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unit 1 at the airport

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unit 1

at the airport

Warming up Questions
Have you ever taken a plane? Do you know the logos of these Airlines (Airways) ? Why did you choose this career? Do you know the general procedure of taking a plane?


cabin crew cabin attendant (CA) steward stewardess (airhostess) purser

AND...... what else do you know?

Senior Captain 训练机长Training Captain


important words
1. departure n. The departure time of the plane is at six. depart v. (leave, take off) This plane departs from Beijing at 10:30 in the morning. It departs from London at 11:00 on the morning of August 10th.

general procedure
1 book a air ticket 2 arrive at the airport 90 mins before departure 3 get the boarding pass at the check-in counter with your ticket and valid certificate (ID card or passport) 4 have the luggage checked 5 check the gate No. on the boarding pass and go through the security check

6 rest and wait for boarding near the boarding gate or at the lounge 7 board 30 mins before and no later than 10 mins before the departure of the plane

1. CID. May I see your ticket and passport please? Can a have...........? 2. CID. How many pieces of luggage do you have? How many pieces do you want to check in? You 'll have to check your other bags.

C. Where can i check my baggage? How can i get my baggage checked?

3. CID: You'd better attach these stickers to your carry-on baggages. Here are your tags. please put them on your luggage. 4. CID:Here are your baggage claim stub, and here are your boarding pass. Your three baggage claim stubs are attached o the ticket.

airport announcement
前往____ 的旅客请注意: 您乘坐的____次航班现在开始办理乘机手续请您到_____ 号柜台办理。 谢谢!

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I have your attention please: We are now ready for check-in for flight___ to ___ at counter No.___. Thank you.

由本站前往_____的旅客请注意: 您乘坐的_____次航班马上就要起飞了,还没有登机的旅客 请马上由____登机口上飞机。这是___次航班最后一次登 机广播。 谢谢

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I have your attention please: Flight __ to ___ will take off soon. please be quick to board the aircraft throught gate No.___. This is the final call for boarding on flight ___. thank you.

how the self-service check-in machine works
Step 1 Insert your passport or frequent flyer card, or enter your ticket number or booking code. Your booking details will appear on the screen. Step 2 Select your seat on the seating map. Step 3 Print your boarding pass. Step 4 Do you have check-in baggage? Simply hand it over at the nearest baggage drop-off point, and proceed to the gate.

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