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译林版3B教案Unit 1 In class (Story time)【4】

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Step2 Checkout time

1. Look and say

1) Open your book to page 11.

2) Look and say. (Please…)

3) Do it.

Step3 Sound time

1.T: Look at the picture, what can you see? The boy is Bob.根据学生提到的带有字母b的单词,引导学生找出相似点,尝试发音。

eg: boy, book, blue, Bob

They all have the letter “b”. Letter B is pronounced as /b/.

2. Let’s read.

/b/ /b/ boy, /b/ /b/ book, /b/ /b/ blue, /b/ /b/ Bob

Big books, big books, Bob has two big, big books. 请Ss比一比谁读的好听又标准。

ball, birthday, book, boy, blue, black, brown, robot, rubber, Bobby, Bob, blackboard…

4. Let’s read.


Step 4 Consolidation

1. 根据所给例词选择与画线部分发音相同的单词。(完成同步P.7)

2. 中英词组互译。(完成同步P.4)

3. 连词成句。(完成同步P.9)

4. Ticking time 自我评价

Step 5 Homework

1. Have a dictation of Story time.

2. Review Unit1.

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