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Unit 2 English around the world
Warming up and reading

Let’s read a dialogue between Beckham and Arnold Schwarzennegger.

Do you want to come to flat? Where is your apartment?

Shall we go to the pub to celebrate your birthday?

Wow, the bar is a nice place.

Wow, I want a tin of Coko, some sweets. What about you?

Well, I want a can of milk tea, some candy.

Great. I like football match, too.

Hey, let’s go and see a soccer game. It’s very exciting!

Time to go home. Let’s go to the elevator together. Oh no, the lift must be full of people this time.

Frome these we can see there are differences between British and American English. It’s important to have a good knowledge of English.

There are some differences between American English and British English.
American English British English

British English Spelling Pronunciation
Colour, favourite, theatre, centre, travelled, metre /da:ns/ /nct/

American English
Color, favorite, theater, center, traveled, meter /d?ns/ /nat/ On a team Mail, movie, store

Use of preposition In a team words
Post, film, shop

English around the world
Canada The United Kindom Austrilia



South Africa New Zealand

Do you know how many people use English as their native language, second language, or foreign language?

Number of speakers The native language The second language The foreign language 375 million

Example countries
USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Ireland, New Zealand India, Pakistan, Philippines China and many other countries

Working situation

375 million

Government, School, newspapers, TV

750 million

Learning about language
1、Match the new words and expressions with their meanings. 1 Petrol 2 voyage 3 gradually 4 frequently 5 identity 6 the latter 7 actually 8 fluent A who or what somebody or something is B a word for gas in British English C not suddenly D in fact E the second of two things or people already mentioned F often G long trip by sea or in space H able to speak or write a language well

2、Complete this passage with the words from the Warming up and Reading.
It is not easy for a Chinese person to speak English as fluently as a native English speaker. One reason is that English has a large vocabulary. It also has difference usage in different English speaking countries. If you use “flat” instead of “ apartment “, people in America will Know you have learner British English. If you use the word “ elevator “ instead of “lift” in. Britain, People will know you have studied American English.

3、Add these phrases to the rhyme so that it makes sense.
Such as、 make use of、because of 、come up、at present
“Will you come up to my flat?” asked the spider to the fly.

“ At present it’s so pleasant to look down from so high. the clear sky it’s possible to see. Because of Buildings such as theatres and hotels by the sea. So won’t you please make use of this chance to look?” The fly agreed immediately without a seco

nd thought. But as soon as she went up with a step so light that day, The spider caught and ate her and she was never seen again!

4、Sometimes British and American people use different prepositions for the same idea. Choose a pair of prepositions. Then compare them. 1 There are so many people in/on the street. 2 They are going to have a party at/on the weekend. 3 We will leave for the airport at a quarter past/after five. 4 His brother is in/on the most famous football team in England. 5 As we know, British English is a little different from/than American English. 6 Are there many children playing in/on the playground?

Command and Request
Command: have a command of=have a knowledge of 掌握,精通 command后可接that从句,从句中谓语动词用should+动词 原形,should可省略。 The nurse commanded that I (should) lie down. Request:request sb. to do sth. 要求某人做某事 request that sb. (should) do(虚拟语气)要求某人做某事
Examples: “Look at this example,” the teacher said to us. The teacher told us to look at that example. “Would you like to see my flat?” she asked. She asked me to see her flat.

1 The children said to their teacher:“ Would you please sing a song for us?”
The children asked their teacher to sing a song for them. (request) 2 The mother said to her child:“ Turn off the radio!” The mother told her child to turn off the radio. (command) 3 The dentist said to a patient:“ Open your mouth please, so I can see the bad tooth clearly.” The dentist asked his/her patient to open his/her mouth so that he/she could see the bad tooth clearly.” (request) 4 The secretary said to the woman on the phone:“ Could you hold on for a minute?” The secretary asked the woman on the phone to hold on for a minute or two. (request) 5 John said to his classmate:“ Can I borrow your pen please?” John asked his classmate if he could borrow his pen. (request) 6 The teacher said to his student:“ Come up to my office!” The teacher asked his/her student to come up to his/her office. (command)

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