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1A:Did you _ to the park yesterday? B:No, I _ to the zoo. A:Did you see the monkeys in the zoo? B:Yes, and I _ the photos with the monkeys. A: _ you happy? B:Yes, I _. 2A:We are going to _ to a new apartment. B:Will there _ a garden? A:Yes, there _.And there _ _a nice balcony too. 3A:Where _ Jenny now? B:She _ in the dining room. A: _ she having dinner?. B:No, she _ _ her homework.

4 I like sunny day.But Jenny ____ windy day. 5A:What _ you going to do this weekend? B: I am going to _ models. 6A:What _ the weather like last winter holiday? B:It _cold and snowy. 7 A:_ you get a haircut last night? B:Yes, I _. 8A:Where _ you last month? B:I _ in Zhuhai. 9A: _it _ hot this summer holiday? B:I think it _.

1What day is it today?

2What is the date today?
3Was the food tasty this morning? 4What was the weather like yesterday?

5Where were you last winter holiday?
6What did you do last Sunday? 7Did you go to school last Sunday? 8What did you eat this morning?

1Where did you go last weekend?

2What was the food like last night?
3Did your father watch TV last night? 4Did you have a nice weekend?

5Were you happy last Children’s Day?
6Was your sister in Beijing last year? 7Did you go to school last May Day?

8Did your friends go on vacation last holiday?

1Did you go to the hospital before?

2What was the matter with you?
3Did you take some medicine? 4What should you do to keep healthy?

5Do you take a shower every day?
6When do you usually get up? 7Do you often do exersice? 8Does your father often go to bed late?

1What was the weather like yesterday?

2What will the weather be like tomorrow?
3What is the weather like today? 4Will it be hot tomorrow?

5Will there be wind this evening?
6Was it cold last winter holiday? 7Was there snow last Spring Festival? 8Is it sunny today?

1.Where do you live? 3.Is there a balcony?

2.How many bedrooms are there in your apartmen

4.Are you going to move to a new apartment?

5.Will there be a garden in your dream house
6.How many bedrooms will there be in your dream house? 7.What can you do for your mother?

1.What are you going to do this summer holiday? 2.Are you going to visit Beijing?

3.Will your friends go on vacation with you?
4.What is your sister going to do tomorrow? 5.What will the weather be like tomorrow?

6.Where are you going tomorrow?

7.Who will go to the park with you tomorrow?

1Do you often do housework?

2What can you do for your mother?
3Can you sweep the floor? 4Did you clean up your bedroom before?

5Are you going to wash the clothes?
6Can your little sister make the bed?

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