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译林版3B教案Unit 1 In class (Story time)【3】

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Teach: rubber (出示板书Ss拼读并尝试拼写)

T: Let’s look at the picture. Who are they? (复习Bobby, Sam) T: What’s this?

Ss: It’s a parrot.

Teach: parrot (出示板书Ss拼读并尝试拼写)

T: Today Bobby is the litter teacher. What does he ask? Let’s watch the cartoon.

1) 找出Bobby的问题和正确答案。

What’s this? It’s a robot.

What’s this? It’s a rubber.

2) T: Who tells the wrong answer? Let’s listen again.

3) Please open your book. 找出Bobby说的祈使句。 Look at the blackboard, Sam.

Don’t listen to the parrot.

4)★Teach: don’t (= do not)

listen to…

Step 3 Show time

1. Read the dialogue.

1) Read after the tape.

2) Read after the little teacher.

3) 角色配音。

4) Act the dialogue with the teacher.

2. Work in groups and act the dialogue.

3. Show time.

Step 4 Consolidation

1. Exercise

T: Who’s coming? Ss: Mr Robot.

T: Mr Robot brings some cards. Which one will you choose? (根据给出的单词和图片,组成祈使句。)

1) open 图片:书本; close 图片:门

2) look at 图片黑板; listen to 图片:鹦鹉

3) don’t 图片:起立

4) don’t 图片:窗户 (两句)

2. Let’s read the sentences.

3. 根据中文提示完成句子。(同步P.9)

Step 5 Homework

1. Read and recite Cartoon time.

2. Preview Sound time, listen and read three times. (想想并归纳含有辅音字母b的发音的单词)

3. Have a dictation of the new words.

板书设计: 教学反思:

Unit1 In class

Look at the …

What’s this? It’s a rubber.

Don’t listen to the parrot.

don’t = do not

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