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译林版3B教案Unit 1 In class (Story time)【1】

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Ss: Good morning, Miss Zhang.

T: Sit down, please. (出示板书Sit down .) 带读,做down的动作。

Can you read “Stand up.”/“Sit down.”? (出示板书read) Ss: Practice in pairs.(One student reads, the other acts.)

(1) T: It’s winter now. The wind is blowing. It’s very cold outside. I’m

cold. Can you close the door /window for me? (learn: close)

(2) T: It’s too cold. Let’s do some exercise. Jump 20 times. Jump 20 times quickly. I’m so hot now. Can you open the door / window for you? (learn: open)

T: Look at the blackboard(出示板书blackboard ), they’re the new words. Let’s read the new words.

Ss: Read after the teacher.

T: Ask a student to read the new words and then the other students read after him/her.

T: Stand up, boys and girls.

Sit down, boys.

Sit down, girls.

Please open the door.

Please close the window.

Ss: Do according to the orders.

S1: Say the orders instead of the teacher, then the other students do the orders.

Step3 Read and say

1. T: (出示Mike和Mr Green的头像) Who’s he?

They’re our old friends. Boys and girls, we’re in the classroom. We’re in class. We’re in the English class. Do you know where our old friends are.? Look at the screen, and then answer “Where are they?”

2. Ss: Watch the cartoon about picture 1, 2 ,3 ,and then answer “Who’s late?”通过听,表演学习I’m sorry . Come in. (教授并板书)

3. 4. Practice in groups and show.

Step4 Consolidation

T : You all did very well . We’ve learnt lots of orders of class. Maybe you can be a teacher now.


T: Miss Li is ill in the hospital. Here’s her teaching plan. 课件出示教案

Stand up.

Sit down, please.

Please open the door.

Please close the window.

Ss: Practice in pairs and show.

2. Key: 1. B 2. C 3. B 5.A 6. C

Step5 Homework

1. Read and recite the dialogues and the new words. (imitate the pronunciation)

2. Preview Rhyme time, listen and read three times.

3. Work in groups and make a robot bag.

4. Copy Story time.

板书设计: 教学反思: Unit1 In class Stand up.

Sit down.

Please open / close the window/ door.

Look at the blackboard. I’m sorry.

Come in.

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