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words and expressions
extinction 灭绝,灭亡 tens of millions of 数千万 secure 安全的 come into being 产生,形成 dinosaur 恐龙 inspect 检查,视察 incident 事件, 事变 according to 根据,依据 set a trap 设陷阱,设圈套

Look at these pictures and answer questions:

Animal Extinction

Q1:What are they?

They are __________. dinosaurs

Q2:What happened to them?
They __________________a disappeared /died out long time ago.

why ,how and when

Read the text, and answer questions.
1 When did the dinosaurs live?
Tens of millions of years ago, long before humans came into being.

2 When did the dinosaurs disappear?
They died out suddenly about 65 million years ago.

3.What are the special characters of the new species of dinosaurs? How did the scientists know that?
They are bird-like dinosaurs. They can not only run like the others but also climb trees. The scientists learned this from the way the bones were joined together.

Why dinosaurs died out suddenly?

1. What are the scientists’ opinions? 2. What is your idea on the extinction of dinosaurs?

into being Dinosaurs lived on the earth before ____ humancame _________ secure at that time. There and their future seemed ______ were many different kinds of dinosaurs and a number to live in China. Not long ago, scientists of them used _____ inspected the bones of a rare new species in Liaoning, _______ surprised to find that the species can and they were _______ both run and climb trees. died out suddenly about 65 millions years Dinosaurs ______ ago. According ______ ___some scientists, it came after an to _________ _____, while others think the earth got unexpected incident too hot for them to live on any more, but nobody ____ for sure disappeared knows _________ why and how they _________.

The Story of the Dodo

Who killed Dodo?

Listen and fill in the blanks:
upon a time I live on the Island of ? Once ______________, Mauritius. together and I shared ? We went everywhere ________________ ______ food

with Man.
? However, I began to wonder why several of my dodo friends __________________. had disappeared

? I believed him but when more dodos disappeared ________ I set a trap. Be careful who you trust ? My motto: ____________________.

Tibetan antelope
Official Mascots (吉祥物)of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games


What do you think of those poachers’(偷猎者) action?

In the 1980's and 1990's, some 20,000 Tibetan Antelopes were killed by smugglers(走私 者)each year to get the
animals‘ valuable hair for shawls(披巾). A shawl of that kind can be sold for as much as 30,000 US dollars.


white flag dolphin

South China tiger

milu deer

What can you do to help them?

What can we do to help the animals?

Slogan(口号):No buying, no killing!

Use the words and expressions to fill in the blanks on the paper.

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