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考场 姓名 得分

一.用is, am 或are 填空(每小题2分共10分)

1. I __________ in Class Eleven. What class ___________ you in?

2. ________ it your coat, Mr Green? No, it _________ not.

3. What ________ these? ___________ they maps?

4. This __________ your bike. Where __________ my bike?

1.Excuse me. What _______ this in English?


1. What’s your name, please? ________

A. It’s Tom B. My name is Tom C. Thank you D. Fine, thank you

2. Hello, Lin Tao. How are you? _________.

A. hello. Li Ming. How are you? B. Good morning. Li Ming.

C. Thank you D. Fine, thank you

3 Is that your watch over there? No, it’s _______ watch.

A. my B. this C. my sister’s

4. Thanks ______ your present.

A. of B. from C. for D. to

5. Is ______ your aunt? What’s ________ name?

A. he; his B. she; her C. he; her D. she; his

6. The movie is very _______ and I like it.

A. boring B. interest C. interesting D. difficult

7. ________ your brother __________ a soccer ball?

A. Do; has B. Do; have C. Does; has D. Does; have

8. --- Let’s ___________ basketball. ---- Good idea!

A. plays B. to play C. play D. playing

9. How does your father go to work every day? ---- _________ taxi.

A. In B. By C. On D. With

10. —— What class are you in?

—— I am in

A Class2 B 2 Class C Grade 2 D 2 Grade


A boy and a girl catch a bird and 1 ___ it in a birdcage (鸟笼). They like it _2 ___ and


the bird is in the cage. She can’ One day, she opens the door of the cage _7 ___ wants to catch it. But the bird fillies away. _____ and see the bird isn’t in. They are very angry and put the cat into the cage.

1.A. take B. put C. carry D. bring

2.A. well B. very C. much D. very much

3.A. see B. look C. have a look D. have a look at

4.A. have it for B. has is for C. to have it for D. to has it so

5.A. But B. And C. So D. Then

6.A. angry B. happy C. glad D. tired

7.A. but B. and C. so D. or

8.A. can to fly B. can fly C. can’t to fly D. can’t fly

9.A. no ways B. some ways C. any way D. not way

10. A. come back to home B. come back home

C. come to home D. back home

四.阅读理解(2.5*4=10 2*5=10 共20分)


An old tiger lives in the forest. He doesn’t want to look for food now. He often tells other animals to get him something to eat.

He sees a monkey and says, “I’m hungry, Monkey. Go to the village and get me a fat pig.” “Oh, Tiger,” says the monkey. “I can’t do that now. There is another tiger over there. He also wants a fat pig. He will not let me get anything for you to eat. I am afraid of him.”

“What?” cries the old tiger. “Show me that tiger. I will eat him.”

“Come with me,” says the monkey.

The monkey and the tiger get to the bridge over the river. “Now look down at the river.” Says the monkey. “Do you see it? The tiger?”

“Yes, I do.” cries the old tiger. “I will eat him up!” With these words, the tiger jumps into the river.

1.How many tigers and monkeys are there in the story?

A. Two tigers and one monkey B. Two tigers and two monkeys

C. Only one tiger and one monkey D. Two monkeys and one tiger

2.Why does the tiger tell the other animals to get him food? Because ____________.

A. only they can look for some food B. he is old and they are afraid of him

C. gets to the bridge with the tiger D. tells the tiger to jump into the water

3.The monkey _____________________

A. goes to the village to get a pig B. knows there is another tiger


C. gets to the bridge with the tiger D. tells the tiger to jump into the water

4.Which of the following is right? __________

A. The monkey eats up the tiger B. The tiger eats up another tiger

C. The tiger jumps into the water D. The tiger is clever


Mrs. Green is going to give a birthday party to Mary. Mary is her daughter. She will be ten years old. A lot of her friends are coming to the party. Twenty of them are girls.

Mrs Green is getting ready for the party. Mrs. White is helping her.

“That’s a big nice cake,” says Mrs. White to Mrs Green.

“Thank you very much.”

Mrs Green is going shopping now. She is going to buy fruit for the party. Mrs Green buys a lot of pears, apples. Oranges and bananas. Then she goes home.

It’s five o’clock in the afternoon. Everything is ready. Now the first girl is arriving. The party is going to begin in thirty minutes.


1. Who is Mrs Green going to give a birthday party to?


2.How old is Mary?


3.What does Mrs Green buy fruit for?


4.When is the party going to begin?


5.How many girls are there at the party?



1.are, brothers, those, my



2.table, backpack, the, my, is, under


3.number, phone, your, is, what


4.this, black, how, much, is, T-shirt


5.has, she, a, car, blue



A: Can I help you?

B: ________, ______. I want a pair of pants.

A: What _________ do you ________?

B: Black

A: Here _______ _________.

B: _______ _______ are you?

A: 35 dollars.

B: I’ll take them. _________ you.

A: You’re ___________.



一.1.am are 2.Is,Is3.are,Are4.is,is 5.is



(B)1.To her daughter Mary.

2.She will be ten years old.

3.Fo the party.

4.At 5:30 in the afternoon

5.There are 20 girls the party.

五.1.Those are my brothers.

2.My back pack is under the table.

3.What is your phone number?

4.How much is this black T-shirt?

5.She has a blue car.



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