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The way ahead is long; I see no ending, yet high and low I’ll search with my will unbending.

? Lucy Shan-Narrator ? Jerrey Yu-Qu Yuan ? Miss Zhou-Zi Jiao, a minister who are jealous(妒忌) of Qu Yuan ? Peilin Li-the old king of Chu State ? Yuanfa Wang-the new king of Chu State ? Junjie Shi-Soldier 1 ? Peiji Cao-Soldier 2

? 单芸芸 旁白 ? 于东生 饰 屈原 ? 周洲 饰 子椒(妒忌 屈原,已被秦国收买) ? 李佩霖 饰 楚怀王 ? 王缘法 饰 楚襄王 ? 施俊杰 饰 士兵 ? 曹倍箕 饰 士兵


Episode One 第一幕
? Narrator: Qu Yuan was a minister of the State of Chu during the Warring States Period (475-221BC). Qu Yuan was the best advisor of the kingdom of Chu. However, people were jealous (妒忌)and said lots of bad words on his back. ? 屈原是战国时期楚国的达成。他是楚国当 时最好的谏臣。但是很多人嫉妒他,于是 就在他背后说坏话。

? Soldier: Majesty, here’s a letter from the king of Qin. ? 殿下,秦国来信。 ? The old king: Give it to me…Qin wants to make friends with us. He ask me to have a meeting with him next week. Should I go? 呈上来……秦国想跟我们和好。秦王邀我七 天后去赴会,众爱卿,朕该去吗? ? Qu Yuan: Majesty. You’d better not go there. The meeting is very dangerous. The king of Qin is a liar(骗子). We have battles with Qin for many years. How could they want to make friends with us? ? 殿下,你最好别去。这会很危险。秦王是个骗子。我们和 秦国打了那么多年的仗,他们怎么可能真心要和我们和好? ? The old king: En…..What’s your point of view, Zi Jiao? ? 恩…..卿如何想?

? Zi Jiao: Majesty. I think you should go. It is a good chance to make friends with Qin. We have battles with Qin for a long time. Many people died in the battle. We need peace(和平). ? 殿下,我认为你应该去。这是和秦国示好的大好机会。我们和 秦国打了那么多年的仗,死伤惨重。我们需要和平。 ? Qu Yuan: Majesty, don’t listen to him. ? 殿下,别听他的。 ? Zi Jiao: Majesty. Don’t lose this chance. ? 殿下,别错过良机呀。 ? Qu Yuan: Majesty! ? 殿下 ? Zi Jiao: Majesty! ? 殿下 ? The Old King: Don’t say anymore. I will meet the king of the State. ? 不必再说了。我决定去会会秦王。

Episode Two 第二幕
? Narrator:The king didn’t take his advice in the end and was caught by the king of Qin. The old king died one years later in Qin State. The new king didn’t care about the country. He only knew how to enjoy the life. ? 楚怀王没有听取屈原的意见,被秦国抓住。

一年后,客死他乡,死在秦国。新任的国 王对国事漠不关心。他只知道玩乐。

? Qu Yuan: Majesty, our country is being attacked. We should fight with them. ? 殿下,我们的国家在受到秦国攻击,我

们应该奋力迎战。 ? The new king: I don’t want to take your advice. ? 朕不想听你说话。 ? Qu Yuan: You are a foolish king. The country will be destroyed soon, and you only know to play. ? 你这个昏君,国家危难当前,你却只知玩乐。 ? The new King: Qu Yuan, How could you insult(侮辱) me?Soldiers, take him out. Never let him come back. ? 屈原!你竟敢侮辱朕?!来人,把他给我带出去。永不得 进来。 ? Soldiers: Yes,sir! ? 是

Episode Three 第三幕
? Narrator: Because of the foolish king, Qu Yuan was driven out of the city. He knows his country will be destroyed soon, he feels so sad. ? 因为楚襄王昏庸,屈原被逐出城。他知道他的国家很快就 会被攻陷,他感到悲痛难耐。 ? Qu Yuan: How unlucky I am! I was born in such an unlucky time. I can’t do anything for my country. To be or not to be? It’s a question. ? 苍天呀,吾之不幸!这是如此不幸的时代。吾无法再效力 于吾国。生还是死,这是个问题。 ? Narrator:Qu Yuan thought nobody worry about the future of the country and to live is meaningless(无意义). So he killed himself by jumping into the river. ? 屈原人物国人都不关心国家的未来,生存在世已是没有意 义的事情了。于是他跳河自尽。

? People feel that Qu Yuan is a great man, so they throw the rice dumplings into the river. They hope that the fish to eat the rice dumplings and not to eat Qu Yuan’s body. ? Now many Chinese people will have dragon boat races and eat the rice dumplings on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month. In this way, they remember Qu Yuan.

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