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1.Mr. Crow from Britian. (be)

there any milk in the bottle? (be)

you English? (be)

4.He dogs. (like)

5.He doesn’t a computer, but she one.(have)

6.How many (butterfly) are there ?

name is Tom. (He)

9. Do you like ? (tomato)

Tom play soccer every morning? (do)


is it? It’s six o’clock.

is the pizza? 35 Yuan.

is Lisa’s favourite food ? Hamburgers.

pens has he got? Nine.

is Jack from ? He’s from China .

does he like playing computer ? Because he thinks they’re interesting

are you feeling today ? I’m better now .

can drive this car ? Peter .

does she like ? She likes yellow .

are you ? I’m ten .

三. 根据实际情况回答问题.

1.What time is it now? 2.What’s your English teacher’s name ?

3.How many pencils are there in your pencil case ?

4.Who is your best friend ? 5.How much is your pen ?

6.What colour do you like ?

7.Have you got a computer ? 8.Are there any tigers in the zoo ? 9.Does your mother like apples ?

10.Where is your bag ?

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