II. Teaching aims:

1. Knowledge aim: Ss can understand the sentence: “I like …”; 2. Skill aim: Ss can say the sentence: “I like …”;

3. Emotion aim: Ss will like having English class.

III. The key point: I like …best.

Difficult point: What do you like best? I like….

IV. Teaching process:

Step1: Warming up:

T write learning English in the centre of the board and ask pupils to say what comes into their heads when they think about their English lessons. S1: Toby!


Step2: Presentation.

T shows the every part of English lesson following answers with teaching aids.

the songs, the chants, the stories, the games, the videos and Toby. Step 3: Practice. T says an example sentence, I like the songs best, and if necessary explain the meaning of the sentence, or use plenty of facial expression,

gestures and an appropriate tone of voice to explain. Then interview some of Ss.

T: what do you like best?

S1:I like Toby.…

Step4: Consolidation.

1. Do an interview with your partner.

2. Ask some Ss to show their interview.

3. Group work. Interview other Ss,

and then fill

in the blank .

Step5: Application.

Introduce yourself and your favorite part in the English lesson.


Homework: Write the dialogue: What do you like best? I like….

Blackboard design

English lesson: The songs what do you like best?

The chant I like…

The stories

The games

The tiger

Teaching reflection

Unit3 school(period 10)

A test:

1. A reading competition.

2. A dictation.

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