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译林版3B教案Unit 1 In class (Story time)【2】

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Open the door. Close the window.

Open your pencil case. Close your eyes. …

3. Revision

1) 复习单词,句子接龙。出示单词,学生利用单词造句: 例如:door

I can see a door.

Please open the door

Please close the door


2) Find and write: 完成补充P.4

3) Look and say

T: Look at the picture. Who are they? Where are they? Ss: Look and say the dialogue.

Read the dialogue.

Recite and act it.

Step 2 Presentation and practice

Open the window, open the door.

Open your book and say “Hello!”

Close the window, close the door.

Close your book and off we go.

1) Listen to the tape.

2) Let’s read and do.

3) Let’s say together.

1)T: Please open the window, open the door. My friend Mr Robot is coming. (选一位S当机器人). Let’s say “Hello” to him.

2)Who want to be Mr Robot?

Who can give orders? (请Ss根据中文提示给出指令) Mr Robot, please …(板书)

请打开书本。/ 请打开门。/ 请关上窗户。/ 请关上盒子。

请看着黑板。/ 请坐下。/ 请起立。/ 请进来。 请合上你的书。/ 请说“你好!”

3) Work in groups(戴好机器人头套表演)

Step 3 Consolidation

1. Miss Li’s class

1) Look and say

T: How about Miss Li’s class? Let’s open our exercise book to page 2.

a. Look and say. 完成补充P.2

b. Act it. (T先当Miss Li示范,然后请S当Miss Li来给其他Ss发号施令)

2) Read and match

a. Look at the 4 sentences. Let’s read and translate. b. Read and match.完成补充P.3

Step 4 Homework

1. Read and recite the rhyme, share the rhyme to your parents.

2. Preview Cartoon time, listen and read three times.

3. Copy the new words.

板书设计: 教学反思:

Unit1 In class

Stand up. Sit down.

Please open/ close the/ my/

your …

Please look at the/ my/

your …

Open the window.

Mr Robot, please …

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