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班级 姓名

Part 1 Listening(听力部分):40%

I.Listen and choose(勾出符合你听到的内容的图片):4%

1.What are they? They are snakes.

2. Touch this. It’s hard and smooth. What is it?

3. Can you hear a television? Yes, I like the television.

4. What’s that noise? It’s a drill.

1. 2.

(√ )

3. ( ) 4. (√ ) ( )

( ) (√ ) (√ ) ( )

4. l rry

8. own II.Listen and write(听音,填上所缺的字母):8% 1. s per 2. t ck 3. th t 5. h n 6. se 7. p tter

III.Listen and choose(听音,选择正确的应答句):8%

1. What colour are the radios? 2. Do you like parrots?

3. What can you hear? 4. Is this noise loud?

5. What’s that noise? 6. Do you like this noise?

7. “Tweet, tweet” What’s that noise? 8. Can she hear a drill? ( A ) 1.A.They are black. B.I can see black. ( B ) 2.A.Yes,I like it.

( B ) 3.A.I can see a drill.

( A ) 4.A.Yes,it’s loud.

( A ) 5.A.It’s a television.

1 B.Yes,I like parrots. B.I can hear a drill. B.No,it’s loud. B.It’s a banana.

( B ) 6.A.No,it isn’t. ( A ) 7.A.It’s a bird. ( B ) 8.A.Yes,he can.

B.No,I don’t like it. B.It’s a cat. B.Yes,she can.

Ⅳ.Listen and complete(听音,完成对话):10% Tom: Do you music,Rose? Rose: Yes,I do.

Tom: What _ you hear? Can you hear ? Rose: No, I can hear a .Can you hear waves? Tom: _,I can hear waves. Kitty: Is this loud?

Tom: No,it isn’t.It’s . Kitty:Do you like this noise?

Tom: Yes, I like .And I like .Do you like it? Kitty: Yes.I can see waves,boats and .

V.Listen and judge(判断你听到的内容是否与所给的句子意思相同,用T或F表示):10%

Hello! I’m Lucy. I’m eight. I’m tall and fat. Now I can hear a parrot. I like this noise. This is my parrot. It has black eyes. It has red and green feather. It’s very beautiful. I like it very much. ( T ) 1.My name is Lucy. ( F ) 2.I can hear a dog.

( T ) 3.The parrot has black eyes. ( T ) 4.The parrot is beautiful.

( F ) 5.I don’t like the parrot. .

Part 2 Reading and writing(笔试部分):60%

I.Read and write(正确抄写句子,注意大小写和标点符号):5% is this noise quiet no it isn’t

II.Read and choose(找出不同类的单词):5% ( B ) 1.A.radio B.roof C.television ( C ) 2.A.tree ( C ) 3.A.purple ( D ) 4.A.lorry ( A ) 5.A.touch

D.telephone D.grass D.pink D.wolf D.hard

B.flower B.violet B.bus B.soft


C.blouse C.giraffe C.aeroplane C.smooth

III.Choose the best answer(选出最恰当的答案):8% ( B ) 1.Look at ________.She’s at the pet shop.

A.the Alice





A.an apple


A.has B.Alice B.hear B.a bus B.Has B.a cat B.an elephant B.What colour B.is C.an Alice C.smell C.boats C.Can C.Dotty C.an umbrella C.Where C.have ( A ) 2.What can you _______ ? A book. ( C ) 3.What are they? They’re ________. ( C )4._______ Ben hear an aeroplane? Yes,he can. ( B ) 5.“Miao,Miao”l can hear ________ on the roof. ( B ) 6.What’s that noise? It’s __________. ( C ) 7.________ is my pen? Here it is. ( A ) 8.This boy _________ a grey and white shirt.

IV.Look,read and complete(


1.一 that noise?

一It’s _.

一It’s .I don’t like it.

2.一What can you ?

一I can hear .

一Do you like ?

一Yes, I .

3.一Listen,can you hear ?

一Yes.I can. 一Is this quiet?

一No, it is .

V.Read and write(根据提示写句子):12%

Example:‘‘Chick,chick’’ 3




VI.Rewrite the following sentences(按要求改写句子):6%

1.The noise is loud.(一般疑问句)

the noise loud? Yes,it .

2.We like horses.(否定句) We like horses.

3..(划线提问) can you see?

4..(划线提问) is that noise?

VII.Read and judge(读短文判断下列句子,用T或F表示):10% This is a park.It is not big.But it is nice.Every morning I go to the park.Now I am in the park.I can hear the birds.They’re singing.I can hear the music.It sounds nice.Some people are dancing in the park.I like the park very much.

( T )1.The park is small.

( F )2.I can hear a parrot.

( F )3.Some people are singing。

( F )4.I don’t like the music.

( T )5.I like the park.

VIII.Look and write(看图, 完成下面短文):10% On the farm, I can hear the ________, _________, __________, ___________ and ____________. I don’t like theses noises. I don’t like the ___________ and ___________. They are ____________.


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