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PEP三年级教学内容 (上册)

Unit One Hello!

Section A

1. Words


2. Dialogues

Wu Yifan: HI!


Wu: Hello! I‘m Wu Yifan.

Sarah: Hi! I‘m Sarah.

W&S: Bye, Miss White

Miss White: Goodbye!

3. Let‘s do

Show me your pencil. Show me your ruler.

Show me your eraser. Show me your crayon.

Show me your pen.

4. Songs Hello

5. Hand work: ID card


1. 从下列单词中选择恰当的答案

hello, school, pencil-case, xiao qiang, Bye

(!)Go to ________

(2)_____ , I‘m Sarah.

(3)My name is _______

(4)Goodbye, Xiao Hong.


(5)Close your_____, please.


( )1. 背上你的书包

A your bag B Open your bag C Close your bag D Carry your bag ( )2. 请把尺子帮我看看

A Show me your pen B Show me your ruler C I have a ruler ( )3. 去上学

A Go to school B Go home C Go to the door


(1)Xiao Gang: What‘s your name?

Xiao Wnag: _________

A What‘s your name? B See you. C My name is XiaoHong.

(2) Li: Hello, Xiao jie.

Xiao Jie: _________

A Hi! B Hello,Xiao Li C Great!

(3) Tom: Goodbye, Tim.

Tim: ________

A Bye, Tom B Hello, Tom C Good!

(4) Jie: Happy Teacher‘s Day!

Miss White: ________

A Goodbye. B See you C Thank you

(5) Sarah: I have a ruler.

Mike: _________

A My name is Mike. B Bye, Sarah C Me,too

4. 连词成句

(1) your me ruler show


(2) a book have I


(3) your is name what


(4) Day Happy Teacher‘s


Section B

1.Words and phrases



(1) A: Hello! I am Mike. What is your name?

B: My name is Chen jie.

A: Bye!

B: See you!

3.Let‘s do

Open your pencil-case. Show me your sharpener. Close your book. Carry your bag. Go to school.

4.Chant and song

(!) chant

I have a pencil, me too.

I have a book. Me too.

I have a ruler, me too.

I have a bag, me too.

I‘m going to school, me too.

(2) Song Happy Teacher‘s Day

5 Story time

Zip: Hello!

Zoom:Hi! Who is there?

Zip: Gusee!

Zoom:Are you Tutu?

Zip: No!

Zip: Ha!Ha! I‘m Zip.

Zoom: hi,Zip!My name is Zoom. Let‘s play! Ok? Zip: Great!

6. Handwork: Card



1怀特小姐 ( ) A Hello, I;m Mike.

2. 你好!我是迈克。 ( ) B What‘s your name?

3.把你的钢笔给我看一看。 ( ) C Goodbye, Chen Jie!

4.你叫什么名字? ( ) D Miss White

5.再见,陈洁! ( ) E Show me your pen.


( ) 1. Hello! I‘m Sarah. A Bye, Miss White

( ) 2. Goodbye! B Hi! I‘m Wu Yifan.

( ) 3. What‘s your name? C My name is Bai Ling.

三、 把字母重新排列使它成为一个新的单词

1. eanm________ 2. lenicp_______ 3. pharreesh_________

Unit Two Look at Me

Section A

1. Words and phrases


2. Dialogues

A: Good morning!

B: Good morning!

A : Hi!

B: Hello!

A: This is John.

B: Nice to meet you!

A:Let‘s go to school!


3. Let‘s do

Touch your head.

Touch your nose.

Touch your eye.

Touch your mouth.

Touch your ear.

Touch your face.

4. Song Teddy bear

5. Handwork: 鸡蛋上画五官


1. Happy A Foot

2.Stamp your B School

3.Let‘s go to C Nose

4.Good D Afternoon

5.Nice to E Halloween

4. gba_________

6.Touch your F meet you


( )1. A eye B face C pen

( ) 2. A eraser B pencil C body

( ) 3. A book B arm C leg

( ) 4. A Finger B morning C leg

( ) 5.A Good B bag C sharpener

( ) 6.A bye B mouth C ear


( )1. This is my arm.

A 这是我的腿 B 这是我的耳朵 C 这是我的胳膊

( )2. 见到你很高兴

A What‘ s your name? B Nice to meet you C Nice to meet you, too.

( ) 3. Good afternoon, Mike.

A 上午好,迈克。 B 中午好,迈克 C 下午好,迈克

( )4. 好主意!

A Good idea! B Good morning. C Good afternoon

( ) 5. 碰你的鼻子。

A touch your face. B Touch your ear. C Touch your nose.

( ) 6. 你的嘴巴在哪儿?

A Where is your hand? B where is your mouth? C where is your nose?


1. nigerf _______ 2. nomirg________ 3. snoe_______ 4. hadn_________

5.foto________ 6. elg_________

Section B

1.Words and phrases


2 Dialogues

Son: Hi, Mom!

Mom: Hi!

Son: Mom, this is Mike.

Mike: Good afternoon.

Mom: Good afternoon, Mike.

Mike: Nice to meet you.

Mom: Nice to meet you, too.

3.Let‘s do

Clap your hands. Snap your fingers. Wave your arms.

Cross your legs. Shake your body. Stamp your foot.


Where is your mouth? Here it is!

Where is your hand? Here it is!

Where is you ear? Here it is!

Where is your nose? Here it is!

5.Song Head ,Shoulders ,Knees and Toes

6. Story Time

Zoom: Let‘s make a puppet.

Zip: Good idea!

Zoo: First,make the haed. Then make the body.

Zip: Look! Arms and legs.

Zoom: Let‘s play wiyh the puppet. Oh, no! Don‘t run away.

6. Culture Halloween



1. 下午碰到熟人时说: ________

2. 表示你见到某人很高兴时说:________

3. 在万圣节那天你对别人说; ________

4. 介绍你的朋友皮得时说:________

A This is Peter B Happy Halloween! C Good afternoon

D Nice to meet you.


( )1. John: Nice to met you, Mike.


A Good afternoon, John. B My name is Mike. C Nice to meet you, too.\

( ) 2. Zoom: Hello! Zip. Where is your nose?

Zip: ________

A Here it is. B Touch your nose C See you

( ) 3. Chen Jie: Let‘s go to school.

Ling: ________

A No B ok C Hi!


1. is hand your where


2. Make head let‘s the


3. You to nice meet


4. is Mr Wu this


Unit Three Let’s Paint Section A

1. Words and phrases


2. Dialogues

Mr Black: Good morning, Miss Green. How are you?

Miss Green: Fine, thank you. Mr Black, this is Miss White.

Mr Black: Nice to meet you.

Miss White: Nice to meet you, too.

3. Let‘s do

Show me your crayon. Show me your blue crayon.

Show me your yellow crayon. Show me your green crayon. Show me your purple crayon.

4. Song :Who is wearing yellow today?

5. Handwork: 涂小丑


一、从第二栏中找出一栏中的答语。将字母代号填入题前括号内 ( )1. How are you? A Goodbye, Chen Jie.

( ) 2. Nice to meet you. B Fine, thanks.

( ) 3. Good afternoon. C My name is Dick.

( ) 4. What‘s your name? D Nice to meet you, too.

( ) 5. Goodbye, Miss White. E Good afternoon.

二、 连词成句

1. too meet to you nice


2. White is Miss this


3.my crayon purple show your


5. are how you


6. name what your is


三、 中英文配对

1. a red pencil A 一个紫色的书包

2. a purple bag B 你的绿色蜡笔

3. your yellow ruler C 一只红铅笔

4. your green crayon D 你的黄色尺子

Section B

1.Words and phrases



Sarah: Hi, Mike!

Mike: Hi, Sarah! How are you?

Sarah: Fine , thanks. How are you?

Mike: I am fine. Thank you.

Sarah: Let‘s paint!

Mike: Great!

Mike: Bye, Mom!

Mom: Bye!

3.let‘s Do

Black ,black. Stand up. Pink, pink. Sit down.

Brown,brown. Touch the ground. Orange, orange Touch your head. White, white. Turn around.

4.Chant and song

(!) chant

Pink ball. Pink ball,purple ball. Pink ball,purple ball, orange ball. Pink ball, purple ball,orange ball, brown ball.

Pink ball,purple ball, orange ball, brown ball, green ball.

I can see a rainbow! How about you?

(2) Colou song

5. Story time

Zip: Good morning, Zoom.

Zoom: Good morning,Zip.

Zoom: How are you,Zip?

Zip: Fine, thank you.

Zoom: Wow! Flowers! A blue flower. A red one. A yellow one. Look! Zip: Here is your ticket.

Zoom: Oh no!

6. Culture Country

一、看下列单词改变其中一个字母使它成为所学过的一个单词 Read________ white_________ think_________ Find_______ noise_________ glue_______


( )1. 白色 A black B red C white

( ) 2. 腿 A arm B foot C leg

( ) 3. 书包 A bag B book C box

( ) 4. 橙色的 A pink B orange C green

( ) 5. 花朵 A rian B flower C river

( ) 6. 蜡笔 A pencil B crayon C pen

三、 根据中文意思完成句子

1. How are you? ________(很好), thanks.

2. I like_________ (红色)。

3. Show me a _________(蓝色的书包)。

4. ____________(见到你很高兴)。

5.Good __________(早晨好)!

Recycle One

1. Let‘s act

Sarah: Hello!

Bai Ling: Hi!

Sarah: How are you?

Bai: Fine, thank you. How are you?

Sarah: Very well, thanks.

Zip&Zoom: Good morning.

Bai: Good morning. I‘m Bailing. This is Sarah. Sarah: What‘s your name?

Zip: I ?m Zip.

Zoom: My name is Zoom.

Sarah: Nice to meet you!

Mike: Nice to meet you, too.

Zip&Zoom: Hello!

Sarah: Look! Zoom and Zip!

Sarah: Who are you?

John: I‘m John.

Mike: My name is Mike.

Sarah&Bai ling: Hey!

John&Mike: Bye!

2. chant and find

What‘s in the picture? Look, look,look!

A pencil, a ruler. A little red book.

Pencil-case, sharpener, bag. Look, look, look!

Eraser, crayon, pen. And a big blue book.

3. Chant and color

Color this clown, up and down. Hands pink, ears brown. Face white, eyes blue, hair red , mouth too.

Nose purple, feet grey,

Body orange, hip hooray! Legs black,car yellow, Happy, happy,happy,happy fellow!

4. Song : How are you?

Unit Four We love animals

Section A

1. Words and phrases


2. Dialogues

A: Look! I have a rabbit.

B: Cool!

A: Look! I have panda!

C: Super!

A: Look! I have a monkey.

D: Great!

A: Look! I have a zoo.

E: Wow!

3. Let‘s do

Act like a cat. Act like a duck. Avt like a panda. Act like a monkey. Act like a rabbit. Act like a dog.

4. Song: Old MacDonald


1. look Bird have I a


2. your mouth touch


3. I a look may have


5. at the cat look



( )1. 我有一只小狗。

A I have a duck B I have a dog C I have a cat

( ) 2.我有一只兔子。

A I have a rabbit B I have a dog C I have a monkey

( ) 3. 我喜欢熊猫。

A I have a panda B I like panda C Panda is lovely.

Section B

1 Words and phrases



A: I have a Teddy bear.

B: Oh, really? May I have a look?

A: Sure. Here you are.

B: Thank you. Oh, it is nice! I like it.

A : Thanks.

3.Let‘s do

Hunt like a mouse. Walk like an elephant.

Climb like a bear. Jump like a squirrel.

Fly like a bird.

6. Let‘s chant

Look at the cat. It is fat.

Look at the pig.It is big.

Look at the monkey. It is funny.

Look at the mouse, in my house. Ahhh!!!

7. Song : Hop, Brown Squirrel

8. Story time

Zoom: Hello, Pig! Follow me.

Zoom: Hello, Dog!Follow pig. Follow me.

Zoom: Hello . Duck!Follow Dog. Follow pig. Follow me.

Zoom: Hello, Rabbit!Follow duck.Follow gog. Follow pig. Follow me. All the animals: Don‘t follow Zoom.

Zoom: Follow me, please.


Act bird look white here like\

1.________ at my tiger.

2. My mouse is _________

3. _________you are.

4. Fly like a ________

5. _________ like a cat.


1. What‘s your name?

A My name is Sarah B I‘m fine

2. How are you?

A I‘m 4 B Fine ,thank you.

3. Can I have a hamburger?

A Me too B Sure, here you are

4. Thank you

A You are welcome. B No, thanks.

5. This is John.

A Nice to meet you B ok!

Unit Five Let’s Eat

Section A

1. Words and phrases

cake、hamburger、hot dog、chicken、French fries、bread 2 Dialogues

A: I like hamburgers.

B: I like hot dogs.

A: Here you are. Hot dogs and hambuegers.

B: thank you.

A: I like French fries.

C: Me Too!

A: Ok! Have some French fries.

B: Thank you.

3.Let‘s do

Show me the hamburger. Pass me the French fries. Cut the bread. Eat the hot dog. Smell the chicken. Make the cake.

5. Song: Let‘s have a picnic Today



1. I _______ hot dogs.

A likes B like C am

2. Where is the plate? ______

A It‘ son the right B It‘s on the left. C It‘s in the middle.

3. What do you like?

A I have hamburgers B I like cakes C It‘s in the middle

4. Thank you.


A No, thanks B You are welcome C Great

5. Can I have ____ bread?

A a B some C eat

二、 给下列英文句子选择合适译文

( ) 1. Have some milk.

A 请吃蛋糕 B 请喝牛奶 C 请喝咖啡

( ) 2. you rae welcome

A 你是欢迎 B不用谢 C 谢谢你

( ) 3. Let‘s drink.

A 让我们一起喝 B 让我们一起吃 C 让我们一起玩

( ) 4. Can I have some bread?

A 请吃面包 B 你有面包吗? C 我可以吃面包吗?

( ) 5. I like cakes.

A 我喜欢蛋糕 B 我喜欢薯条 C 我喜欢辣椒

( ) 6. The fork is on the right.

A 叉子在右边 B 叉子在左边 C 叉子在中间

( ) 7. Drink the juice A 喝可乐 B 喝果汁 C 喝水

Section B

1.Words and phrases


2. Dialogues

A: Have some juice!

B: No, thanks. I like Coke.

C: Me too.

A: Ok. Here you are.

B: Thank you.

C: You are welcome.

A: Can I have some chicken?

B: Sure. Here you are.

A: Thank you.

B: You are welcome.

3. Let‘s do

Pour the water. Taste the tea. Smell the coffee. Show me the milk. Drink the juice.

4. Let‘s chant: Dinner time

Chicken and fries,

Chicken and fries.

What a surprise!

Chicken and fries!

Smell the chicken,

Taste the fries.

Dinner is ready,

Open your eyes!

5. Song: Noodle Noodle Dumpling

6. Culture; 西餐

The spoon is beside the knife. The knife is on the right. The fork is on the left. The plate is in the middle.

7. Story time

Zoom: Can I have a hamburger?

Chef: Here you are.

Zoom: can I have a cook?

Chef: Sure.

Zoom: Can I have a ice-cream?

Chef: here you are.

Zoom: Mmm….Good!

Zoom: Can I have some French fries?

Chef: Ok. Here you are.

Zoom: Oh, no! My ice-cream!


A 可乐 B 果汁 C 鸡肉 D 牛奶 E 咖啡 F 茶 G 蛋糕 H 热狗 I 汉堡包( ) .tae ( ) bread ( ) milk ( ) chicken ( ) coke ( ) coffee

( ) cake ( ) hamburger ( ) hot dog ( ) juice

二、 连词成句

1. have can bread some


2. cake the make


3.like chicken and bread


4. is the in plate middle


5.welcome are you



( ) Here you are.

( ) Thank you

( ) Can I have some milk?

( ) You are welcome.

( ) Sure.

Unit Six Happy Birthday!

J 面包

Section A

1. Words


2. Dialogues

Chen JIe: Hello, Sarah. This is my friend, Wu Yifan.

Sarah: Happy birthday!

Wu: thank you.

Sarah: How old are you?

Wu: I am nine.

Chen: Let us eat the birthday cake.

Wu: Great!

3. Let‘s do

Show me 1 and 2. Show me 3and 4.

Show me 5 and 6. Show me 7and 8.

Show me 9and 10.

4. Song: Ten little Candles Dance

5. Hand work: Happy Birthday card


1. ekac This _____ is for you.

2. xsi Our lucky number is ______

3. pahyp ______ birthday!

4. otw I‘m ______years old.

5. lodl I like _____.


1.太棒了! ( ) A Lucky number.

2. 吃蛋糕。 ( ) B Close the door.

3. 幸运数字。 ( ) C How many gifts?

4. 关门 ( ) D Great!

5. 多少件礼物? ( ) E Eat a cake.

三 连词成句

1. old you are how


2. to happy you birthday


3. have I can some juice


4. am I twelve


5. yo this for is


6. candles many how


7. my this is friend


8. door the open


9. car I have a


Section B

1.Words and phrases



A: How many balloons?

B: 4

A: How many gifts?

B: 10

A: How many cakes?

B: One cake.

C:This is for you, Zip!

D: Happy birthday!

A: Wow! Thank you.

3.Let‘s do

Bounce the ball. Fly th ekite. Throw the plane. Hold the doll. Drive the car.

Blow up ythe balloons.

4.Let‘s chant

1,2! How are you? 3.4! Close the door! 5,6! Count the sticks!

7,8! Eat the cake! 9,10! Say it again!

5. Song: Happy birthday to you!

6.Story time

Panda: Sh! There is Zoom!

Pig: I have two gifts.

Animals: Supprise!

Bird: Happy birthday to you!

Squireel: This cake is for you, Zoom.

Zoom: Thank you. Let‘s eat the cake!

6. Culture: I‘m from China. Our lucky number is 6. I‘M FROM Canada. Our lucky number is 7.

7. Song: Happy birthday to you!


1. A:_______ are you? B: I‘m fine.

A How old B How C Who

2. This is ____ you

A on B to C for

3. A: How many fingers do you have? B;_____

A Great B Five C Ten

4. A: Let‘s fly the kite. B: ________

A Great B Thank you C Bye!

5. A: Happy birthday to you, Wu Yifan !

B: _______

A :I‘m fine B Thank you C Good morning

二、 从下列单词汇总找出与所给单词同类的,将徐爱红填入题前括号里 ( ) 1. five A car B cake C cat D pig

( ) 2. coffee A fine B good C six D pig

( ) 3. panda A tae B plane C boat D face

( ) 4. pen A two B tten C pig ruler

( ) 5 eye A four B your C ear D green

三、 连词成句

1. for have gift a I you


2. are they where


3. like cat I


4.number is my eight lucky


6. the car drive


Recycle 2

Let‘s act

Parents: Happy New Year. Miss White!

Miss White: Happy New Year!

Sarah: This is for you!

Miss White: Thank you. I have a gift for you, too.

Mike : Thank you.

Sarah: May I have a look?

Mike : Look! I have a car!

Sarah: Sure! Here you are.

Dog: How many cakes?


Miss White: Have some juice.

Mike: Thank you.

Sarah: Can I have a cake?

Miss White: Sure!

Chirden: Where are they?

Miss White: Oh, no!


Unit One `Welcome back to School (Section A)

1. Words and phrases

boy(男孩) 、girl(女孩)、friend(朋友)

2. Where are you from?

I am from America/China.

3. Dialogues

Miss White: Good morning boys and girls!

Boys and girls: Good morning Miss White. Class, we have a new friend today. A: Hi! I am from America.

Boys and girls: Welcome!

4. Phonics

a/ / apple ant

b/b/ boy bag

c/k/ Coke coffee

5. Chant: A B C

A B C , Follow me. It’s easy as 1 2 3.

1 2 3, A B C. It’s So easy as you see!


( )1. Chen Jie: _______

Amy: Good morning, Chne Jie.

A Goodbye B Good morning C Good afternoon

( ) 2. Miss White: Nice to meet you again.

Mike: ______]

A Nice to meet you,too. B Thank you C Welcome

( ) 3. Mr Black: Happy Women’s Day!

Miss White:________

A Thank you B Happy Women’s Day, too. C It’s ok

( ) 4. Bai ling :Where are you from,Amy?


A I’m ok B I’m Amy C I’m from America

二、 给A 栏各句子找出合适的答语

( ) Where are you from? A ok

( ) Nice to see you. B Thank you

( ) Hi C Morning

( ) Goodmorning. D Nice to see you, too.

( ) What‘s your name? E Goodbye

( ) Let‘s go together. F Hello

( ) Goodbye G My name is Sophai

( ) Have some tea, please! H I‘m from China.

Unit One Welcome back to School (Section B)

1. Words and phrases


2. Sentences

Where are you from?

I am from America.

3. Dialogues

Mr Black: Good afternoon.

Students: Good afternoon, Mr Black.

Wu: This is my new friend, Amy.

Mr Black: Nice to meet you.

Amy: Nice to meet you, too. Where are you from?

Mr Black: I am from America.

Amy: Good bye, Mr Black.

Mr Black: Goodbye.

4. Phonics

d/d/ duck dog e/e/ egg elephant

5. Song: Boy and girl

6. Let’s do

A A A , say “OK!” B B B, touch your knee. C C C , look and see. D D D, make a “D”.E E E, drink some tea. A B C D E, come and follow me.

7. Story time

Zip: Let’s play school teacher and student.

Zoom: Ok.

Zip: I’m big. I’m the teacher!

Zip: I’m smart. I’m the teacher!

Zoom: I’m the teacher!

Zip: I’m the teacher! Wait a minute! Can you read this?

Zoom: Sure. “ Iam the student!”

Zip: HA!Ha! You see? I am the teacher!

Zip: Oh,no!

8. Culture : Women’s Day

Unit Two My Family (Section A)

1. Words and phrases

Father(dad)(爸爸)、mother(mom)(妈妈)、grandfather(grandpa)(祖父) 、grandmother(grandma)(祖母)、woman(女人)、man(男人)

2. Sentences

(1) Who is that boy? He is my brother.

(2) Who is that girl? She is my sister.

3. Dialogues

A: Who is that woman?

B: She is my mother.

A: who is that man?

B: He is my father.

A: Hi, Mom! This is my friend, Amy.

Mom: Nice to meet you.

B: Nice to meet you, too.

4. Phonics

f/f/ fish father g/g/ girl goose

5. Song: Father and mother

6. Chant:

A B C D E F G. Father, mother and me. C D E F G A B. Sing anf dance under the tree.


1. reobtrn _________ 2. ratfen__________ 3. eragt____________

4. omawn_________ 5. edfirn_________ 6. eosgo_______


1.The flowers are beautiful.


2. It is a big pear.



1. you to meet nice


2. she is sister your


3. that who man is


4. love father I my


5. family this my is


Unit Two My Family (Section B)

1. Words and phrases


2. Sentences

A: Who is this girl?

B: Guess!

A: Is she your sister?

B: No, my mom. And this is my grandma.

3. Dialogues

A: Come on, Bai ling. Let‘s watch TV.

B: Great! Who is this boy?

A: My brother.

B: Cool! Who is this girl?

A: Oh! She is my sister.

B: Really?

A: Look! This is my mom. And this is my dad.

B: Wow, how funny!

4. Phonics

h/h/ hot dog hamburger

i/ai/ ice-cream ice

5. Let‘s chant

Father and mother help each other.

Sister and brother play together!

6. Let‘s do

A B C, look and see. C D E, draw a tree. E F G, have a seat.

G H I, fly a kite. A B C D E, read after me. E F G H I, say ― Goodbye‖.


My mom is from China. Dhe uses chopsticks.

My dad is from Canada. He uses a fork and a knife. I can use them all.

8.Story time

Zip: Who is that woman?

Zoom: She is my mother.

Zip: She is beautiful.

Zoom: Thank you. My mom is an actress.

Zip: Really?

Zoom: Wait for a moment.

Zip: Zoom! How beautiful!

Zoom: look at me!

Zip: Beautiful!

Parents: Zoom! How beautigful!

Zoom: Ahhh!

一、从所给选项中选择恰当的一项,并将其字母代号填入题前的括号里 ( ) 1. ---This is my friend, Sarah.


A Good morning B Good bye C Nice to meet you

( )----2. Where are you from?


A I‘m Chen Jie B I‘m from Kunming C I‘m ok

( ) ---3._______?

---He is my brother.

A Who is that boy? B Who is that woman C Who is that?

( ) ---4. Let‘s play a game.


A Wow B Great C Fine

( )---5.___________!


A Give me a pen B Here it is C Happy Teacher‘s Day


1.ohw________ 2. lylrea__________ 3.tager_________

4.ressit________ 5.anowm________ 6.esh________

7.atth__________ 8.reohtm________ 9.rehfat_________


He she

1.________is my mother.

2.________is my sister.

3.________is my brother.

4._________is my grandmother.

5._________is Miss Lee

6._____________is my father.

Unit Three How many?(Section A)

1. Words and phrases


2. Sentences

How many cats can you see?

I can see………

3. Dialogues

Wu: Look, Amy! I have a new kite.

Amy: Oh, it‘s beautiful!

Wu: Let‘s fly it!

Amy: OK!

Wu: How many kites can you see?

Amy: 1. 2. 3…….I can see 12.

Wu: No11. The black one is a bird.

Amy: Oh!

4. Phonics

j/ / jeep jump

k/ k / key kangaroo

5. Sing: One two three four five


1. kite_______ 2.bird__________ 3.cat_________

4.rabbit_______ 5.pencil_______ 6.knife______

7.pen_______ 8.book______


In and what how kite a have who can at

1. _____ many pens do you have?

2. I _______a new bag.

3. I _______see five birds.

4. Seven _________five is twelve.

5. Let‘s draw ____picture.

6. Look ______my new pens.

7. ______are you?

8. Open _______and see.

9. Let‘s fly a ________.

10. ________ is one and nine?


1. new I bag a have


2. a fly kite let‘s


3. do have many you pens how


4.see open and it


5.one have only I


Unit Three How many? (Section B)

1. Words and phrases


2. Sentences

How many pencils do you have?

I have 18.

3. Dialogues

A: Hi, Chen Jie. Look at my new crayons!

B: Oh, how nice! How many crayons do you have?

A: Guess!

B: Twelve?

A: Open it and see!

B: 123….16! You have 16 crayons!

A: That‘s right!

4. Phonics

l/l/ lock lion

m/m/ milk mouse

n/n/ night nest

5. Let‘s do

J J J, jump, jump, jump. K K K, kick, kick, kick. L L L, la, la,la.

M M M, meow, meow, meow. N N N, no, no, no. L M N, raise your leg.

6. Culture Easter Day

7.Story Time

Zip: Wow! So many apples!

Zoom: Yeah! Let‘s pick up the apples.

Zip: Let‘s have a race.

Zoom: 1. 2. 3.4.

Zip: 1.2.3.

Zoom: 5.6.7…..16.

Zip: 5.6.7….15

Zip: LOOK, I have 15! How many apples do you have?

Zoom: I have 16. I WON!

Zip: Show me plaese.

Zip: Oh, no! I have only 1.

Zip: Ha! Ha! I won!


( )1. ----How many sisiters do you have?


A I‘m 2 B I can see 2 C I have 2

( )2.— ____ kites can you see?

— Seven.

A How many B How C What

( ) 3.—Let‘s draw a picture.


A Ok B Fine C Thank you

( ) 4. —How many planes can you see?


A I have 6 B I can see 6 C It‘s 6

( )5. — Look, I have a new bag.


A It‘s Ok B How beautiful C Oh

( )6. —Let‘s share!


A Good idea B Cool C Wow

( ) 7. —How are you?


A Fine, thanks B It‘s ok C I‘m 9



( ) 1. 当心 A Good idea!

( )2. 你来自哪里? B How nice!

( )3. 见到你很高兴。 C Let‘s draw a picture.

( )4. 好主意! D watch out!

( )5. 那个人是谁? E come in.

( )6. 进来。 F Who is that man?

( )7. 好漂亮! G Where are you from?

( )8.早上好。 H Nice to see you.

( )9. 我们画画吧。 I Good morning.

( )10.我有十五本书 J I have fifteen books.

三、请判断下列对话是否正确,正确的打“F”误的打“T” ( )1.A How many kites can you see? B I can see two

( ) 2.A Nice to meet you! B How do you do!

( ) 3. A Good afternoon. B Good morning

( ) 4. Where are you from? B I‘m from America

( ) 5. A who is that girl? B She is my sister.

Recycle 1

1.Let‘s act

John: Hello, Chen Jie!

Chen Jie: Hi, John!

Sarah: Who is that boy?

Chen Jie: He is my friend, John.

Amy: Hello, John. I‘M Amy.

John: Nice to meet you! Where are you from?

Amy: I‘m from America. What‘s in your box?

John: Gusee!

Amy: Chocolates?

Chenjie: Cookies?

John: Open it and see!

Amy: Oh, chocolates! How many?

Chenjie: Let‘s count!…..20!

John: let‘s share!

Chen jie: Good idea!

Amy: Thanks!

2. Chant:

Let‘s go, boys.

Let‘s go, girls. Let's all be a family.

Who plays father?

Who plays mother?

Who play brother and sisiter?

I am father. I am mother. We are brother and sisiter. Let‘s go,boys. Let‘s go, Girls.

Let‘s all be a famoly.

3.Song: the more we get together

4. Hand work: Make a window card.

Unit Four Do you like pears ? (Section A)

1. Words and phrases

Watermelon、peach 、pear 、orange

2. Dialogues

(1)---Do you like apples?

----Yes , very much.

----Here you are .


(3) Mum : Do you like peaches?

Amy : Yes , I do .

Mum: Do you like oranges?

Amy : NO, I do not.

Mum :What about pears ?

Amy : oh , I like them very much.

Mum: let us have some peaches and pears . Amy : OK.

3. Phonics

o /o/ orange ok

p/p/ pear peach

q/ q/ queen quiet

4. Let‘s chant

A B C D E F G. French fries, bread and ice-cream.

H I J K L M N. Hamburgers, hot dogs and chicken. O P Q, O P Q. Let me share with you!


( )1. Sarah: Can I have some orange juice, please? Miss White: _______.

A No. it isn‘t B Sure, here you are. C Thanks.

( ) 2. ---Do you like bananas, Bailing?

--- ____, I do.

A Yes B No C Sorry

( ) 3. ----Have some more, Chen Jie?

---- _______

A Here you are B It‘s ok C No, thanks

( ) 4. A: Let‘s have some oranges and grapes.


A Ok B Yes, I do C No, I don‘t

( ) 5. A: Have some fruits.


A Sure B Certainly C Thank you

二、用a 或an 填空

1.______orange 2.______boy 3._______eraser

4.______elephant 5._______teacher 6.______egg

7.______apple 8._______pear 9._____peach


Close listen show pour look clap

1.______the tea 2. ________at me 3._________to me

4.______with me 5.________your eyes 6.________me five.

Unit Four Do you like pears ? (Section B)

1. Words and phrases

Apple、strawberry 、bananas 、grapes

2. Sentences

(1) A: DO you like pears ?

B: No, I don’t Can I have an apple, please?


(2) A: Can I have some orange juice, please?

B: Sure. Here you are.

3. Dialogues

Miss White : Have some fruits.

John; Thank you ,Miss White .

Miss White : DO you like bananas ,Chen JIe ?

Chen : Sorry, I do not like bananas . Can I have an apple, please ?

Miss White : Certainly. Have some more ?

Chen : No, thank you.

4. phonics

r/r/ rain rainbow

s/s/ snake squirrel

t/t/ tiger taxi

5. An apple A day

6. Let’s do

A B C D E, clap with me. E F G H I,Close your eye. J k l m n, Show me ten.

L M N O P, listen to me. P Q R S T, pour the tea. Look at me, I can say from A to T.

7. Cultuer Doggy Bag

8. Story Time

Zoom: Wow! 8 dollars. It’s chaep. I want some chicken peas and tomatoes. I want some apples, bananas and oranges.

Zip: Do you like milk?

Zoom: Yeah! I like milk, juice and Coke.

Zoom: I’m full. Yeah! I like milk, juice and coke. Doggy bag, please! Waiter: No way!


1. ecpah__________ 2.rpeag_________ 3. kiel_______

4.mose_________ 5.nkeas________ 6. igret________


Apple 葡萄

Pear 西瓜

Grapes 香蕉

Orange 桃子

Watermelon 苹果

Bananas 梨子

Peach 橙子


Bear_____ that ________ beach________ them_____

Live______ an________ mile_______ break________

Unit five Where is my ruler? (Section A)

1. Words

Bus、taxi 、bike 、jeep

2. Sentences

Mike : Guess ! Where is my plane?

Bai ling : In your bag ?

Mike : No !

Bai ling: In your desk ?

MIKE : Yes.

3. Dialogues

MIKE : mom, Where is my car?

MOM : on your desk ?

Mike :No!

Mom : In the toy box?


MOM : look ! it is under the chair.

Mike : OH ,yeah! Thanks, mom .

4. Phonics

u/u/ umbrella under

v/v/ violin vest

w/w/ window wind

5. let’s do

Show me A B C D E. Point to F G H I J. Type J K L M N.

Color O P Q R S. Circle S T U V W. I can say from A to W.

一、 选择正确的译文, 将其字母代号填入题前括号里

( )1. Welcome back to school!

A 欢迎返校 B 欢迎光临 C 这是我们的学校

( )2. look at my new crayons!

A 看我的心衬衫 B 过来看一下 C 看我的新蜡笔

( ) 3. 请喝点可乐。

A Please have some water. B Please have some juice. C Please have some cake, please.

( ) 4.Do you like bananas?

A 我喜欢香蕉 B 你爱吃香蕉吗? C 来点香蕉吗?

( ) 5. 你有多少支铅笔?

A How many pens do you have? B How many pencils do you have? C Do you have pens?

( ) 6. Can I use your ruler?

A 我可以用一下你的尺子吗? B 我可以用一下你的笔吗? C 我可以用一下你的橡皮吗?


A desk is in the sky

A car is on the wall

A plane is on the floor

A pen is in the pencilcase

A map is on the road

A book is in the bag


A plane on bike taxi

B under in behind jeep’

C desk bag chair table

D where pencil craon ruler

Unit five Where is my ruler? (Section B)

1. Words

Lamp、walkman 、chair 、desk

2. Sentences

Chen JIe : Where is my bag?

John :In the desk?

Chen: No!

John: On the desk?

Chen: Yes !

3. Dialogues

John : excuse me, Amy. Can I use your pencil ?

Amy: no problem. Where is my pencil? Look, it’s here , under your book. Here you are.John: Thank you!

4. Phonics

x /x/ fox box

y/y/ yellow yo –yo

z/z/ zoo zebra

5. Song : Hide and seek

6. Story Time:

Zip: Let’s paly hide and seek.

Zoom: Great! 12.2.3….10.Are you ready?

Zip: Yes!

Zoom: Where are you? Are you under the table? Are you under the bed?

Are you in the toy box? Where are you ? I can’t find you.

Zip: Ha! Ha! I’m behind you!

7. Cultutre: Children’s Day


( )1. Mike:Where is my book, Dad?

Dad: _______

A Here you are B It’s on the desk C Thank you

( ) 2. Mike: let’s play a game.


A Great B Hello C look out

( ) 3.Bai Ling: Can I use your pen?

Amy: ________

A No problem B Thank you C It’s on the desk

( ) 4. Miss White: Happy Children’s Day.

Chen Jie: _______

A Happy Children’s Day, too. B Good idea C Thank you.


Who where what

1. I can’t find my bag. ______is it?

3. __________is that in English?

4. _________is she? Is she Lily?

5. _________is the toy car? Is it in the box?

6. _________is that girl? Doy ou know?

7. Mom, ________is my bag? Do you see it?


1. bag where is my


2. the chair it’s under


3. are here you


4. pencil can use your


5. you are bed under the


Unit Six At the zoo (Section A)

1. words

small、big 、long、 short

2. Sentences

I have big eyes and small ears .

3. Dialogues

Miss White : Come on, children. Look at the elephant!

MIKE: Oh! It is so big!

Miss: Look! It has a long nose and a short tail.

Amy: It has small eyes and big ears.

John: Wow! It’s so big! OH, it’s so funny!

4. Let’s do

Tall, tall, tall! Make yourself tall. Big, big, big! Make your eyes big.

Long long long! Make your arms long. Short, short, short1 Make yourself short!

Small, small, samll! Make your eyes small. Short, short, short! Make your arms short.

5. Chant

PRC,PRC, I’m from China. CAN, CAN, I’m from Canada.

UK, UK, I’m from the United Kingdom.

USA, USA, I’m from America.


1. allt________ 2. ogln________ 3.ered________

4.itla_________ 5.edef________ 6.afiefrg________


1. they cute are so


2. animals don’t the feed


3.is deer short the


4. a has dog lily



1.课桌______ 2. 今天_________ 3.喜欢______ 4.十九______

5.动物园______ 6.朋友______ 7.小鸟______ 8.桃子______

Unit Six At the zoo (Section B)

1. Words


2. Sentences

(1) I have a bird. It is small.

(2) I have a rabbit. It has long ears.

3. Dialogues

Father: Look at the giraffe .

Amy : OH , it’s so tall.

Father : Look at the deer.

Amy : it is short.

Father : you see. The giraffe is tall. The deer is short.

Amy : Yeah. Daddy, you are tall. I am short.

Daddy : you are right.

4. Song: They are in the zoo

5. Let’s chant: A B C D E F G, H I J K L M N, O P Q , R S T, U V W, X Y Z!

Now you can say you're a BC’s . It’s as easy as 123!

6. Story Time

Zip: How many animals do you know?

Zoom: I know all the animals!

Zip: Look!

Zoom: Tiger and lion!

Zip: Yes!

Zoom: Fox and wolff!

Zip: Right!

Zoom: Zebra and horse!

Zip: Good!

Zoom: I know they are monkeys.

Zip: NO!No!

Zoom: The small one is monkey. The big one is a gorilla.

Zoom: Oops!

Recycle 2

1. Let’s act

Girafffe: I am tall. I can get the apples.

Elephant: My nose is long. I can get the pears.

Zoom: I’m strong. I can carry the fruit.

Tiger : I can get the grapes.

Elephant: Wow! So many fruits.

Monkey : Yeah! Let’s count.

Mouse: Four peaches, twelve pears……

Elephant: let’s eat!

Mouse: can ia have a peach,please?

Rbbit: Sure!

Giraffee: I like bananas.

Monkey : Me too.

Monkey: Where is my banana?

Elephant: Look! It’s there.

Rabbit: Ha!Ha!

2. Song: A B C song


Is am are

1. My father has a new coat. It______ white

2. _________you a pupil? Yes, i_______

3. Who_____I ?

4. That_______Helen. She _______my good friend.

5. ______there any sheep on the grass?

6. Whose shoes______they?

7. _______ she Lucy? No, she ______not

8. My father_________a teacher.


To(同音词) ______ strawberry(复数形式)__________

That (反义词) ______ are not(简写) ______

I’m(完全形式) ______ big(反义词) ______

It’s(同音词) ______ you’re(完全形式) ______


( )1. Amy: Good afternoon!


A Nice to see you B Good morning C Good afternoon D Goodbye

( )2. Tom: Nice to meet you, Kate.


A How are you? B How do you do? C Nice to see you D This is kate

( ) 3. Herry: How many pencils can you see?

Alice: ___________

A I have six B I can see six C How nice! D Let’s fly a kite

( ) 4. John: Who is that?

Mr Wang: _________

A He is my father B She is my mother C He is my mother D She is my mothe

Pep 四年级上册 Unit one:My classroom(Section A and Section B)

1. Words:

window 窗户, board 写字板, light 灯, picture 图画, door 门, floor 地板, classroom教室,

computer 电脑, teacher‘s desk 讲台, wall 墙, fan 风扇

many 许多的, classmate 同学, have a look 看一看, seat 座位, near在……的旁边, what 什么,

where 哪里, new新的, clean打扫, good idea 好主意, all right好吧, good job 干得好,see you 一会见,look at 看…….

2. Sentences:

(1) Let‘s clean the board/desks/window……….

(2) What‘s in your classroom? A board, two lights, many desks and chairs……..

(3) We have a new classroom. Really? Let‘s go and have a look.

(4) Where is my seat? It‘s near the door.

(5) The wall is white.

3. Chant:

Work and play, work and play.

In the classroom everyday.

Work and play, work and play.

We have fun every day.

4. Letters: Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii

5. Phonics:

Ff: /f/ fish, French fries, farmer

Gg: /g/ girl, goose, good

Hh: /h/ hot dog, hamburger, hat

Ii: /i/ it, is, his, hit

/ai/ ice-cream, ice water, idea



A: Mike, we have a new classroom.

B: Really? Let‘s go and have a look.

A: Wow! It‘s big. Look, this is my new desk.

B: Where is my seat?

A: It‘s near the door.


Wu YIfan: Good morning. Let's clean the classroom. Amy: Good idea.

Zhang peng: Let's clean the desks and chairs.

Amy: All right.

Mike: Let me clean the window.

Chenjie: Let me clean the board.

John: Look at the picture.

Zhang peng: It's nice.

Students: Good morning,Miss White.

Miss White: Wow! It's nice and clean. Good job!

7. Let's do

Open y the door. Turn on the light. Sweep the floor. Clean the window. Put up the picture, Clean the board.

8. Story time

Zoom: OH! There is a bee in our classroom..Where is it? Zip: Look! It's on the light.

Zoom: Where is is now?

Rabbit: It's on the fan.

Zoom: Look! It's on the wall now.

Teacher: What;'s this?

Zoom: It's a bee.

teacher: NO, it's a board. Ah, yes, it's a really bee. Zip:There is a bee on the board.

Zoom: Ha! Ha!

9. Song: In the classroom


1. 将下列最木重新排列组成一个单词

Ilhtg__________ wne__________ boadr__________ Wwndio_______ aveh_________ cealn___________

2. 选择合适的答案

(1)Where is my seat? ____________\

A It‘s nrear the door. B All right

(2) Let‘s clean the classroom. _________________

A Goodbye B Good idea.

(3) Where arethey?_________________

A They are hot dogs B It‘s a picture

(4) Look at the calssroom._________

A Good morning B It‘s so big

(5) We have a new livingroom. _____________

A Let‘s goand have a look B This is John\

Unit two My schoolbag (Section A and Section B)

1. Words:

bag, pencil, pen, book, ruler, pencil-case,Chinese book, English book, math book, schoolbag, story-book, notebook, twenty-one, thirty, thirty-one, forty, forty-one, fifty, too many, colour, fat, may, sure, here you are, heavy, sorry, what is=what‘s, in, on, under, near, guess

2. Sentences:

(1) What‘s in your schoolbag? I have many books in my schoolbag.

(2) What colour is it? Guess!/ It‘s red.

(3) How many books do you have? Too many to count.

(4) I have a new bag/ pencil/ pen/ book/ ruler/ pencil-case………

(5) May I have a look? Sure. Here you are.

(6) My schoolbag is heavy.

(7) What‘s in it?

3. Phonics:

J j: jeep, jacket, jigsaw puzzle Oo: Coke, OK, open

Kk: kite, key, kangaroo Pp: pen, pencil, pencil-case

L l: lion, lock, lamp Qq: squirrel, queue, quiet

Mm: man, mouse, monkey Rr: rabbit, ruler, rice

Nn: nose, nurse, noodles

4. Chant:

(1) Put your notebook under your bag.

Put your pencil in your desk.

Put your pencil-case on your chair.

Put your eraser near your pencil-case.

Put your English book on your head.

(2) How many English books do you have?

Thirty! Thirty! Thirty!

How many picture-books do you have?

Forty! Forty! Forty!

How many story-books do you have?

Fifty! Fifty! Fifty!

5.Let's do

Put your notebook under your bag.

Put your pencil in your desk.

Put your pencil-case on your chair.

Put your pencil in your desk.

Put your eraser near your pencil-case.

Put your English book on your head.

6. Dialogues:

A: Hi, Chen Jie. I have a new schoolbag.

B: Really? What colour is it?

A: It‘s black and white.

A: May I have a look?

B: Sure. Here you are.

A: What‘s in it?

B: I have many books in my schoolbag.

A: How many books do you have?

B: I have six.


Zhang peng: My schoolbag is heavy.

Miss white: What's in it?

Zhang peng: Look! 20 story books,32 pencils, 8rulers, and 3 pencil-cases. Miss White: Wow! Good!

Sarah:: My schoolbag is heavy, too.

MIss White: What's in it?

Sarah: 10 sharpeners, 42 crayons, 12 erasers and 35 picture-books. Teacher: Thank you so much!

7.Story Time:

Zoom: Good night,Mom.

Mom: Wait, Zoom. Put away yoiur books.

Zoom: English book,Chinese book, math book......

Mom: Zoom, is everything in your schoolbag?

Zoom: Yes, Mom.

Mom: Good. Have a good dream.

Mom: Some more?

Zoom: NO, Thanks. I'm fill. Oh, my schoolbag is heavy. Teacher: Take out your book,please,.Ah....

Zoom: Oh, sorry.

8.Song : Books and pencils



(1) 我的书包很重

(2) 你有多少本图画书?


(4) 我有1块橡皮擦。



This is my room. It‘s small buit very nice. There is a chair., a desk and a bed in the room. The desk is near the window. You can see some books and a box on the desk. The bed is near the desk. There is a map of China on the wall. There is a picture on the wall ,too. I like my small room.

( ) 1. There is ___________in the room.

A a desk B two dbeds C three desks D some windows

( ) 2. __________ are on the desk.

A A book and a box B Some books and a box C A book and some boxes D Some books and a box

( ) 3. The room is __________

A small B nice C big D Both A and B

Unit three My friends(Section A and Section B)

1. Words:

teacher, student, boy, girl, friend,long hair, short hair, thin, strong, quiet, friends, music, science, sports, computer game,

painting, Chinese, like, , photo, name, he‘s=he is, she‘s=she is, you‘re= you are, she, her, he, his, has

2. Sentences:

(1) Who is he? He is……….

(2) What‘s his name? His name is ……..

(3) My friend is strong.

(4) What‘s she like? He has short hair………

(5) What does he like? My friend likes music……….

3. Phonics:

Ss: spoon, snake, student Ww: window, watermelon, walkman

Tt: tiger, TV, teacher Xx: taxi, box, six

Uu: umbrella, under, cup Yy: yellow, yo-yo, yacht

Vv: vest, violin, van Zz: zebra, zoo, zipper

4. Chant:

(1) Listen to music.

Do sports. Paint.

Make friends.

Play computer games.

(2) Friends are like you and me.

Some are old, some are new.

Some like green, some like blue.

Friends are like me and you.

5.Let's do

Listen to music. Do sports. Paint,. Make friends. Play computer games.


(1) John: Mom, I have a new friend.

Mom: A Chinese friend?

John: Yes.

Mom: A boy?

John: Yes. He has short black hair and big eyes.

Mom: what's his name?

John: His name is Zhang Peng. Look, this is his photo. He is tall.

Mom: He is strong too.


A: I have a friend.

B: Boy or girl?

A: A girl.

B: Who is she?

A: Guess. She‘s quiet. She likes music. What‘s her name?

B: Her name is Amy.

A: Yes.

7.Story time:

Rabbit: Wow! What a big turnip! Oh. It's too big. I can't pull it out. Come on friends.Please help me.

Friends: We are coming!

All the animals: One, two, three, pull!

Zoom: I'm strong. Let me help you!

All the animals: Hooray!

8.Songs: Friends



(1) My friend is a boy_________ has short hair.

A He B she

(2) _________ your best friend?

A What‘s B Who is

(3) What‘s ________name? His name is John.

A your B HIS

(3) He _________math

A likes B LIKE

(4) I have a new________

A friend B friends


Wall -----__________ ------高的 fix -------___________-----六

Tor----_____________-----男孩 shirt---__________-----短的,矮的



I have two friends. One is a boy. His name is Jim. He is strong. He has short black hair. He is tall., too. He likes spoirts. The other one is a girl. She is quiet, she has big black eyes and a small nose. She has curly hair. Her name is Alice. She likes music. We are good friends.

( )1. I have ________friends.

A one B two C threee D four

( ) 2. W3hat‘s the boy‘s name?

A Jason B Mike C Jim D Peter

( ) 3. The boy has _________

A two big black eyes B a small nose C two big ears D short black hair

( ) 4. What‘s the girl‘s name?

A Sarah B Alice C Kitty D Kate‘

( ) 5.The girl is ________\

A tall B strong C quiet D fine

4. 选择正确答案

( ) 1. 让我来扫地吧?

A Let mer claen the desk. B Letr me clean the classroom C Let me sweep the floor

( ) 2. 这是我的新朋友。

A This is my new friend. B This is my new schoolbag. C This is my new calssroom.

( )3 她叫什么名字/?

A What‘s your name? B what‘s her name? C What‘s his name?

( ) 4. 她长着卷发与大眼睛。

A She has big hair and big eyes. B She has short hair and small eyes. C She has curly hair and big eyes.

4. 连词成句

(1) my welcome to classroom

(2) to go the kitchen

(3) can see I bedroom a


(4)have I a eraser new

Recycle one

1. Sentences:

(1) How many people are there in you family? Four.

(2) What‘s 10 plus 10? 20 I have got a pen!

(3) How many prizes do you have?

(4) Who‘s your best friend?

(5) Do you like sports?

2. Phonics: A, H, J, K E, B, C, D, G, P, T,V I,Y U, Q, W O


3.Read and act

John: Good morning, Chen jie. Let's clean our classroom.

Chen Jie: Let me clean the desks and chairs.

John: Let me sweep the floor.

John: Look! This is my new schoolbag.

Chen JIe: Oh, your schoolbag is heavy. What's in it?

John: An English book, a Chinese book,a math book, a notebook and 10 story-books.

Chen Jie: 10?

John: Yes. They are my friend's story-books!

Chne jie: Who is your friend?

John: My friend is quiet. She has curly hair and big eyes.

Chen JIE: I know she is Amy.

John; No. She is tall. And she speaks English well.

Chen Jie: She is tall? What's her name?

John: Uh-uhu! Her name is Sandy White, our English teacher.

Chen JIe: Gee!

Teacher: Ye. I'm your friend.

Unit four my home (Section A and Section B)


home, room, school, classroom, window, desk, door, chair, bed,study, bathroom, bedroom, living room, kitchen, phone, bed, sofa, shelf, fridge, table, it‘s=it is, hey, fish, isn‘t=is not, they, aren‘t=are not, they‘re=they are, key, look, please, on, no, here

2. Sentences:

(1) Where is ………? Is it / Are they in the study/bathroom/ bedroom…….?

(2) Is she in the study/bathroom/ bedroom…….?

(3) I like my study/bathroom/ bedroom…….

(4) Your living room is nice.

(5) This is my study/bathroom/ bedroom……

(6) What can you see in my room?

(6) Is this your study/bathroom/ bedroom……

3. Chant:

(1) Go to the living room. Watch TV.

Go to the kitchen. Have a snack.

Go to the study. Read a book.

Go to the bathroom. Take a shower.

Go to the bedroom. Have a sleep.

(2) Mom‘s in the living room.

Dad is too.

I‘m in the bedroom.

Where are you?

Brother is in the kitchen.

Sister is too.

I‘m in the bedroom.

Where are you?

(3) Sit on the sofa. Make the bed. Watch TV.

Answer the phone. Open the fridge. Set the table.


(1) A: Is this your bedroom?

B: Yes, it is.

A: It‘s very nice.

B: I have a cat.

A: Where is she? Is she in the living room?

B: No, she isn‘t.

A: Is she in the study?

B: No, she isn‘t.

A: Look! She‘s here! She‘s in the kitchen.

(2) Mother : Open the door please.

John: OK.

Mom: Where are the keys?

John: Are they on the table?

Mom: No, they aren't. Ate they near the phone?

John: No, they aren't.

John: Look! They are in the door.

5.Story time:

Grandpa: Do you see my glasses?

Father : No,. Are they on the fridge?

Grandpa: Those are not my glasses.

Father: Look! My glasses are on the table.

Grandpa: But where are my glasses?

Father: Look1 Your glasses are on the shelf.

Grandpa: Thank you.

Father: Oh, i'm Dizzy.

Grandpa: Me too. Let's change our glasses.

Father: I can see now.

Grandpa: Me too.

5.Song: My bedroom


1. 把下列单词改成小写

DOOR__________ DESK___________ BED_________ SHELF____________ SOFA______________ PHONE___________ CHAIR________________ TABLE___________


(1)________ they on the table?

A is B Are C Am

(2) _______it in the kitchen?

A Is B Are C Am

(3) ________she in the study?

A Is B is C are

(4) What ________ you see in my room?

A can B is C are

(5) Where _________the keys?

A is B are C am

3.从B 栏中给A 栏选择正确翻译

( ) 1. make the bed A 坐在沙发上

( ) 2.answer the phone B 摆桌子

( ) 3.Open the door C 接电话

( ) 4. sit on the sofa D 铺床

( )5. set the table E 开门


1. my is home this

2. is the cat where

3. kitchen is she in

4. my I like bedroom

Unit five What would you like?

1. Words:

rice, beef, bread, milk, egg, water, fish, chicken,noodle(s), vegetable, soup, knife, chopsticks, spoon, plate, fork Have, dinner, wait, I‘d like=I would like, help, pass, ready, try, food,Show, yummy, hungry, for, thank you, use

2. Sentences:

(1) What would you like? I‘d like some vegetables.

(2) How much? Five yuan.

(3) Help yourself.

(4) I can use chopsticks now. Let me show you.

(5) Can I have some noodles, please? Sure. Here you are.

(6) What‘s for dinner? Wait and see.

(7) Can I help? Yes. Pass me a plate, please.

3. Chant:

(1) Give me a spoon.

Pass me a fork.

Wash the plates.

Use the chopsticks.

Cut with the knife.

(2) Pass me the fork.

Pass me the knife.

Pass me rice and noodles, too.

Pass me the plate.

Pass me the spoon.

Pass me fish and vegetables, to


(1) A: Dad, I‘m hungry. What‘s for dinner?

B: What would you like for dinner?

A: I‘d like some rice and soup. Can I help?

B: Yes. Pass me a plate, please.

A: Here you are.

B: Thanks. Everything‘s ready.

(2) A: I can use chopsticks. Let me show you.

B: Let me try.

A: Can I have some vegetables, please?

B: Sure. Help yourself.、

(3)Wu Yifan: Dinner‘s ready! Your forks and knives.

John: I can usechopstick.

Mike: Letme try.

Mother: Helpyourself.

WuYifan: Letme show you.

Mike: Oops,sorry.

John: Mm……Yummy.I like Chinese food.

Mike: Me too.

John:we have a good time.

Mike: Thank you.

Mother: Good night.

Wu Yifan:See you tomorrow .

6.Story time:

Cat: Hello. What would you like forlunch?

Zip: I‘d like some rice and fish, please.

Cat: Yuour riceand fish.

Zip: Now I‘d like noodles and bee, please.

Cat: Your noodles and beef.

Zip: Thank you.

Cat: Anything else?

Zip: Some soup and vegetables,please.

Cat: your soup and vegetables.here is your bill.

(The bird takes the bill way.)

Cat: You…..!!!

7.Song: Whatwould youlike?



Br_______d (面包) m_________k牛奶 s________p \ W__________er水 r___i___米饭 f________sh鱼

2. 选择正确答案,并把代号填入括号里

( ) 1. what would you like for dinner?

A I‘‘d like soemfish. B Thank you C Sure, here you sre.

( ) 2. Can I have some rice,please?

A Yes, you can B Thank you C Sure, here you are

( ) 3. Where are the cakes?

A Yes, they are B No,, they are not C They are on the t6able.

( ) 4. What can you see in the fridge?

A Yes, I can B I can see fish and hotdogs. C No, I can‘t.

( ) 5. Mom. Can I help you?

A Yes, please B I‘m hungry C wait and see

3. 将下列句子与翻译连线

一切都准备好了 What would you like?

你要点什么? Here you are

给你 pass me some milk

递给我一些牛奶 I‘m hungry

我饿了 Everythinbg is ready.

4. 连词成句

(1) I some can noodles have \

(2) is everything ready

(3) would you what like

(4) me a give spoon

Unit six Meet my family

1. Words:

sister, brother, father, mother, driver, doctor, farmer, nurse, family, parents, uncle, aunt, baby, baseball player People, member, only, puppy, gee, look, young, come, who

2. Sentences:

(1) How many people are there in your family? My family have seven members.

(2) Who are they?

(3) What‘s your father? My father is a farmer.

(4) Come and meet my family! This is my father. He is strong…………

(5) Who is that woman? He looks strong.

(6) Is this your aunt? She looks young.

(7) What are you going to be? I am going to be a…………

3. Chant:

(1) What‘s your father? What‘s your father?

He‘s a doctor. He‘s a doctor.

He‘s a great doctor.

What‘s your mother? What‘s your mother?

She‘s a teacher. She‘s a teacher.

She‘s a super teacher.

(2) Come and meet my family, uncle, aunt, father, mother.

Come and meet my family, grandpa, grandma, sister, brother.

My father is a doctor. My mother is a singer.

My grandpa is a farmer. My grandma is a teacher.

My aunt is a nurse. My uncle is a driver.

My sister is a student. My brother is a baseball player.


(1)A: How many people are there in your family?

B: My family has seven members.

A: Who are they?

B: My parents, my brother, my sister, my baby brother and I.

(2)A: Who‘s that man? He looks strong.

B: He is my uncle. He is a baseball player.

A: Is that your aunt?

B: Yes, she is. She‘s a nurse. She likes music.

A: Look! They are my grandpa and grandma.

B: They look young. Are they farmers?

A: Yes, you‘re right.

6. Story Time

Zip: Hi,friends! Welcome to my home.

Rabbit: Look at those photos.

Zip:They are my family photos.My father is a teacher. My mother is a nurse. Rabbit: Great.

Zip: This is my uncle. He is a driver.

Rabbit: He is so strong.

Zip: This is my grandpa.

Cat: Is he a teacher?>

Zip: Yes.

Rabbit: Look! A baseballplayer! Who is that?

Zip: Ha! Ha! It‘s me!\

7.song: my fther is a teacher


1. 完成下列单词

F___ther m________ther br_____ther

D___ct _____r f_______rme_______ n_____se

2. 完成下列对话

A:Who _______this man?

B:He________my uncle.

A:_______he a driver?

B: Yes,_____ _________

A : __________ this your aunt?

B: Yes, she ________]

A : What ________she ?

\B: ______ ______a nurse.


What‘s a doctor

He is Bill‘s aunt

That‘s your father?

How many she is

Yes people


(1) 他们是谁?

A Who are they? B What are they?

(2) 来见见我的家人

A look! This is my family. B Come and meet my family

(3) 我家有7个成员

A My family has seven members. B We have seven members.

(4) 你父亲是医生吗?

A Is your father a doctor? B My dfather isa doctor.

(5) 他们看上去很年青。

A They look strong. B They look young.

Recycle Two\

1.Read and act

Chen jie: Merry chrismas!

Mike: Merry chrismas! Look! This is the living room.

John: Wow! How beautiful!

Chen Jie: Wow! So many gifts!

Wu Yifan: How many gifts are there?

Mike: There are37!

Chen Jie: Is this your father?

Father: Merry Chrismas!

Mike: Yes. He is Father Chrismas now.

Wu Yifan: Cool!

Mike: Come and meet my family!

Wu Yifan: Where are they?

Father: They arein the kitchen.

Mike: This is my mother. She is a singer.

Grandpaand garandma: Merry Chrismas!

Chen Jie: Nice to meet you.

Mother: Welcome.

Father: Here is the turkey! What would you like?

Mother:I‘d like some potatoes.

Grandpa:: I‘d like some beef.

Father: Merry Chrisnmas everyone!

Grandma: Merry Chrismas.

2. Song : A merry Chrismas


Unit One Our School (Section A)

1. Words and phrases

Playground(操场)、garden(花园)、library(图书馆)、teacher‘s office(教师办公室)、canteen(餐厅)、computer(计算机)、board(黑板)、fans(电风扇)、lights(日光灯)

2. Sentences

Where is the canteen?

It is on the floor.

3. Dialogues

Chen: Welcome to our school! This is the teacher’s office. That is my classroom.

A: How many students are there in your calss?

Chen: Forty-five.

B: Do you have a library?

Chen: Yes.

A: Do you have lunch at school?

Chen: Yes. The canteen is on the first floor. This way please. Look! This is our playground. Visitors: OH, your school is beautiful.

4. let’s do

Go to the garden. Water the flowers.

Go to the library. Read a story book.

Go to the canteen. Eatsome noodles.

Goto the teacher’s office. HAND IN THE HOMEWORK.

Go to the playground. Playfotball.



T__cher's b__rd c_____mp___t_______r

L______t cant____n


1. Where is the canteen? -----_______________

A This is the teacher B Yes, it is C It's in front of the classroom

2. Do have lunch at school? ---_______________

A The banana is yellow B Yes, the canteen is on the second floor

C No, he is my mom

3. ----_____ boys are there in your classroom?

------- Sixteen.

A How many B How much C when

4. Is that a pencil?-----____________

A No, it is B Yes, it is C Yes, it isn't

三、 连线

Let's water the tree Yes ,it is

Where is the teacher's office? Good idea

Is this the music room? It's in front of the classroom

Unit One Section B

1. Words and phrases

art room(绘画室)、computer room(电脑室)、 washroom(洗浴室)、music room(音乐教室)、gym(健身房)、TV room(电视机房)、wall(墙壁)、floor(地板)、picture(图片)、teacher‘s desk(教师办公桌)

2. Sentences

Where is the art room?

It is on the second floor.

3. Dialogues

Wu: look, this is my school.

Mike: Great! Is this the library?

Wu: yes. It is.

Mike: Is that the art room?

Wu: No, it is not. It is the music room. The art room is on the first floor.

Mike: Is that the TV room?

Wu: No, it is not. It is the computer room.

Mike: Wow! Your school is cool!

Wu: thank you.

4. Phonics

a/ei/ cake snake grapes face

/ / apple bag cat hat

5. Let’s chant

School days , school days . What a lotoffun!

Read in the library. Draw in the art room.

Eatin the canteen. Play in the gym.

Schol days, schooldays. What a lot of fun!

6. Story time

Principle: welcome to our school. This way,please.

Zip and Zoom: How beautiful!

Principle: This is the library.there are manybooks here.

Zip: I like storybooks.

Zoom: Oh! I’m hungry.

Monkey: Is that the music room?

Principle:Yes, it is.

Zip: Is this the computer?

Princle: No, it’s not the computer room. It’s the teacher’s office.

Principle: THIS IS THE GYM.

Rabbit: It’s big.

Zoom: Is that the canteen?

Principle: Yes,it is. It’s time for linch.

Rabbit: Where is Zoom?

Zip: Zom? I know!

Zoom: I’m full.


This our classroom. It's big. You can see a _______(图片), two _________(黑板), five _______(灯)and many chairs in the classroom. We study in the classroom. I like my classroom.


My name is Mary. Welcome to our school. This is the canteen. We have lunch at 12 o'clock. This is the library. There are many pictures and stories books. I like reading books. This is our classroom. There is a computer and a TV in our classroom. This is the computer room. Where is the music room? It's on the second floor. Is that the teacher's office? Yes, it is.

1. Does Amy have dinner at school?

2. How many pictures and books in the classroom?

3. What's in the classroom?

4. Where is the music room?

Unit Two What time is it ?(Section A )

1. Words and phrases

English class、music class 、dinner 、breakfast 、P.E class

2. Sentences

What time is it?

It’s nine ten.

3. Dialogues

John: School is over. Let us go to the playground.

Wu : OK. Let us go home, John.

John: what time is it now?

Wu: It is 5:00.

John: Just a minute.

Guard: Good home, kids.

John : What time is it ?

Guard: it is 6:00. IT is time for dinner.

John& Wu : Oh! Let us run!


e/e/ we me he she egg bed desk pen

5. let’s do

Time for breakfast. Drink some milk.

Time for lunch. Have some chucken.

Time for dinner. Eat some rice.

Time for PE. Junp and run.

Time for English. Read and write.

Time for music.Sing and dance.


Reeth__________ vesen________ fvie__________

Egiht__________ inne_________


( ) 1. It's ______. It's time for lunch.

A 8:00 B 9:00 C 12:00

( ) 2. -----___________ is it?

----It's 12:00.

A When B W hat time C How many

( ) 3. Wake up1 It's time to _________

A have lunch B have dinner C get up


1. Class is over. Let;'s go home.

2. What time is it?

3. Lunch is ready. I have some chicken and tomatoes.

4. This is the playground. It's big.

Unit Two What time is it ?(Section B)

1. Words and phrases

get up、go to school 、go home 、go to bed,Bejing, Lindon, New Work, Sydney

2. Sentences

Ito is 7:05. It is time to go to school.

3. Dialogues

Mike : Oh! It is 6:00. It is time to get up.

MOM : Breakfast is ready. Hurry. It is 7:05. It is time to go to school! Mike : Oops.

Teacher : What time is it ?

Students : It is 8 o’ clock. It is time for English.

Mike : I am ready!

4. Chant

One, two, three, four Wendy’s at the calssroom door.

Five six seven eight. Eating noodles from the plate.

Nine ten eleven, twelve. Tick ,tock, tick, tock.

Wendy’s sleeping beside her clock.

5. Story time

Zip: Wake up., Zoom. It’s time to get up.

Zoom : Mmm. I WANT TO SLEEP.

Zip: It’s time to get up now.

Zip: Look! Whattime is it?

Zoom: It’s eighto’clock. Oh! Dear!

Zip: wait! Wait! Zoom look at that clock.

Zoom: It’s seven o’c lock,naughtyZip!

Zip: April Fool!

6. Song: It’s twelve o’clock

一、 选择填空

( ) 1. ______ this a library?

A Do B iS c Are

( ) 2. Our classroom is ____ the second floor.

A in B ON c near

( ) 3. It's 2:00. It's time _____ PE classroom.

A on B to C FOR

( ) 4. Whose is the shirt? ---_________

A My friend's B My dad C Your coat

二、 根据提示完成短文

It's _________(七点) o'clock. I put on my red______(衬衣)。school. At _________ (10:00), I have _________(英语课).

三、 按要求完成句子

1. Is that a canteen?(肯定、否定回答)

2. 就划线部分提问)

3. 就划线部分提问)

4. The skirt is white. (将下列句子变成一般疑问句)

After__________(早餐)。I go to

Unit Three Is this your skirt?(Section A)

1. Words and phrases

Brown jacket, white sweater, green skirt, red shirt, yellow T-shirt

2. Sentences

I like the white sweater with the green skirt.

I like the blue dress.

3. Dialogues

Alice: Where is my skirt?

Mike: What colour is is?

Alice: Blue.

Mike: Is this your skirt, Alice?

Alice: Yes, it is. Thank you.

DAD: Where is my T-shirt?

Mike: Is that your T-shirt, Dad?

Dad: No, it’s not.

Mike: Whose is it?

Mom: It’s my T-shirt.

Mike: Whose is this?

Mom: Oh! It’s your baby brither’s!

4. Pronunciation

i/ai/ bike rice kite ice-cream

/i/ milk fish pig window

5. Lte’s do

Put on your T-shirt. Hang up your skirt.

Take off your jacket. Fold your dress.

Wash your shirt. Put away your sweater.

一、 选词填空

( green red white jacket shirt dress pants)

Where is my_________(衬衣)? And where are my ________( 外衣)的) skirt. My shoes are on the shelf.

二、 选词填空

( ) 1. Those ________ white socks.

A are B IS c am

( ) 2. _________is it? ---It's green.

A What time C What colour C WHOSE

( ) 3. Is this your_________?

A shoes B dress C Socks

( ) 4. Is this your coat? ----____________

A No, it's not B YES, it is C No, they are not.

三、 连线

Are these your shorts? It's on the bed.

Is this your jacket? It's red.

and ________( 白色

Whose sweater is that? No they are not.

Where is my shirt? It's mine.

What colour is it? Yes, it is.

Unit Three Is this your skirt?(Section B)

1. words and phrases

jeans, shorts, pants, socks, shoes

2. Sentences

Where are my socks?

What colour?


3. Dialogues

Mom: Look at these, John?

John: What are they?

Mom: These are your baby pants.

John: Wow! They are so small. And those are my shoes?

Mom: Yes.

John: But what for?

Mom: Our neighbour has a new baby!

4. Chant:

My shirtis red. My jacket is blue.

My dress is odl. Mysweater is new.

My socks arewhite. My shoes aretoo.

Mypants areold. Myshorts arenew.

5. Song: Myclothes

6. Stiry time:

Son: Dad, can I use your T-shirt?

Dad: Certainlyt! But wahtfor?

Son: We have a costume show.

Mom: really?

Son: Firs, tie the sleeves. Then, cut two small holes for my eyes, and cut two big holes for my arms.

Son: Now letme draw something on ot. How do I look?

Dad: Wow! You will be the star.

Mom: Youlookgreat!

Recycle One

1. Read and act

Sarah: Wehave a sgow today.

Wendy: What show?

Amy: A fashion show.

Wendy : What time?

Amy: At four o’clock.

Wendy: On the palyground?

Sarah: No, in the gym.

Wendy: Let’s go!

Amy: It’s too easy now.

Wendy: What time is it?

Sarah: It’s only three o’clock.

Wendy: Ok.Seeyou later.

Wendy: What’s in your schoolbag?

John&Sarah: It’s serect!

Chgen&Zhang: Just wait and see.

Mike: Look at my T-shirt.

John& Wendy: Oh! It’s newspaper.

Students: Great!

John: This is my vest.

Amy: Cool! They are shoe boxes!

Mike: Wonderful!

Chen: This is my dress. It’s paper

Sarah: It looks like a fish. It’s very pretty!

Students: it’s your turn now.

Zhang: Oh. I have a ballon hat.

Mike: What? Ballon?

Zhang: Look! Oh! Myhat!

2. Song:What tiome is it?

一、 翻译下列句子

1. 一条蓝色的裙子

2. 一条白色的裤子

3. 红色的鞋子

4. 这是你的夹克衫吗?

二、 判断对错

Jack's father is mad. His room is ina mess. He always says:" Clean yur room!" Jack puts his toys under his bed. Jack puts his white T-shirt and blue coat under his bed. Jack puts his shoes and socks under his bed. Jack puts his books on his table. He says: " My room is clean now."\

( ) 1. Jack cleans his room.

( ) 2. Jack has a blue coat.

( ) 3. Bob puts his shoes and socks under the bed,

( ) 4. Jack's father is angry.

Unit Four It’s warm today(Section A)

1. Words and phrases

Weather, warm, cold, cool, hot

2. Sentences

Good morning. This is the weather report. It’s cool in Lhasa.

3. Dialogues

Mike: Mom, can I wear my new shirt today?

Mom: No, you can’t, It’s cold.

Mike: Mom, can I wear my new

Mom: No, you can’t. It’s cold today.

Mom: It’s warm today. You can wear your new shirt,

Mike: It’s hot today. Can I wear my T-shirt?

Mom: Yes, you can.

4. Pronunciation

o/ou/ hole home nose rose

/o/ box fox orange lock

5. Chant:

Mm! It’s warm today! Take off your jacket!

Phew! It’s hot atoday! Put on your T-shirt!

Ooooh! It’s cool today! Put on your sweater!

Brr! It’s cold today! Put on your coat!


Weather( ) close( ) sunny( ) hot( Today( ) warm( ) snowy( ) put on(


( ) 1. What's the matter John? --____________

A I feel sad B No C This is my friend

( ) 2. What's the weather like today? ---____________

A It's sunny day B It's white B It's big

( ) 3. It's warm today. I can ___________

A wear my shirt B close the window C take my coat

( ) 4. It's sunny_______ Bejing.

A on B at C in

三、 连线

What's the weather like today? It's sunny

Is it hot in kunming? Yes, they are. What colour is the shirt? No, it isn't.

Can i wear the new jeans? Yes,, you can. Are these your shoes? It's purple.

Unit Four It’s warm today(Section B)

1. words and phrases

rainy, snowy, windy, sunny, cloudy

2. Sentences

Here is the world weather. It is rainy in London.

3. Dialogues

Amy: Hello.

Edward: Hi, Amy. What are you doing?

Amy: Not much.

) )

Edward: What is the weather like in Beijing?

Amy: It’s rainy today. How about New York?

Edward: It’s sunny.

Amy: Oh, no! My pictures!

Edward: What is the matter, Amy?

Amy: It’s windy now. I have to close the window.

Edward: Ok. Bye.

4.Let’s do

It’s RAINNY. Open up your umbrella.

It’s windy. Hold on to your hat.

It’s sunny. Put on your sunglasses.

It’s snowy. Put on your boots.

It’s cloudy. Take your raincoat.

5.song: Thunder

6. Story time:

Zip: Hell.

Zoom: Zip, what’s the amtter with you?

Zip: I have a cold. It’s cold here. What’s the weather like in Beijing?

Zoom: It’s sunny and warm. I will go to Dalinato see yu.

Zoom: Oh, it will be warm tomorrow in DALIAN.

Zoom: Ah-Choo! It’s cold her.

Zip: Hi! Zoom. You look terebbile.

Zoom: I got acold tooo.

Zip&Zoom: Ah—chooo! Bless you!

一、 根据提示完成短文

Weather cold raincoat hot cloudy cool snowy warm sunny rainy

This is the weather roport. It’s _______(多云的) and cold in KunmIng. You must wear a coat. It’s ____(下雨) i你Bejing. You must take your umbrella.. it’s _______(晴天) in Hong Kong., you muat wear sunglasses. It’s ____(下雪) inSydney. I


Today is Sunday. The weather reports says: It’s snowy today. It’s cold. John puts on his new coat and boots. He goes to the garden. The whole land is white. It’s very beautiful. John and his father make a snowman. Look, the snowman has a red nose. His eyes are big. He wears a black hat. It’s funny. John like shim very much. He is happy.

1. What day is it today?

2. How is the weather like today?

3. What colour is the land?

4. What are John and his father do?

4. What colour is the Snowman’s nose?

Unit Five How much is it?(Section A)

1. Words and phrases

Colourful, pretty, cheap, expencive

2. Sentences

Look at that dress. It’s pretty.

Yes, it is.

3. Dialogues

Mom: Amy, look at that dress. It’s colourful.

Amy: Yes, it is. It’s very pretty.

Assistant: Can I help you?

Mom: Yes. How much is this dress?

Mom: Oh, that’s expensive.

Amy: I like it, Mom.

Mom: Sorry, Amy. It’s too expensive.

4. Pronunciation

u/ / student cute music tube

/ / bus umbrella toothbrush cup

5. chant:

How much is tahtcoluor dress?

Very expensive, very expensive.

How muchis that prettyskirt?

Very expensive, very expensive.

How muchis this yellow shirt?

Very cheap, very cheap.

Good! I want this shirt.

一、 选择填空

( ) 1. --________? --- It’s 30 yuan.

A What colour is is? B How much is it? C How many is it?

( ) 2. Can I help you? --- Yes, _______

A a pair of shoes B Help yourself C have a good time

( ) 3. The coat is colouful. And It’s only 4 yuan. It’s _______

A dear B expensive C cheap

( ) 4. These ________are nice. I will take them.

A shoes B coat C dress

( ) 5. This ________is cool.

A jacket B noses C BOOTS

二、 搭配下列句子

Can I have some cakes? Yes, I want that pants. How much is the sweater? They are 20 yuan. Can I help you? Sure, here you rae. How much are those shoes? It’s 7 yuan.

How old is your sister? She is five years old.

二、 阅读对话,判断对错

A: Can I help you?

C: Yes, I want a pair of boots.

A : What colour do you like?

C: I like red.

A : What size is it?

C: Size four.

A : How about this one?

C: They are nice. How much are they? A: They are 40 yuan.

C: Ok. I will take them.

A: Thank you!

C: Byebye.

( ) 1. Chen jie wants to buy a pair of shoes.

( ) 2. Chen jie like red.

( ) 3. Chen jie likes the boots very much.

( ) 4. ChenJie is at home.

Unit Five How much is it?(Section B)

1. words and phrases

boots, slippers, sandals, sneakers

2. Sentences

Can I help you?

Yes. I want a pair of sneakers.

3. Dialogues

Assistant: Can I help you?

Mom: Yes, please. A pair of sneakers for my son. Assistant: What size?

Mom: Size five.

Assistant: How about this pair?

Mom : Are they nice, john?

John: Yes, Mom. I like them.

Mom: Are they all right?

John: Yes, they are.

Mom: How much are they?

Assistant: They are thirty-five yuan.

Mom: Ok, we will take them.

4. Let’s do

Put onyour sneakers. Run in the park.

Put on your sandales. Wiggle your toes. Put onyour boots. Splashin the puddles. Putonyour slippers. Dance in your room.

5. Song: The coatin the window

6. Story time:

Boss: Zoom, do a good job.

Zoom: Noproblem.

Zoom:Can I help you?.

LADY: Yes. I want to se that skirt. It’s pretty, isn’t it?

Zoom: Yes,it’s colourful, too.

Lady: It’s sixteen, right? I’ll take it.


Lady: Then how much is it?

Zoom: It’s ninety-one. Sorry , Miss. I made a mistake.

Boss: Zoom, you are fired.

Zoom: But,….

一、 选择填空

( ) 1. What _______those? --- They are boots.

A are B IS c am

( ) 2. ______ people are there in your family? ----Three

A How old B How much C How far

( ) 3. Are____ minkeys? ---Yes, they are.


( ) 4. Are they ________? ---No, they are sheep.

A cat B mouse C goat

( ) 5. How _______ are there on the farm? --- Fourteen.

A hens B cow C PIG

二、 据提示完成短文

Yhis is the farm. I can see two (小狗)________. And there are five (奶牛) ______ under the tree. And here are five (鸭子)_______ in the lake. And over there, there are ten(猪)________ in the house.

三、 将下列单词填入空格

Goats farm big how many these

A: This is my _______

B: What are_______?

A: They are cucumbers.

B: Are they horses?

A: No, they aren’t. they are _______

B: ________ cow s do you have?

A: Two hundreds.

B: Your farm is ________

Unit six At a farm(Section A)

1. Words and phrase

Sheep, horse, hen, goat, lamb

2. Sentences

What are they?

They are goats.

3. Dialogues

Mike: OH, this farm is so big, Are they sheep?

Farmer: No, they are not. They are goats.

Sarah: Are they horses?

Farmer: No, they are not. They are donkeys.

Mike: Look at the hens. They are fat.

Farmer: Yes, they are.

John: How many cows do you have?

Farmer: one hundred.

John: Wow!

4. Pronunciation

a/ei/ / /

cake hat

e/i/ / e /

me bed

i/ai/ /i/

kite milk

o/ / /o/

nose box

u/ / / /

student bus

5. Let’s do

Feed the hens. Ride a horse.

Milk a cow. Sheara sheep. Hold a lamb.

一. 根据单词写出单词。

1. A: ________ ________ ( 多少 ) cows do you have ?

B: I have ________ . ( 20 只 )

2. _________( 什么 ) are they ? They are _________ .( 绵羊 )

3. I see five _________ ( 猫 ), eight ________ ( 狗 ), ten ________ ( 猪 ), seven ________ ( 鸭子 )

and three _________ .( 兔子 )

4.A: How many __________ () are there ?

B: ______________ . ( 12 只)

5 . Are these ______________ ? (西红柿)

Yes, ________ _________. No , ________ _________.

二. 根据问题,写出答句。

1. How many goats are there ? (十五只)


2.What are those ? ( 黄瓜 )

3.Are those potatoes ? (否定回答)

4.What do you see in the picture ? ( 3 只鸭子, 4只兔子)

___________________________________________________________5. What are they ? (母鸡)

三、阅读对话,判断句子与对话内容是否相符,相符的打勾(√),不相符的打叉(×)。 Dear Granny,

Thank you for the new sandals. They are cool! It is hot in Hangzhou. It’s sunny too. I can wear my sandals. I have a sweater. My old sweater is too small. I want to buy a T-shirt. It is thirty yuan. I think it is cheap. What is the weather like in Harbin? Is it hot?



1.It is cold in Hangzhou. ( )

2.Sarah has a new sweater. ( )

3.The T-shirt is cheap. ( )

4.Sarah wants to buy a pair of sandals. ( )

5.It is hot in Harbin. ( )

Unit six At a farm(Section B)

1. Words and phrases

Tomato, cucumber, potato, onion, carrot

2. Sentences

Look at the cucumbers. They are fresh!

Yes, and the potatoes are big.

3. Dialogues

Sarah: Are these tomatoes?

Farmer: Yes, they are.

Mike: What are these?

Farmer: They are carrots.

John: LOOK! Are they potatoes?

Farmer: No, they are not.

Mike: What are these?

Farmer: They are onions.

John: Are these cucumbers?

Farmer: Yes, they are.

4. Chant:

I liketomatoes. I like tomatoes. Juice and red.

I like potatoes. I like potatoes. Tasty and brown.

I like carrots. I likecarrots. Yummyand orange.

I like cucumbers. I like cucumbers. Tender and green.

I don’ t like onions. I don’t like onions. Smellyand white.

5.Read and act

Miss White: Let’s have a picnic tomorrow.

Students: Yeah!

Miss White: Tomorrow will be warm and sunny.

Students: Hurray!

Sarah: What do you want to bring?

Chen: I wantto make a salad.

Amy:Me too..

Chen: Let’s go shopping.

Sarah: Let’s go.

Assisstant: Can I help you?

Sarah: Yes, I wantone onion and two carrots.

Chen: Four cucumbersa and four tomatoes.

Amy: I wantone apple , two oranges, two bananas and three pears. How much are they? Assistant: That’s eihtyuan.

Miss White: Look, I have some fruit.

Amy:Me too.

John: I have chicken and beef.

Mike: I have bread and cakes.

Zhang: I have cookies and drinkes. What do you have?

Sarah: Guess.

Wu: Hot dogs?

Sarah: No.

Zhang: Hamburgers?

Sarah: No. I have salad.

Wu: Great! I like salad.

Zhang: Look at the cows. Thay want to sharethe food, too.

Sarah: Yes. They are hungry.

Miss White: It’s windy now.

5. Song: Animals on the bus

一、 选择填空

( ) 1. How many ______can you see?

A apple B cats C PIG

( ) 2. How much is the skirt? --__________

A It’s 20 yuan B They are 5 yuan C They are yellow

( ) 3. I LIKE SPRINNG. It’s ________

A hot B warm C COLD d cool

( ) 4. What kind of fruit do you like?--________

A I like pig B I like apple C I like dress


1. I like pears. I don’t like grapes.

2. It’s sunny today.

3. Mom, can I wear my jeans?

4. Those pants are cheap.

四、 阅读短文

It’s six o ‘clock. It’s time to go home. I am in a bus on a sunny day, and an old woman with a dog gets on the bus. It is a samll dog and its feet are not clean.

I don’t want the dog to sit near me. But the olkd woamn says to the conductor that she

will pay for the dog. Can she sit here like the other people?

The conductor looks at the old woman says: “Yes, but he must not put his feet on the


1. How is the weather like today?

2. What’s the dog like?

3. How does the writer go home?

4. can the dog sit like the other people?

Pep 五年级上 Unit one: My new teacher (Section A and section B)

1. Words:

young 年轻的, funny 滑稽可笑的, tall 高的, strong强壮的, kind和蔼的, old 老的, short矮的, thin 瘦的, who’s=who is, Mr先生, what’s=what is, like喜欢, he’s=he is, strict严格的, smart聪明的, active积极的, quiet安静的, she’s= she is, very很,非常, but 但是, from 从,来自, Canada 加拿大, know 知道, principal 校长, university student 大学生, Miss 小姐;夫人;女士, so much 很;非常, fun 有趣,

2. Sentences:

(1) Do you have a new teacher? Yes. We have a new math teacher.

(2) What‘s he/she like? He/She is tall/short/strong……….

(3) Who‘s your art teacher? Mr Hu.

(4) Is she/he young/old…………? No, she‘s old.

(5) Who is that young lady? She is our principal.

(6) That is our new science teacher.

(7) I‘m your new music teacher.

3. Phonics:

(1) ea: /I:/ peach, tea, seat, jeans

(2) ee:/I:/ beef, sheep, queen, sleep

(3) bl:/bl/ blue, black, block, blow

(4)br:/br/ bread, brown, library,break

A sheep eats beef and drinks green tea. Eat your meat and your peach!

A black bird eats black bread.

4. Chant:

(1) My math teacher is very smart. (2) Who is your teacher?

My English teacher has a kind heart. Mrs Heart.

My P.E teacher is very strong. Is she kind?

My music teacher sings nice song. Yes! And she is smart.

They help us learn. They help us play. Who is your teacher?

When school is over, I want to play. Mr Rice. Is she strict? Yes, but he is nice.

5. Dialogues:

(1) A: Who’s your math teacher?

B: Mr Zhao. He is from Canada.

A: What’s he like

B: He’s thin and short. He’s very kind.

(2) A: Who’s that young lady?

B: She’s our principal.

A: Is she quiet?

B: No, she isn’t. She is very active.

A: Is she strict?

B: Yes, she is, but she’s very kind.

6.Read and write

(!)zhang : I have three new teachers.

Tim: Who are they?

Zhang: A science teacher, an art teacher and an English teacher.

Tim: Who is your English teacher?

Zhang: Mr Carter. He is from Canada.

Tim: What’s he like?

Zhang: He is tall and strong. He is very funny.

Tim: I know. He is my father.

Zhang: Really?

(3) Jim: I have a new math teacher. her calss is so muchfun.

John: Really? What’s she like?

Jim: She is younng and pretty. She is a university student.

John: Is she quiet?

Jim: No, she isn’t .she is very active.

John: Is she strict?

Jim: Yes, she is, but she is very kind.

John: Cool!

6. Song: My new Teacher

7. Story Time:

Zip: We have a new PE teacher!

Zebra: Really? What’s he like?

Monkey: Is he tall and strong?

Zip: I don’ t know. He was a football player.

Dog: He is tall and strong. That ‘s for sure.

Zip: Shoot!

Zoom: Ah! I missed it!

Rabbit: Can I join you?

Zoom: You arethin and short.? Can yuou play football?

Rabbit: Let me try.

(Rabbit scores ten points)

Rabbit: Ten to three! We won!

Zip: You aregreat!

Dog: Our new PE teacher is a fotballplayer,too. He is tall and strong.

Rabbit: I’m your new PE teacher.

Animals: Ah?!

1. 填入空缺单词

S_____art(聪明的) act____ve(积极的) you______g(年轻的)

St______ict(严肃的) prin______ipal(校长) str_______ng(强壮的)

Qu___et (安静的) tea______her(老师) pr______tty(美丽的)

2. 按要求完成下题

Young(反义词)________ tall (反义词)_______ thin (反义词)__________

What is (缩写)_________ who is (缩略形式)________ beautiful (同义词)___________ Girl (对应词)____________ kind(反义词)______________


What who where when how

(!)________ is that man? ---- He is our teacher.

(2) __________ is the bookstore? ----- It‘s near the bus stop

(3) _________ do you go to school? ----I go to school on foot.

4. 选择相应的译文

( ) 1. Do you have a new teachers?

A 你是老师吗? B 你有新老师吗? C 你是新老师吗?

( ) 2. She is tall and pretty.

A 她很高 B 她很高很漂亮 C 她很瘦

( ) 3. Our English teacher is very smart.

A 我们数学老师很聪明 B我们英语老师很漂亮 C 我们英语老师很聪明。

5. l连线

Kind 强壮的

Strong 数学

Math 和蔼的

Music 聪明的e

Smart 艺术

Art 音乐

Unit two My days of the week

1. Words:

Monday(Mon), Tuesday(Tue), Wednesday(Wed), Thursday(Thu), Friday(Fri), Saturday(Sat), Sunday(Sun), day,

have, on, do homework, watch TV, too read books, What about……..?Moral Education, Social Studies, tomorrow, often, love, do house work, yeah,

Play computer games, wait,

2. Sentences:

(1) What do we have on Mondays? We have English, math and P.E……..

(2) What day is it today? It‘s Monday.

(3) What day is tomorrow? Tomorrow is ……..

(4) What do you do on Saturdays? I watch TV, do my homework and read books.

(5)What classes do you like? I like……….

(6) Which day do like? I like …………….

3. Chant:

(1) Monday, Monday, math on Monday.

Tuesday, Tuesday, art on Tuesday

Wednesday, Wednesday, computer on Wednesday.

Thursday, Thursday, P.E on Thursday.

Friday, Friday, my favourite day.

(2) Saturday, Saturday

What do you do on Saturdays ?

I often paint or watch TV.

Sunday, Sunday

What do you do on Sundays?

I read books or play computer games.

Sunday is sweet for me.

4. Phonics:

(1) ow: how, town, brown, now (5) Chant: A brown cow has a crown.

(2) ou: our, mouth, mountain, house Our loud mouse has a big mouth.

(3) cl: clock, class, clean, close Clean crows cry, clean clothes dry.

(4) cr: cry, cream, crow, crop

5. Dailogues

(1) A: What day is it today?

B: It‘s Wednesday.

A: What do we have on Tuesday?

B:We have English, math and science on Tuesday.

(2) A: What do you do on Saturdays?

B: I watch TV on Saturdays

A: What about you?

B: I do my home work.

6. Read and write

(!) Mike: What day is it today?

Mom: It‘s Wednesday.

Mike: Hmm…We have Chinese ,art and math on Wednesday.

Mom: Wait! To morrow is Thursady. What do you have on Thursdays? Mike: Oops! We have English , math and science on Thursdays.

(2)Aunt: It‘s 8:00 It‘s time to get up.

Zoom: What day is it today,Aunt Cathy?

Aunt: It‘s Saturday. What do you do on on Saturdays?

Zoom: I want TV on Saturdays. I love Saturdays.

Aunt: Yes,and ?

Zoom: Oh, yeah, I play computer games.

Aunt: And?

Zoom: I do my homework.

Aunt: That‘s right!

Zoom: What about you. Aunt Cathy?

Aunt: I do my homework, too.

Zoom: What?

Aunt: I do my homework!

7. Song: My days of the week

8. Story time:

Zoom: It‘s a new school year. I need to do some shopping.

Zip: I‘ll help. Wehave English on Mondays and Wednesday.

Zoom: I need some notebooks and pencils.

Zip: We have Pe On tuesadys.

Zoom: I wanta new pair of sneakers.

Zip: OnThursadys we have art calss.

Zoom: I need a box of crayons.

Zip: We have math on Fridays.

Zoom: Oh, I need a new ruler and a calculator.

Zip: What do you do on weekebds?

Zoom: I often playfootball. I‘d like a new football. Oh, I‘m sorry, Zip. Zip: What‘s the matter?

Zoom: I don‘t have enough money.

Zip: Ok! I‘ll put the football back.

Zoom:Oh, no!


1. 翻译下列短语

做作业__________ 看电视__________ 做家务_____________\ 玩电脑游戏_____________ moral education__________________

2. 连词成句

(!) what do we on have Monday

(2) often I TV watch Sundy on

(3) have Tuesday I on Math

(4) to is it time to bed go

Unit three What’s your favourite food?

1. Words:

eggplant, fish, green beans, tofu, potato, tomato, for, lunch, we, tasty, sweet, sour, fresh, salty, favourite, fruit, grape,

they’re=they are, don’t=do not, cabbage, pork, mutton, healthy, menu, sound, I‘d like=I would like, now,

have to, eat, tasty

2. Sentences:

(1) What would you like for lunch? I‘d like ………….

(2) What‘s your favourite food? Mutton.

(3) What do you have for lunch? I have eggplant.

(4) It‘s tasty./ They are sour./ The beef is too salty.

3. Chant:

(1) What would you like for lunch?

Cabbage, green beans or eggplant?

I‘d like eggplant, please.

What would you like for lunch?

Mutton, tofu or beef?

I‘d like Mutton, please.

(2) The apples are sweet.

The potatoes are salty.

The grapes are sour.

The fish is fresh.

They are tasty and yummy,

And healthy for me!

4. Dialogues

(1) A: I’m hungry.

B: What do you have for lunch today?

A: I have eggplant and tomatoes. What about you?

B: I have onions and green beans.

(2) A: What’s your favourite fruit, Monkey?

B: I like apples. They’re sweet.

A: I like fruits. But I don’t like grapes. They are sour.

5. Phonics:

ow: window, yellow, snow, grow

oa: coat, boat, goat, road

fl: floor, flower, flag, flow

fr: fruit, frog, from, fridge


A slow flow makes flowers grow.

The goat wears a coat as he sits in a boat.

A frog frightens a flat flower on the floor.

6. Read amd write

(!)Mom: What do you have for lunch on Mondays?

Amy: We have tomatoes. Tofu and fish. Here is our school menu.

Mom: That sounds good.what would you like fordinner,Amy?

Amy: I‘d like potatoes and green beans. I‘m hungry,Mom.

Mom: Oh! Mew mew is hungry,too!

(2) zip: What‘s your favorite fruit, Monkey?

Monkey: I like apples. They are sweet.

Rabbit: I like fruit. But I don‘t like grapes. They are sour. Bananas are my favorite. They are tasty. Zip: I like carrot juice. It‘s fresh and healthy. What about you, Zoom?

Zoom: I like beef, but I‘m heavy now. I have to eat vegetables.

7. Song: What do you have for lunch?

8.Story time

Zip: What do you have fordinner today?

Zoom: I have fish, but it‘s too salty.

Zip: Well. Let‘s go to a restaurant.

Zoom: Do you have any noodles

Server: No, today is Monday. We have fish. We have noodles on TUESDAY.

Zoom: Noodles are my favorite food. Do you have any noodles today?

Server: No. we have pork and green beans. We have noodles on Wednesady.

Zoom: Do you have noodles?

Server: No. we have cabbage and mutton. We have noodles on Thuraday.

Zoom: Do you have noodles today?

Server: No. Wehave eggplant. We have noodles on Friday.

Zoom: do you have noodles?

Server: Yes, we do.

Zoom: These noodles are too salty.

Zip: Uh—oh.

Recycle One

1. Read and act

David: Can I interview you for the school newspaper?

Miss Green: Yes, certainly.

David: What do you do on Saturdays and Sundays?

Miss Green: I often read books and watch Tv./

David: What‘s your favorite food?

Miss Green: I like green beans. They are tasty and healthy.

David: Than you, Miss Green.

Miss green: You arewelcome.

(2) Dear Zhang Peng:

My name is Jack. I am 10 yeas old. I study in Willow School. My favorite dauy is Monday. We have PE and computer calss and we have potatoes for lunch,. Potatoes are my favorite teacher is Mr Li. He is our art teacher,. he is tall nad strong. He is very active. Tell me about your school, please. Your pen pal,


2. song: My favorite day



Don‘t have favorite are llike salty sweet

(1) What would you ________for breakfast?

(2) What‘s your_________food?

(3) I ____________ ice-cream.

(4) I ___________ LIKE IT.

(5) The bananas are too _________\.

(6) They ________________ fresh.


(!) Sarah likes apples. Because It‘s _____________(甜的)

(2) King doesn‘t like grapes. Because they are __________(酸的)

(3) Amy likes tofu. Because it‘s ______________(新鲜的)

(4) Mary likes fish. Because it‘s ____________(健康的)

3. 单项选择

(!) What‘s your favorite food? ______________

A my favorite food is bananas B I don‘t like grapes C I like bags

(2) Why do you like apples? __________________

A It‘s sweet B It‘s salty C it‘s sour

(3) Do you like dunplines? ______________

A Yes, I like B Yes, I am C No, I like D I don‘ t know.

(4) What do you have for lunch today?_____________

A I have a book B I have meat. C I don‘ t like it D Yes , I have

4. 连词成句

(1) salty are, the potatoes

(2) lunnch do have what you for

(3) like I grapes

(4) is what favorite your food

(5) are the sweet apples

5. 阅读短文

Our new Chinese taecher is Miss li. She is youngand ________(漂亮的)。 She is _________(严厉的) but


kind. ____________ (西红柿)_________ are her favorite food, because they are___________(健康的) . On Saturdays, she often reads _________(书)or_____________(看) TV. I like her very much.

Unit 4 what can you do?

1. Words and phreases:

cook the meal, water the flowers, sweep the floor, clean the bedroom , make the bed,

set the table, wash the clothes, do the dishes , use a computer,empty the trash , helpful, at home, ill, wash the

windows, just do it, do housework, put away the clothes, I‘d like to=I would like to, robot

have a try, can‘t =cannot, play chess


(1) what are they doing? They are doing…….

(2) what is it doing? It is doing ……

(3) what is she/he doing? She/ He is doing……

(4) Can you clean the bedroom? No, I can‘t. But the robot can.

(5) What can you do at home? I can clean the room/wash the clothes……….


(1) What 引导的特殊疑问句:a.what+be+sb doing? b. sb+is+doing sth.

4. Chant:

(1) Dog , dog, what can you do? I can hide in the shoe.

I can run after you. Mike ,Mike, what can you do?

Panda, panda, what can you do ? I can draw animal in the zoo!

I can eat so much bamboo.

Mouse, mouse ,what can you do?

(2) cook the meals. Sweep the floor.

water the plants. Empty the trash.

wash the clothes. And there is more.

No time to dance! Oh, please! no more!

Make the bed.


(1) Teacher : Are you helpful at home, Chen jie?

Chen : sure.

Teacher : what can you do?

Chen : I can sweep the floor. I can cook the meals.

Teacher : Great! you’re helpful!

(2) Amy : Can you set the table, chen jie?

Chen : Yes, I can .I can do the dishes ,too.

Zhang : Can you wash the clothes?

John : No, I can’t ,but I’d like to have a try!


or : short fork horse storm all :tall small ball hall

pl :play plane plate place pr :pretty prince pride pray

7. read and write

(!) Zip: Mother Goat is ill.

Mionkey : Wecanhelp her.

Zip: What can you do?

Monkey: I cansweep the floor

Zip: I can cook the meals.

Rabbit: I can wash the windows.

Zip: What can you do, zoom?

Zoom: I can water the flowers!

Zip: OK,, just do it.

Goat: thank you. you are helpful.

(2) Zhang: Robot, can you make the bed?

Robot: No. I can‘t.

John: Robot,can you do the dishes?

Robot; Sorry , I can‘t.

Sarah:Robot,can you set the table?

Robot:No, I can‘t.

Amy: What canyou do?

Robot:I can play chess.

Chen: Great! Can you usea computer?

Robot: Yes, I can. I am a computer.

2.Song: I canhelp

3.Story time:

Snake: I‘mhungry. Mmm… her comes my tasty food. Now I can eat.

Frog: Dear snake. Wait a minute. I can do things for you.

Snake: Oh! What can you do? Csn you sing?

Frog: Yes, I can sing.

Snake: Can you dance?

Frog: Yes, I can. Let me go. Then I can dance for you.

Snake: OK! There is a lake near here. Let me see. Can you swim?

Frog: No! Don‘t throw me into the lake,please! I can‘t swim.

Snake: Ohg, you can‘t swim.

Frog: Ha! Ha! Silly snake! Now I can run away,Bye!


1. 英汉互译

倒垃圾____________ 浇花__________ 做饭_______________

扫地_______________ claean the bedroom ____________

Wash the clothes________ at home____________ play chess___________

2. 选择

(!) Can you do housework?__________\

A Yes, I am B Yes, I can

(2) What house work can you do? _______________

A Ican wash the dishes B I can watch TV C No,I can‘t.

(3) Hel p yourself! ______________

A Thank you B I like fish C No, I don‘t like

3. 连词成句】

(!) the can I flowers water

(2) do you can dishes the

(3) can olay I CHESS

(4) the meals Amy cook

(5) what they can do

(6) can clean the you livingroom

Unit five My new room

1. Words and phrases:

curtain, trash bin, closet, mirror, end table, bedroom kitchen bathroom living room, in, on, under, near behind, air-conditioner, third, look at, own, flat, very much, over, clothes, in front of work, tell


(1) There is a doll on the bed.

(2) There are many story books on the shelf.

(3) Is this your bedroom? Yes, it is./No , it isn‘t .

(4) I have my own room now.

(5) This is……….

(6) Where is ……….? It‘s near/on/in…………the …………


(1) There be 句型: a. There is /are +n.


(1) The end tables are big,

The curtains are blue,

The garbage is empty,

The closet is full.

The mirror is terrific.

The air-conditioner is cool.

5 . Dialogues:

(1) Sarah: I have my own room now.

Chen: Really? What’s it like?

Sarah: There is a big closet, a new air-conditioner and a new mirror. There are blue curtains.

(2) A: Where is the trash bin?

B: It’s near the table.

A: Where is the closet?

B: It’s in front of the bed.

A: Where are the books?

B: They are on the desk.

A: Where are the clothes?

B: They are in the clothes.

6 . Phonics:

ir: skirt shirt girl birthday

ur: nurse purple hamburger fur

th: thin thank Thursday math this that those clothes

7.Read and write

(!) we have rabbits. We have a new flat. It‘s on the third floor. There are two bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a livingroom. I‘m a nbayby rabbit. I have myown room now. It‘s smalland nice. Ther ia a mirror , a bed and a bigcloset. There are green curtains and two tables. There is a new air-conditioner. It‘s cool. I love my new room very much

(2)This is my room. There ia a bed,a desk,a closet and a shelf. There aretwo end tables near the bed. The computer is on the sesk. The books are on the shelf. The trash bin is behind the door. Wah tcan you see over the bed? It‘s my picture.

8. Sng: My saml bedroom

9. Story time:

It‘s a warm spring morning.

Beer can: can you help me? I want to go home.

Miss Bird: Where is your home?

Beer Can: it‘s in the recycle bin.

Miss Bird: Sorry, I have no time.

Little Beer kicks the beer can. He flies toRabbit and Monkey.

Beer Can: Can you help me find a recycle bin,please? It‘s my home.

Monkey: I have to hurry. It‘s time for school.

Rabbit: Sorry, I‘m busy, too.

A strong wind blows the beer can into the river.Hesurprises two turtles.

Turtle 1:Look! There is a beer can in front of us.

Turtle 2:Let‘s pushit to the river bank.

Zip and Zoom: walking alone the river bank.

Zoom: Oh, dear! There isa beer can on the river bank. Zip: Let‘s put it into the recycle bin.

Beer Can: Thank you. I‘m home now. I‘m so happy.


1. 用 am is are 填空

(!) This_______ my livingroom

(2) There __________ some nuts.

(3) There _________ many stories books on the table.

(4) Ther___________a mirror on the wall.

(5) There ____________a phone on the table.

2. 连线

On the bed 在墙上

On the shelf 在床头柜上

On the wall 在床上

On the end table 随便吃

Help yourself 在书架上

3. 给出划线单词的正确意义

( ) A 卧室 B 厨房 C 卫生间

( ) 2. The trash A 在门后 C 在门前 C 在旁边

( ) A 两张桌子 B 两个凳子 C 两个床头柜 ( )

A 在床上 B 在床下面 C在桌子上

4. 连词成句

(!) I very much love room my new

(2) have I a trash bin room in my

(3) mirror walll on there the is a

(4) I now my room have own

(5) are there curtains my in bedroom

Unit six In a nature park

1. Words and phrases:

river, flower, grass, lake, forest, path, house, bridge, tree, road building, picture, sky, cloud, mountain, village, city park, farm, holiday, clean, air, run any, park nature

2. Sentences:

(1) Is there a village over there? Yes, there is/No, there isn‘t.

(2)Are there any pandas in the mountains? Yes, there are /No, there aren‘t

(3) There is /are …in…….

(4) Do you like……….?

(5) I like …………..


(1) The grass is green. The wind blows.

The sky is blue. The clouds play.

The air is clean. The river flows.

The day is new. Beautiful day, beautiful day!


(1) Zhang: There’s a nature park in the city.

John: Is there a river in the park?

Zhang: Yes, there is.

John: Is there a farm?

Zhang: No, there isn’t.

(2) Sarah: Are there any bridges in your village?

Zhang: Yes, there are

Sarah: Are there any tall buildings in your village?

Zhang: No, there aren’t.

5. Phonics:

er: teacher river farmer dinner

or: doctor actor visitor author

wh; who whose whole whom why what where white


Father and mother eat dinner at the river.

An actor is the visitor of a doctor.

Who‘s playing with the white whales.

7.Read and write

(!) Wu:Look! This is my holiday picture.

Sarah: Is it a nature park?

Wu: Yes, it is.

Sarah: Is there a forestin the park?

Wu: Yes, there is.

Sarah: Is there a river?

Wu: No, there isn‘t.

Sarah:Is there a lake?

Wu: Yes, there is.

Sarah:Do you like this park?

Wu:Yes. It‘s pretty.

(2)Sarah: I like my village. Ther are many rivers and bridges in the villages. The wateris claen. The air is fresh.

Chen: I like my village, too. There are many mountains near my village. There are no tall buildings . the sky is blue. The louds are white. I can run on the grass.

Sarah: Are there any pandas in the montains?

Chen: No, there aen‘t. Asre there any fish in the rivers?

Sarah: Yes, there are. You can see many fish.

7.Song: The panda

8.Story Time:

Zoom: What a nice day! Let‘s go to a nature park!

Zip: Why not? Wecan take some pictures there. Look at that beautiful bridge!

Zoom: The mountain and trees are beautiful. Too.

Zip: Look! There is a house over there!

Zoom: Are there any peoiple in that house?

Zip: Let‘s go and have a look!

Zoom: Oh, it‘s a barn. Ther is so much corn! I like corn.

Zip: Look! Thnere is a koala bear over there.

Zip: Please take a picture for us,Zoom.

Zoom: I‘m a bear, tooo. Why don‘t you take a picture of me?

Zip: Don‘t be silly, Zoom.

Momkey: You didn‘t put film in the camera!

Zoom: Oh, dear me!

Zip: Oh, my!

Recycle Two

1 Read

(!)Monkey : Mom isn‘t at home. I can help you,DAD.

Dad: Sure,. You are a big boy now.

Monkey: Of course!

Dad: Can you cook the meals?

Monkey: Sorry, I can‘t.

Dad: Can you wash the clothes?

Monkey: No. I can‘t.

Dad: What can you do,then?

Monkey: Mmm… I can clean the bedroom.

Dad: Ok. Empty the trash, please.

Monkey: Look! Dad! I can empty the trash! Oops!

(2) My name is Deng Ming. This is my village. It is in the montains. There are many smalles and a river.There is a bridge over the river. There are manyfish in the river. There is a road beside the river. There are many flowers near the road. There is a green grass and many trees. We can run on the grass. There is a lake near my village. The water is claen. It‘s a beautiful village.


January, February, New Year‘s Day. March invites our kites to play.

April showers bring May flowers. June and july have sunny hours.

August and September , back to school.

October makes the weather cool.

November and December . winter is here.

Twelve months make a year!

4. song: We can help our planet


1. 连词成句

(!) there the in are tall city building

(2) see many you can fish

(3) you do like park this

(4) at that bridge look beautiful


This is my village. It‘s in the mountains. There are many small hiuses and a river. There is a bridge over the river. There are many flowers near the friver. That‘s beautiful.

1. Is there a bridge over the river?

2.Ar there any buildings in this villsge?

3. What is in the village?


(1) There is a lake in the nature park?(变成问句)

(2) Are there any apples on the tables?(肯定、否定回答)

(3) Is there a village over there? (变成复数)

PEP 五年级下册教学内容

Unit One This is my day

Section A

ⅠWords and phrases

Have English class, do morning exercises, eat breakfast, play sports, eat dinner ⅡSentences

1. When do you do morning exercises?

I do morning exercises at 8:30.

2. When do you play sports?

I play sports at 3:30.

3 .I get up at 6:30.

I go to bad at 9:00.


Amy: When do you get up?

Zhang : At 6:00. What about you?

Amy: I usually get up at 6:30. When do you eat breakfast?

Zhang: At 6:20.

Amy: When do you go to school?

Zhang: At 7:00.And you?

Amy: At 7:00, too.

ⅣPassages (Page 6) (Finish the exercises—Time Table)

ⅤPhonics: /ei/ /gr/ / gl/


a: face make cake lady ai: rain train mail

ay: say lay gay stay wait praise ey: they grey hey

ea: break great steak eigh: neighbor eight weight

2. /gr/

Great grow grass green

3 /gl/

Glad glue glass glove

Ⅵ Reading Passages

Days of the week

There are seven days in a week. They are Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Sunday is the first day of the week. Saturday and Sunday are the weekend. Usually, we have a rest on the weekends. The other five days are weekdays. We usually go to school or work during weekends. Nobody likes Monday, because we have a good time on Sunday and we don’t want to study or work any more.

ⅠRead the following sentences and choose “T” for True and “F” for False.

( ) 1. There are seven days in a week.

( ) 2. Monday is the first day of the week

( ) 3. People usually go to work on weekdays.

ⅡChoose the best answer ,A, B, C or D, to these questions.

( ) 1. We usually go to school or work during _ .

A weekdays B Monday C Saturday D weekends ( ) 2. There are _days in a week.

A two B four

C five D one

( ) 3. Nobody likes _, because we have a good time on Sunday and we don’t want to study or work any more.

A Friday B Monday C Thursday D Saturday

Ⅶ Reciting passages


Sun is an old man. It’s sunny when he smiles.

Cloud is a young man. It’s cloudy when he is angry.

Wind is a little boy. It’s windy when he goes out to play.

Rain is a young lady. It’s rainy when she is sad.

Snow is an old woman. It’s snowy when combs her hair.

Unit One This is my day

Section B

ⅠWords and phrases

Climb mountains go shopping play the piano visit grandparents go hiking


1.What do you do on the weekends?

I often go hiking / shopping.

2. I usually play football, sometimes I visit my grandparents.

3. I usually clean my room.


Chen: What do you do on the weekends?

John: I often play football. Sometimes I go hiking .What about you?

Chen: Usually I clean my room. I often go hiking, too.

John: Let’s go hiking together next Sunday.

Chen: Great.

ⅣPassages (Page 9) (Finish the exercises)

ⅤReading Passages

A letter

September 15th, 2009

Dear Lily,

How are you! We have not seen each other for a long time. I miss you very much. Last winter vacation our vacation went to travel. We visited shanghai, Hangzhou and Hongkong. We had a good time. How about you?

Do you have any new friends in the new school? How is your study? Please write to me. Best Wishes!

Yours, Linda

ⅠRead the following sentences and choose “T” for True and “F” for False.

( ) 1. We haven’t seen each other for three years.

( ) 2. Last summer vacation our family went to travel.

( ) 3. We had a good time in the last winter vacation.

ⅡChoose the best answer ,A, B, C or D, to these questions.

( ) 1. we_each other for a long time.

A haven’t seen B didn’t see

C haven’t saw D aren’t see

( ) 2. I miss you_

A too much B very much

C how much D very many

( ) 3. We visited shanghai, Hangzhou and_

A Macau B Taiwai

C Shenzhen D Hongkong

Ⅵ Exercises

Unit One This is my day

1. 在空格内填写恰当的单词

___the floor ____the tree ____sports _____ the room ___have English ___dinner

2. 补全对话

Linda: ____is your favorite season?

Sun; _____is summer.

Linda: Why do ___like summer?

Sun: Because I can swim in summer. _____season do you like?

Linda: Winter.

Sun: __do you like winter?

Linda: Because I can ____a snow man in winter.

Sun: It’ s time to class. I have to go. Bye bye!

Linda: See you!

3. 选择

(1) Sophia : _____?

Linda: I often get up at 7:00.

A When do you go to school? B When do you have breakfast?

C When do you get up?

(2) Mike: What do you usually do on you weekends?

Sun: _____

A I’m a boy B I’m a teacher C I often play computer game

(3) Will: Do you get up at 7:00?

Mike: _____

A No, I don’t B Yes, I am C No, I do

(4) Helen: When __ you eat your dinner?

Sophia: At 20:00

A do B does C is

4. 按要求完成下列各题


(2) Sophia gets up at 6:30.(变成一般疑问句)

(3) We often climb Xishan mountains on the weekends.( 对画线部分提问)

(4) Sun usually goes to school at 7:30.( 对画线部分提问)

(5) Do you eat breakfast at 7:00?(否定回答)


(1)often up I get 6:30 at

(2) what you do usually do weekends on ?

(3) go to bed when do you ?

(4)Let’s go together hiking.




(2) 我们每天都上英语课?

We have__________every day.

(3) 有时,我早上跑步

Some times, I _____ in the morning.

(4) 你应该每天都打扫房屋。

You should _________every day.

(5) 你们周末去野炊吗?

_____you have _____ on the weekends?

Unit Two My favorite season

Section A

ⅠWords and phrases

Spring summer fall winter windy and warm sunny and hot cool ⅡSentences

1. What’s your favorite season, Chenjie?



Zhang: Which season do you like best?

Mike: Fall. It’s always sunny and cool. Which season do you like best?

Zhang: Winter. I can play with snow.

Mike: I don’t like winter. It’s too cold.

ⅣPassages (Page 18) (answer the questions)

ⅤPhonics: /ε / /sp/ /sk/

1./ ε /

Air: hair chair stair


Ear: bear wear swear pear

2 ./sp/ speak speed spell splash

3./sk/ ski sky skate skirt

Ⅵ.Reciting Passages

1. Spring is green with flowers and songs , summer is hot and the days are long.

Fall is golden and farmers are busy, winter is white and the year is gone.

2. On Weekends

There are a lot of weekends in a year. People like to take part in many activities on weekends. In spring, children like to visit the flowers booming on weekends. Children like to go hiking. In summer, People like to go camping on weekends. Children like to go swimming.

In fall, some children like to go bird- watching, some like to fly kites.

In winter, children like to go skating and skiing, some like to make a snow man on weekends. Do you like weekends? What do you do on your weekends?

Notes: hike: 长途徒步旅行

Ⅶ Reading Passages


There are four seasons in a year, spring, summer, fall, winter. Spring is green, because trees and grass begin to grow. Summer is red, because the sun keeps burning in the sky and people feel hot. Fall is yellow, because the crops mature and leaves turn yellow. Winter is white, because it snows and snow is white.

ⅠRead the following sentences and choose “T” for True and “F” for False.

( ) 1. There are six seasons in a year.

( ) 2. Spring is very hot..

( ) 3. The sun keeps burning in the sky in summer.

ⅡAnswer the questions above the passages

1. How many seasons in a year? What are they?

2. Which season is cold?

3. Which season makes the crops mature?

Unit Two My favorite season

Section B

ⅠWords and phrases

Swim fly kites skate make a snowman plant trees


1. Which season do you like best?

Winter, I can make a snowman.

2. What would you like to do?

I’d like to……….

3. A: What’s your favorite season?

B: Summer.

A: Why?

B: I can make a swim in summer.

Ⅲ.Useful Languages

1. When is the best time to go to Beijing? Fall

2. What’s the weather like un Beijing in fall?

3. What can I do?

4. What season is it in March in Beijing?


Chen: What’s your favorite season, Sarah?

Sarah: Spring?

Chen: Why do you like spring?

Sarah: Because I can plant tree . Which season do you like best?

Chen; Winter.

Sarah: Why do you like winter?

Chen: Because I can skate.

ⅤPassages (Page 21) (answer the questions)

Ⅵ.Grammar (见附页)

1. 情态动词can 的用法

2. Wh-引导的特殊疑问句

Ⅵ Reading Passages

My weekends

My name is Sophia. Today I want to tell you what I usually do at weekends.

At weekends, I often get up at 7:00 and I have my breakfast at 7:30. I usually have sports in the morning. I play basketball or ping-pong. At noon, I go back home for lunch. My mother always cooks delicious food for me. Then in the afternoon, I do my homework. English is my favorite subject. In the evening, I often watch TV with my parents. At 9:00, I go to bed.

This is my weekends. What about you?

ⅠRead the following sentences and choose “T” for True and “F” for False.

( ) 1. I often get up at 7:30.

( ) 2. I usually have sports in the afternoon.

( ) 3.Maths is my favorite subject.

ⅡChoose the best answer ,A, B, C or D, to these questions.

( ) 1. I _my breakfast at 7:30.

A eat B have C eats D has

( ) 2. In the afternoon, I_

A watched TV B have sports

C sleep D do my homework

( ) 3. I often _ with my parents.

A have breakfast B do my homework C watch TV D have sports

Ⅷ Exercises


s__ing(春天) ____now(雪) __inter(冬天) s __im(游泳) lea___(树叶) f __ll(秋天) su___er( 夏天)

1. 填上恰当的动词

____ a snowman _____ the kites _____trees

_____a picture _____swimming _____fruit

2. 选词填空

Spring summer fall winter

(1) ____is white. And the weather is cold, we can make a snowman, and we can go skate, too.

We all like it.

(2) ___is green. The grass are grow. The weather is sunny. We can plant trees and fly kites.

(3) The most beautiful season in a year is ____. The sky is blue. The leaves are colorful.

(4) Do you like ___? I like to swim in the sea and eat ice-cream. I like to wear my dress. 3. 选择

(1) Linda: Why do you like spring ?

Cathy: _____

A I can swim B Because I can plant trees

C I can skate

(2) Jimmy: Do you like summer?

Tom: _____

A Yes, I do not B No, I do not C No, I do

(3) Cathy : ___your favorite season?

Lydia: Fall

A what B Which C What’s

(4) Sophia; What’s weather like in spring in Kunming?

Cathy: _____

A it’s hot B It’s warm C It’s rainy



(2) I can swim in winter.(变成一般疑问句)

(3) The weather is cool in fall in Kunming.(就画线部分提问)

(4) 就画线部分提问)

(5) Jimmy likes winter best. 变成否定句)

4. 连词成句

(1) what season your favorite is ?

(2) Spring I don’t like

(3)we because can make a snowman

(4)you like why do spring ?

(5) best I like winter

5. 根据提示完成句子

(1) 你最喜欢哪个季节?

Which _____do you like?

(2) Sophia为什么喜欢冬天?

_____does Sophia like?

(3) 因为我可以放风筝。

_____I can fly _____

(4) Cathy 喜欢在冬天堆雪人。

Cathy likes to _____in winter.

Unit Three My Birthday

Section A

ⅠWords and phrases

January February March April May June July August September October November December Tree-planting Day New Years Day Children’s Day Army’s Day National Day Christmas Day Birthday


1. When is your birthday?

My birthday is in June.

2. How many birthdays are there in January?

There are……..


Mike: When is your birthday?

Amy: My birthday is in February. Is your birthday in February, too?

Mike: No, my birthday is in December. What about you, Zhang Peng?

Zhang: My birthday is in October.

ⅣPassages (Page 30) (answer the questions)


1. 介词的in的用法

2. when的用法

ⅤPhonics: /I / / tf/ /f/

1. / i /

eer: deer peer ere: atmosphere preservative

ear: appear dear near ier: fierce pierce

2. /tf/

Ch: cheap chip chair cheat cheek

3. /f/

sh: sheep shop ship shoulder

Ⅵ Reading Passages

My Dream

One day, I dreamed I was in a beautiful world. Grass and trees were green, flowers were blooming, fish were swimming in the clean river, some birds were flying and playing in the sky. Oh! How beautiful the world was! But in the real world, it is not so beautiful. I feel very sad.

So, I will make my dream come true. I will be an environmental protection worker. I will make the water clean. So I can swim in it with my parents and my friends. I will make the desert were green clothes. I will make the sky blue. I will also make the flowers bloom well.

In our own life, we must try our best to protect the nature. So we can enjoy the beautiful world again.

ⅠRead the following sentences and choose “T” for True and “F” for False.

( ) 1. I am in a beautiful world now.

( ) 2. Fish were swimming in the dirty river in the dream.

( ) 3.Some birds were flying and playing in the sky.

Ⅱ Answer the questions above the passages

1. What did I dreamed?

2. Is the real world beautiful?

3. What do I want to be?

Ⅶ Reciting Passage

When I grow up

When I grow up. What should I be?

I could be an astronaut.

And fly my rocket to the moon.

Mars might be my favorite spot.

I hope that I will grow up soon!

So many things that I could do!

I don’t know what I’d rather be.

But one thing that I know is true:

When I grow up, I will be me.

Notes: astronaut: 宇宙航行员 Rocket: 火箭 Mars: 火星

Unit Three My Birthday

Section B

ⅠWords and phrases

Fist second third fourth fifth eighth ninth twelfth twentieth ⅡSentences

1. When is Teacher’s Day?

It’s September 10th.

Ⅲ. .Dialogues

1. A: When ids your birthday?

B: It’s October 1st, our National Day. When is your Independence Day? A: It’s July 10th.

2. Sarah: Who has a birthday in October?

Zhang: Me.

Sarah; What is the date?

Zhang: It’s October 1st. What about you?

Sarah: My birthday is March 12th.

ⅣPassages (Page 33) (answer the questions)


1. 基数词变为虚数词口诀

1.2.3特殊记,加th 从4起(first, second, third, fourth)

8少t, 9去e ,千万别忘记。(eighth, ninth)

逢5及12, ve变f ( fifth, twelfth)

20到90,y要变ie. (twentieth, thirtieth, fortieth, fiftieth, sixtieth, seventieth, eightieth, ninetieth) 若是几十几,前基后序别倒位(twenty-first)

Ⅵ Reading passages

Protect yourself

Nowadays, there are many bad guys. So primary students should to protect yourselves.

Remember your home telephone number or your parents’ phone numbers and your home address.

Had better not to go out alone to new places.

Never tell the strangers your personal information. Such as your home address, your school, your parents’ telephone numbers.

If you have any problems, ask the policeman for help.

ⅠRead the following sentences and choose “T” for True and “F” for False.

( ) 1. Remember your home telephone number.

( ) 2. Not go out to new places.

( ) 3. You can tell the stranger your school.

( ) 4. If you have any problems, ask policeman for help.

ⅡAnswer the questions above the passages

1. Why do primary students should to protect themselves?

2. Can you go out alone to new places?

3. Why can’t you tell the strangers your personal information?

4. If you have any problems, who can help you?

Ⅶ Exercises

Unit Three My Birthday

1. 选词填空

In, too, when, is, for , about, much, what, many, whose

(1) _is my birthday.

(2) How_is it?

(3) _are you doing?

(4) Her birthday is in_

(5) I an making a birthday chart _our family.

(6) My birthday is May, _.

2. 写出下列各词的简写形式

(1) seventh _ (2) first _ (3) second _

(4) fifth _ (5) twelfth _ (6)third _

(7) twentieth _ (8) sixth _ (9) January_

(10) March_ (11) April_ (12) November_

(13) September_ (14) October (15)December_

3. 补全对话

Sam: What_ are you doing?

John: I am making_ birthday card.

Sam: _ has a birthday in this month?

John: My grandpa.

Sam: What’s the _?

John: June 9th. And my grandpa’s birthday is June _ (六月二十二号) _ your birthday, Sam?

Sam: My _ is in October.


Fe_buary Jan_ary Dece_ber Aug_ust A_pril No_ ember Ma_ Ju_ne Jul_

5. 单选

( )1. King: Is your birthday in February too?

Summer; _

A Yes, it is B No , it is

C Yes, it isn’t D No, I’m not

( ) 2. Water: When is your birthday?

Sophia: My birthday _ December.

A Which in B When on

C When in D Which on

( ) 3. Sun: _

Linda: I am doing my home work.

A What about you? B What are you doing?

C What did you do? D Are you doing you homework? ( )4. Sophia: What day is it today?

King: __

A July 20th B Birthday C Sunday D Army Day

( ) 5. Cindy: What date is it today?

Water: __

A Tuesday B It’s April C It’s Dec. 1st

6. 连词成句

(1) March is whose in birthday ?

(2) ? is birthday in her July

(3) good idea I have a

(4)what date today is the ?

(5) is your birthday when mother ?



(2)Dose your birthday in March?(否定回答)



(5) I’m 对画线部分提问)

8. 找出正确的译文

( )1. Let’s make a birthday card. A 今天几号?

( )2. It’s October 1st, our National Day. B 我的生日在十二月份

( )3.What is the date? C 她不会看到卡片的

( )4. My birthday is in December. D 今天是十月一日,我们的国庆节 ( )5.She won’t be see the card. E 让我们来做生日贺卡吧

Unit Four What are you doing?

Section A

ⅠWords and phrases

Drawing pictures doing the dishes cooking dinner reading a book

answering the phone


1. What are you doing?

I’m doing the dishes/ drawing pictures/ reading a book.


Amy: Hello.

Chen: Hi, Amy. It’s Chen Jie.

Amy: Hi, Chen Jie. What are you doing?

Chen: I an drawing pictures. What are you doing?

Amy: I am reading a book.

ⅣPassages (Page 48) (answer the questions)



Ⅵ.Phonics /u:/ /tr/ /tw/

1. /u:/

oo: boot cook pool zoo tooth ue: blue clue cruel

ou: group youth soup wound ew: drew flew jewel

ui: suit fruit juice

2. /tr/

Train tree try track

3. /tw/

Twin twice twelve twenty

Ⅷ Reciting Passages

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming. Mother’s Day is on the second Sunday in May. We have many things to do on Mother’s Day.

Buy Mum a beautiful red carnation.

Give Mum a big hug and kiss and tell her you love her.

Give Mum a beautiful card with words like “ I love you, Mummy” or “ Happy Mother’s Day” on it.

Notes: carnation: 康乃馨

Ⅷ Reading Passages

Do you know when to use these numbers?

There are some public numbers. Do you know when to use these numbers?

110 is a number for calling policeman when you have met some illegal things.

119 is a number using for a fire accident.

120 is number for asking medical help when somebody is serious ill or hurt.

Please do not dial these numbers for fun. It is forbidden.

ⅠRead the following sentences and choose “T” for True and “F” for False.

( ) 1. When you meet some thieves, you can call 110.

( ) 2. somebody is serious ill, you can call 119.

( ) 3. There is a fire accident in your building. So you can call 119.

( ) 4. A girl was hurt by a car, you can dial 120.

ⅡMatch game

Doctor 119

Policeman 120

Fireman 110

Unit Four What are you doing?

Section B

ⅠWords and phrases

Listing to music washing clothes cleaning the room writing a letter writing an e-mail


1. What is your father doing?

He is writing an e- mail.


Chen: Hello.

Women: Hello. This is Nina. Can I speak to Mun, please?

Chen: She is cooking dinner. Please hold on.

Women: Thank you.

Chen: Mom, there is acall for you.

Mom: Thank you.

ⅣPassages (Page 51) (Finish the sentences)

Ⅴ Reading Passages

My Favorite sport

My favorite sport is swimming. I often swim in the pool. I swim twice a week. When I am swimming in the pool, I am very happy. I look like a lovely fish in the pool. I enjoy swimming, Because swimming can make me strong and healthy. I t can also bring me a lot of happiness. Of course, I like watching this sport. I hope I will become a swimmer in the future.

ⅠRead the following sentences and choose “T” for True and “F” for False.

( ) 1. Swimming my favorite sport.

( ) 2. I swim once a week.

( ) 3.Because swimming can make me strong and healthy.

ⅡChoose the best answer ,A, B, C or D, to these questions.

( ) 1. I often swim in the _

A pond B river C sea D pool

( ) 2. I swim twice a _

A week B day

C season D month

( ) 3. I look like _ in the pool when I am swimming.

A duck B fish C snake D frog

Ⅵ Exercises

1. 写出下列各词的现在分词

make_ talk_ take_ listen _

play_ cook_ go_ read_

answer_ draw_ watch_

3. 选词填空

On later can a what the she this

(1) _ are you doing?

(2) I am answering the phone.

(3) See you _

(4) What is _ doing?

(5) I am reading _ book.

(6) Hold _ ,please.

(7) _ I speak to your mother, please?

4. 单选

(1) Lydia: What is your father doing?

Tom: _

A She is writing an e-mail B He is a policeman

C She is watching D He is writing a letter

(2) Cathy: How are you?

Louis: _

A I’m very well, thank you B And you

C You are welcome D How about you

(3) Linda: Is your father cleaning the room?

Lydia: _

A No, he is B Yes, he is

C No, she is D Yes, he is not

(4) Jim: There is a call for you.

Tom: _

A Hold on, please B Thank you

C Sure D What are you doing?

(5) Cathy: Good night!

Tom: _

A Goodbye B See you later

C Sleep well D How are you?

(6) Sophia: What are you doing?

Sun: _

A I am read a book. B I drawing pictures

C He is doing an experiment D I am reading a book


(1)? Is your father doing

(2) again see you !

(3) am doing I my homework

(4)call is there a you for

(5) listing to are you music ?


(1) Linda is reading a book.(对画线部分提问)

(2)Is Sun doing his homework? (肯定回答)

(3)She is listing to music?( 对画线部分提问)

(4) Is King handsome? (否定/肯定回答)

(5)He is dating. (变成一般疑问句)

7. 按提示完成下列各题

(1)Sun 正在听音乐。

He __________music.

(2)Linda 在做什么呢?

_____Linda _____?

(3) Cathy 正在接电话吗?

_____Cathy_______the phone?

(4) Lydia 正在打扫房间。

Lydia __________.

Unit Five Look at the Monkey

Section A

ⅠWords and phrases

Flying walking running jumping swimming


Look at the tiger. It’s running, and the rabbit is jumping. Ⅲ.Dialogues

Chen: I se the mother elephant.

Amy: What is she doing?

Chen; She is walking.

Amy: What about the baby elephant? What is it doing? Chen: It is running.

ⅣPassages (Page 60) (Finish the exercises)

ⅤGrammar 时态-现在进行时

1.构成 主语+be+动词原型

(1)肯定句: 主语+be(am, is ,are)+动词-ing+其他

eg: I am doing my homework.

(2)否定句:主语+be (am, is, are)+not+动词—ing+其他

eg: He is not cleaning the room.

(3)一般疑问句: Be(am, is,are)+主语+动词-ing+其他?

回答: Yes, 主语+be(am, is, are)

No, 主语+ be(am, is, are)+not

eg: Are they playing chess?

Yes, they are./ No, they aren’t.

(4)特殊疑问句: 特殊疑问词+be(am,is,are)+主语+动词-ing+其他?

eg: What is she doing? She is doing her homework.


(1)直接在词尾加-ing. Eg: read-reading listen-listening

(2) 以不发音字母e结尾的动词,去e加-ing. Eg: skate-skating make-making close-closing

(3) 重读闭音节词尾,词尾只有一个辅音字母,应该双写该辅音字母再加-ing.

Eg: begin-beginning run-running swim-swimming cut-cutting


(1)表说话时动作正在发生或进行。 Eg: They are listing to the teacher.

(2) 表现阶段或不限说话时特定时间范围内进行的动作。

Eg: They are working hard at their lessons this year.

(3) 表计划或安排将要进行的动作。常用动词:go, come, arrive, leave, start, stay.

Eg: Will is leaving ffor Kunming tomorrow.

(4) 现在进行时和always, constantly, continually等副词连用表示反复出现的问题,常带有一种不


Eg: He is always late. She is constantly telling lies.

(5) 有些动词如:know, lie, stand, have, own, belong to, like, love, hope, want等,通常不用于进行


Eg: My hometown lies in the east of Kunming.

The books belongs to Sun.


1. 根据汉语完成句子

(1)Helen is (打扫) the house.

(2) I am 看书)a book about the music.

(3)Look! She is (唱歌)in the river.

(4)Listen! Some one is 敲门) at the door.

(5)My little sister is 玩玩具) with the toy.


(1)I am going to school.(对画线部分提问)

(2)They are having a picnic.(改为否定句)

(3)My mom is cooking,(对画线部分提问)

(4) Jim plays football everyday.(用now改写句子)

2. 改写句子

(1)-----What your sister doing?

------He his homework now.

A is, is doing B is, dose C are, writes D are, is doing

(2) Look! He is fast.

A run B running C running D to running


A one’s homework B her homeworks C she homework D her homework

(4) The students are A listen B listen to C listening D listening to

(5) Don’t make a noise. Daddy A sleeps B to sleep C is sleeping D sleep

Ⅵ.Phonics /a:/

ar: park start yard ear: heart warm au: aunt laugh

a : fast task waster plant er ; clerk al: half behalf calf

af: after shaft craft

Ⅶ Reciting passages

Mother’s love

Mother ‘s love is the umbrella on rainy days. Under the umbrella my face won’t get wet.

Mother’s love is the string of the kite.

At the end of the earth it always holds my heart..

Mother’s love is rhyme in my childhood.

In the depths of my memory it will never get old.

Notes: wet :湿的 string: 绳子 rhyme : 押韵的诗

Ⅷ Reading Passages

April- fool Day

Notes : forgive : 可原谅的 unfortunately不幸地 laughing stock: 笑料

April 1st is Foolish Day. On this day, people always make fun of each other. If you are the laughing stock, you can not be angry. Because today every jokes should be forgiven. . On this day, you should be very careful, or you will be fooled. If you are unfortunately fooled, you will be called “ April Fool”. Now Foolish Day is not popular in western countries but also in China.

ⅠRead the following sentences and choose “T” for True and “F” for False.

( ) 1. April 1st is April Fool Day.

( ) 2. people do not always make fun of each other on this day.

( ) 3. On the day, it is to be fooled.

ⅡChoose the best answer ,A, B, C or D, to these questions.

( ) 1. On April Fool Day people always make_of each other.

A happy B fun

C jokes D glad

( ) 2. If you are the laughing stock, you_ angry.

A will be B can be

C won’t be D can’t be

( ) 3. On April -fool Day_should be forgiven.

A everything B everybody

C anything D every jokes

Unit Five Look at the Monkey

Section B

ⅠWords and phrases

Sleeping climbing fighting swimming drinking water


What are the elephants doing? They are drinking water. Ⅲ.Dialogues

Wu: What do you see?

John: I see two elephants.

Wu: What are they doing?

John: They are drinking water.

Wu: Can you see the monkeys?

John: Yea , they are swinging.

ⅣPassages (Page 63) (Answer the questions)


1. 现在进行时

Ⅵ Reading Passages


Notes: universe: 宇宙 spaceship:太空船 satellite:卫星

When we talk about universe, we mean the earth, the sun, the moon and the stars, and the space between them. Many of the stars can’t be seen because they are too far.The moon travel around the earth. It is only 380,000 kilometres away. People have been to the moon. Many countries have set up man-made states. So that the world is becoming a smaller place and people in the world know each other better.

ⅠRead the following sentences and choose “T” for True and “F” for False.

( ) 1. Many of the stars can’t be seen because they are near.

( ) 2. The moon travels around the earth.

( ) 3. People have never been to the moon.

ⅡAnswer the questions above the passages

1. What is the universe?

2. Why can’t we see all the stars in the universe?

3. How far from the moon to the earth?

Ⅶ Exercises

Unit five Look at the Monkeys


walk_ swim_ drink_ run_

climb_ jump_ swing_ fly _


Man_ you_ this_ it _

tiger_ monkey_ banana_ baby_

lion_ I _ giraffe_ rabbit_

3. 填写恰当的动词

_ the tree _ in the sea _ fast

_ water _ in the sky _ slowly


swi_(游泳) fl_ (飞) sl_ e _ (睡觉)

r_ n (跑) _ wi _g (荡) _ _ imb (往上爬)

_ I _ h t(打架)

5. 选词填空

Can can’t

(1) Duck’s _ fly.

(2) Birds _ fly.

(3) Pandas_ climb trees.

(4) I _ eat the stones.

(5) Kangaroos _ jumps.

(6) Cats _ catch rats(老鼠)

6. 单选

(1) Sophia: Can the tigers swim?

Tom: _____

A It can not B Yes, they can C Yes, it can

(2) Sun: What are the monkeys doing?

Cathy; _____

A It is swimming B It is sleeping C They are swinging

(3) Jacky: Are the birds flying?

Water: _____

A No, it is not B Yes , it is C Yes, they are

(4) King: What do you see?

Cindy: _____

A I see two rabbits B Sorry, I can not C Yes, it is

7. 按要求完成各题

(1)The panda is sleeping. (对画线部分提问)

(2)Can the fish climb trees? (肯定回答)

(3)Sun is singing. (变成否定句)

(4)Cathy is flying in the sky?(变成一般疑问句)

(5)Tom is drinking water.( (对画线部分提问)


(1) Lydia jumping is

(2) what doing they are ?

(3) you see the can dinosaur

(4) Tom is doing what ?

(5) They are water drinking


(1) 大象在跑步

The elephants _____ (jog)

(2) 小鸟们在干什么?


(3) 鸭子会飞吗?


(4) 你看见蛇了吗?

_____you see _____?

Unit Six A field trip

Section A

ⅠWords and phrases

Catching butterflies picking up leaves taking pictures watching insects doing an experiment ⅡSentences

1. What is Mike doing? He is watching insects

2. What is he doing? He is eating lunch. / he is doing an experiment.


Teacher: What are you doing?

John: I am watching my classmates.

Teacher: Where are they?

John: They are in the woods.

Teacher: Are they catching butterflies?

John: No, they aren’t. They are picking up leaves.

ⅣPassages (Page 72) (Finish the exercises)



Ⅵ.Phonics /ai/

Y: cry try sky style I 在开音节中: bike write time price quite

Ie; tie die pie ui: disguise guide

Ei: either neither igh: light high might night bright right

Ⅶ Reciting Passages


Christmas is on December 25th. We decorate our Christmas tree with balls and lights. Then we put a star on top. We put our presents under the tree. We send Christmas cards and sing Christmas carols at school. We wait for Santa Claus to bring us presents.

For Christmas dinner we eat turkey and Christmas cake. Christmas is my favorite time of a year. Notes: decorate: 装饰 carol: 颂歌 Turkey: 火鸡

Ⅷ Reading Passages


Guangzhou is the capital of Guangdong. It is the centre of Guangdong province. If you come to Guangzhou, you will see many high buildings, wide roads and beautiful gardens. Guangzhou has taken on a new look.

There are many people too. Because Guangzhou has nearly 10,00,000 people.

ⅠRead the following sentences and choose “T” for True and “F” for False.

( ) 1. Guangzhou is the capital of Guangdong.

( ) 2. Guangdong is the centre of Guangzhou.

( ) 3. Guangzhou is a province.

( ) 4. Guangzhou is beautiful.

ⅡChoose the best answer ,A, B, C or D, to these questions.

( ) 1. Guangzhou is the _of Guangdong province.

A city B capital C centre D B and C

( ) 2. You can _many high buildings in Guangzhou.

A look B meet

C see D find

( ) 3. Guangzhou has_roads and beautiful gardens.

A big B wide C long D small

Unit Six A field trip

Section B

ⅠWords and phrases

Having a picnic counting insects writing a report collecting leaves playing chess


What is John dong? He is playing chess.


Teacher: Where is Zhang Peng?

Wu: He is in the wood.

Teacher: Is he taking pictures?

Wu: No,, he isn’t. He is playing chess.

Teacher; Is John playing chess, too?

Wu: Yes, he is. They are playing together.

ⅣPassages (Page 75) (Finish the exercises)

Ⅵ Reading passages

Mid-autumn Festival

The Mid-Autumn Festival is an old festival in China, Everyone likes it because family members get together at home that day.

At supper time people sit around the table, eat mooncakes and enjoy the big and round moon in the sky.

Answer the questions above the passages

1 What is the Mid- autumn Festival?

2 Why dose everyone like the Mid-autumn Festival?

3 What kind of food do the people usually eat on that day?

Ⅶ Exercises

Unit six A field trip


Ant _ tree_ leaf_ wolf _ shelf _ butterfly_

insect_ classmate_

2. 选词填空

To, big , are, is, an, where, like

(1) He is doing _experiment.

(2) _ are they?

(3) _ they catching butterflies?

(4) I _ sweets.

(5) What do ants like_eat?

(6) _ he watching ants?

(7) Mike is under a _ tree.

3. 在横线上填上恰当的动词

__ picture __ an experiment __ insects

__ butterflies __ up leaves __ a picnic

__ chess __ a report

4. 写出下列各词的现在分词

Eat __ count __ catch__

Pick __ have __ collect__


Aren’t (完全形式) __ we (宾格) __ I am (缩写) __

Picture( 复数形式) __ don’t(完全形式) __ right(反义词) __


( )(1)Tom: Is Cathy playing chess?

Linda: __

A Yes, she is B No, he isn’t

C Yes, he is D No, she is

( ) (2) Sun: where is Jacky?

Cathy: __

A He is in the woods B She is in the woods

C He is a student D He is doing his homework

( ) (3) Sophia: Are they flying kites?

Apple: __

A Yes, they aren’t B No, they are

C No, they aren’t D Ok!

( ) (4) Jack: __

Cathy: He is counting insects.

A What are you doing? B What is Tom doing?

C What are they doing? D What is Linda doing?

7. 按要求完成下列各题

(1) 对画线部分提问)

(2) 对画线部分提问)

(3) Sun is catching butterflies.( 变为否定句)

(4) Are they swimming?(做否定回答)

(5) 对画线部分提问)

8. 连词成句

(1)up picking they are leaves

(2) she counting is insects

(3)taking they are pictures

(4) the boys woods are in

(5) where girls are the doing ?

9. 根据提示完成句子

(1) 他们正在野餐。


(2) 蚂蚁正在吃蜂蜜吗?

_____the ants _____?

(3) 女孩们正在下棋吗?

_____ the girls _____?

(4)Jacky 正在写报告。

Jacky is _____

(6) Cathy 正在捉蝴蝶吗?

_____ Cathy _____?


Unit One How do you go there?(Section A)

1. Words and phrases

on foot, by bike, by bus, by train, by subway, by ship, by plane

2. Sentences

How do you go to school? I go to school by bike.

How do you go to Canada? I go by plane.

3. Dialogues

LIiu: How do you go to school,Sarah?

Sarah: My home is near. Usually I go to school on foot. Sometimes I go by bike. What

about you?

Liu: I usually go to school by bus.

Unit One How do you go there?(Section B)

1. Words and phrases

traffic lights, traffic rules

2. Sentences

Stop at red light. Wait at a yellow light. Go at a green light.

3. Dialogues

Jim: How can I get to Zhongshan Park?

Chen: You can go by the No.15bus.

Jim: Can I go on foot?

Chen: Sure, if you like. It’s not far.`

4. Pronunciation

/i :/ peak beat team deal tea beach

/i/ pig big tin dish pink


1. Fill the blanks

f__t(脚) b_k_(自行车) b_s(公共汽车)

tr__n(火车) p_an_(飞机) sh_p(轮船) tra__ic(交通)

2. Match

( )1. go to school A 步行

( )2.on foot B 邮局

( )3. by subway C 公共汽车站

( )4. this afternoon D 去上学

( )5. the bus stop E 乘地铁

( )6. the post office F 今天下午

3. Translation

(1) 交通灯 (2).到达

(3).下午2点 (4).stop at a red light

(5.)Traffic rules (6). 我步行去上学




4.Fill in the blanks

(1) Usually I go to school _foot.

(2)Look _the traffic lights.

(3) In China, drivers drive _the right side of the road.

(4) Stop _at a red light,

(5) You can go there _bus.

(6) The traffic lights are the same_ every country.

5. Make sentences

(1) do, you, how, to, go school ?

(2) to, we, go, park, bus, by

(3) green, Go, light, means

(4)too, it, is, expensive

(5) this, Let’s, afternoon, to, go, office, post, the

(6) can, to, zoo, I, how, get,the

(7) to, by, school, go, I , bike

(8) there, many, are, to ,go there, ways

Unit Two Where is the science museum?(Section A) 1. Words and phrases

post office, hospital, cinema, bookstore, science museum

2. Sentences

Excuse me. Where is the library? It‘s near the post office.

3. Dialogues

Liu: Excuse me, is there a cinema near here?

Policeman: Yes, there is.

Liu: Where is the cinema, please?

Policeman: It’s next to the hospital.

Liu: Is it far from here?

Policeman: No, it‘s not far.

Liu: Thank you.

Policeman: You are welcome.

Unit Two Where is the science museum?(Section B)

1. words and phrases

turn left, turn right, go straight, west, east, north, south

2. Sentences

How can I get to the museum? Go straight for five minutes. Then turn left.

3. Dialogues

Amy: Excuse me. Where is the post office?

Wu: It‘s east of the cinema.

Amy: And then?

Wu: Turn left at the cinema, then go straight. It’s on the left.

Amy: Thank you.

4. Phonics

/e/ kettle get fetch very seven zest

/ ?/ cat gas van Sam as


1. Fill in the blanks

(图书馆) ffice (邮局) tal (医院)

(电影院) (书店)

2. Put the sentences in order

( ) Yes, there is.

( ) No, it‘s not far.

( ) You are welcome.

( ) Is it far from here?

( ) Excuse me, is there a cinema near here?

( ) Thank you.

3. Choose the answers

A You are welcome.

B It’s next to the hospital.

C What are you going to do?

D How can I get to the hospital?

A: after school?

B:I want to buy some books, where is the bookstore?

A: You can go by the NO 12 bus. Get off at the supermarket. Then walk straight, The hospital is on the right.

B: Thank you.

4. Write the opposite words

5. Match

1. Is it far from here? A Thank you.

2. Is there a cinema near here? B It‘s in front of the park.

3. Happy birthday to you! C No, it‘s not far.

4. Where is the museum? D She is 13.

5. How old is Amy? E Yes, there is.

1. In the middle A 与医院相邻

2. on the right B 在……前面

3. next to the hospital C 到达

4. in front of D 笔直走

5. get to E 左转

6. a dinosaur show F 在中间

7. turn left G 一次恐龙展

8. go straight H 在右边

6.Make sentences

(1) get, museum, how, to ,the, can?

(2)west, for, minutes, three, walk.

(3)sure, I, not, am.

(4) far, is, here, from, it?

(5) No1, take, the, bus

Unit Three What are you going to do?( Section A)

1. Words and phrases

take a trip, read a magazine, go to the cinema, tomorrow, tonight, this morning, this afternoon, this evening, next week

2. Sentences

What are you going to do this evening? I‘m going to the cinema.

3. Dialogues

Wu: What are you going to do on the weekend?

John: I’m going to visit my grandparents this weekend.

Wu: Is it far?

John: Yes, so I ?m going by train.

Unit Three What are you going to do?( Section B)

1.Words and phrases

magazine, dictionary, comic book, newspaper, post card


What are you going to do? I‘m going to buy an English book in the bookstore.

When are you going? This afternoon.

4. Dialogues

Amy: Where are you going this afternoon?

Chen: I’m going to the bookstore.

Amy: What are you going to buy?

Chen: I am going to buy a comic book.

Amy: When are you going?

Chen: I‘m going at 3 o‘clock.

5. Phonics

/a:/ path father Mars nasty asking

/Λ/ thumb thus must nut hungry


1. Choose the correct answer

( )1. 杂志 A book B story-book C magazine D picture ( )2.打扫 A clean B visit C read D take

( )3.晚上 A tomorrow B morning C afternoon D evening ( )4.星期 A weekend B weekday C week D Sunday ( )5.忙碌的 A free B new C busy D buy

2. Make sentences

(1) you, are, do, to this, evening, going, what

(2) my, clean, I, going, room, am, to

(3) by, am, going, train

(4) visit, are, going, we, aunt, my, to

(5) this, theme park, I‘m, to, going, afternoon

3. Match

( )1. tomorrow morning A 一本漫画书

( )2.Sunday afternoon B 植树

( )3. a comic book C一位自然老师

( )4.this weekend D明天上午

( )5.plant trees E这周末

( )6.a science teacher F 星期天下午

4. Answer the questions (就划线部分提问)

(1) I‘m going to t

(2) I‘m going to read a book

(3) I‘m going to

(4) I‘m going to

(5) I‘m going to

5. Fill in blanks

A: Mom! Let B: What is it?

A: I‘m going toa picnic.

B: Oh….?

. Can I go with them?

B: A: To the park.

B: is the picnic?

A: It‘s Saturday afternoon.

B: Ok, you can go.

A: Great, thank you. Mom!

B: Have a good time.

6. 根据汉语提示写答句

(1) What are you going to do tomorrow? (游泳)

(2) When are you going to visit your aunt?(周五晚上)

(3)Where are you going?(图书馆)

(4) What are you going to be in 20 years‘ time?(护士)

(6) How are you going there?(乘地铁)

7. Tick or cross

( ) 1. 在周末 this weekend

( )2.明天下午 tomorrow afternoon ( )3.今天上午 this morning ( )4.去旅行 take a trip

( )5.去动物园 go to the bookstore

8. 用提示词回答下列问题

(1)Where are you going this evening? ( the cinema)

(2) What are you going to do this weekend? ( clean my room)

(3)What are you going to do tomorrow? (play football)

(4) When are you going to take a trip? (tomorrow)

(5)How are you going to the US? ( plane)

Unit Four I have a pal (Section A)

1. Words and phrases

riding a bike, diving, playing the violin, collecting stamps, making kites

2. Sentences

What‘s your hobby? I like collecting stamps.

3. Dialogues

Wu: What’s your hobby?

John:: I like collecting stamps. What about you?

Wu: Me too. There is a stamp show Sunday. Let‘s go together.

John: I have a friend. He likes collecting stamps, too. Can he go with us?

Wu: Sure!

Unit Four I have a pal (Section B)

1. Words and phrases

goes to work by bus, teaches English, Watches TV at night, reads newspapers every day

2. Sentences

Does your pen pal live in Sahnghai? No, he doesn‘t. He lives in Beijing.

3. Dialogues

Zhang: My mother is a teacher.

Sarah: Does she teach English?

Zhang: No, she doesn’t. She teaches math.

Sarah: Does she teach you math?

Zhang: Yes, she does.

4. Phonics

/ε/ shirt learn ragwort

/ / usher pleasure colour mirror


1. Choose the answers

( ) 1.爱好 A like B hobby C happy D baby

( ) 2.骑 A read B red C ride D rid

( ) 3.跳水 A dive B swim C drive D drink

( ) 4 邮票 A violin B kite C bike D stamp

( ) 5.相同的 A some B different C same D play

2. Write the correct forms

(1) watch(第三人称单数)

(2) newspaper(复数)

(3) left(反义词)

(4) ride(-ing形式)

(5) teach(第三人称单数)

(6) does not(缩写形式)

(7) go(第三人称单数)

(8) her(主格形式)


( )1. Does her mother teach math? A I like diving

( )2. Does her father go to work by car? B Yes, he is.

( )3. What‘s your hobby? C No, I don‘t.

( )4. Is your father a driver? D Yes, She has many pan pals.

( )5. Do you like watching TV? E tomorrow

( )6. How does he go home? F No, she doesn‘t.

( )7.When are you going there? G Yes, he does.

( )8. Does Alice have a pen pal? H on foot

4.Choose the correct meanings

( )1. I write a e-mail to Alice every week.

A 我每天给爱丽丝写信。

B 我每周给爱丽丝写一封电子邮件。

( )2.Ann usually watches cartoons on TV.

A 安通常看电视。

B 安通常在电视上看卡通片。

( ) 3. I am excited.

A 我很兴奋。

B 我很高兴。

( ) 4.Alice and her sister look the same.

A 爱丽丝和她妹妹看上去不一样,

B 爱丽丝和她妹妹看上去长得一样。

5. 根据要求转换句型

(1) My father lives in the city.(改为一般疑问句)

(2) Does your mother teach English?(做出肯定回答)

(3)Does he like collecting stamps?(做出否定回答)

(3) I goo to school by bus.(改为he作主语)

6. 选择填空

(1) he live in the country?

A .is B. Do C. Does

(2) My friend singing.

A like B likes C liking

(3) Who she?

A is B does C do

(4) Does she go to school car?

A in B on C by

(5) This is A I B me C my

Unit Five What does she do?(Section A)

1. Words and phrases

singer, writer, TV reporter, actor, actress, artist

2. Sentences

What does your father do? He is a teacher.

3. Dialogues

Chen: What does your mother do ?

John: She is a TV reporter.

Chen: What does your father do?

John: He is a teacher. He teaches English.

Unit Five What does she do?(Section B)

1. Words and phrases

engineer, accountant, policeman, salesperson, cleaner

2. Sentences

What does your father do? He is an engineer.

How does she go to work? He goes to work by bike,

3. Dialogues

Chen: What does your mother do?

Mike : She is an accountant.

Chen: Where does she work?

Mike: She works in a car company.

Chen: How does she go to work?

Mike: She goes to work by bus.

4. Phonics

/u:/ woof who choose juice

/u/ wood hook childhood


1. 根据中文意思,选择正确的单词

(1)( )艺术家 A artist B actor C actress

(2)( )销售员 A engineer B accountant C salesperson

(3)( )清洁工 A writer B cleaner C driver

(4)( )电视台记者 A TV reporter B baseball player C engineer

(5)( )(男)警察 A policeman B policeman C police

2.Fill in the blanks

does your mother do?

B: She is accountant.

A: does she B: She works a car company.

A: does she do everyday?

B: she works with A: does she go to work?

B: She to work bus.


( )1. does she do? She is an actress.

A Where B How C What D When

( your father work in a school?

A Does B Do C Is D Are

( ) 3. She is engineer.

A the B a C an D /

( ) 4. A salesman is a

A woman B man C girl D person

( ) 5. He helps the bank their money well.

A uses B using C us D use

5. Make sentences

(1) goes, work, by, she, to , motocycle

(2) is, a , he, policeman

(3) he , does, where, work

(4) father, sick, helps, people, my

(5) is, woman, who, the, beautiful

6. Fill in the blanks

(1) His father is (a) actor.

(2) My dad is a (clean) in the zoo.

(3) (do) your father do?

(4) My dad (go) to work by bus,

(5) (work) hard every day for us!

7. 选择正确的译文

( )1.He takes me to school.

A他带我去公司 B 他带我去学校 C 他带我去图书馆

( )2.His father is an actor.

A 他父亲是个工程师 B 他父亲是各司机 C 他父亲是各演员 ( )3. What does your uncle do?

A 你叔叔是干吗的? B 你叔叔是什么? C 你叔叔做吗?

( )4.Her father goes by bicycle.

A 她父亲骑自行车去 B 她母亲骑自行车来 C 她父亲坐车去 ( )5. Where does he work?

A 他是干什么的? B 他 在哪里工作 C 他怎么去上班

Unit Six The story of rain( Section A)

1. Words and phrases

`rain, stream, cloud, sun, vapour, bread, flour, wheat

2. Sentences

Where does the rain come from? It comes from the clouds.

3. Dialogues

Where does the rain come from? It comes from the clouds.

Where does the cloud come from? It comes from the vapour.

Where does the vapour come from? It comes from the water from the river.

How can the water become the vapour? The sun shines and the water becomes vapour.

Unit Six The story of rain( Section B)

1. Words and phrase

seed, soil, sprout, plant

2. Sentences

First, we have the seed.

3. Dialogues

Teacher: What are you going to do this afternoon?

Zhang: I‘m going to plant flower seeds in our garden.

Teacher: How do you do that?

Zhang: It‘s easy. First, put the seed in the soil.

Teacher: What should you do then?

Zhang: Water it. In several days, you can see the sprout.


/ / shorts towards trough draw

/ / pots odds tropic drop


1. Match

( ) 1. come from A 露出

( ) 2.come out B 落下, 降下

( ) 3.little water drop C 升到空中

( ) 4. fall down D 来自

( ) 5. feel warm E 越来越高

( ) 6. go up to the sky F 变成水蒸汽

( ) 7.higher and higher G 感到温暖

( ) 8.become vapour H 小水滴

2. Make sentences

1. comes, flour, bread, from

2. does, cloud, the , where, from, come

3. the ,am, to, I, sky, going

4. sun, out, comes, the, shines, and

5. day, is, a, sunny, it

3. Find the answers

A 照耀 B 几个,一些 C 仍然 D 土壤 E 小溪 F 应该阳

sprout ( ) seed( ) stream ( ) shine ( should( ) several( ) still( ) sun(

4. Complete the dialogues

A : What are you to do this afternoon?

B: I‘m going plant some wheat.

A: do you do that?

B: First, dig the G 苗芽 H 种子 I 太) soil ( ) )


B: What should you do A: Then put the in the soil.

B: And then?

A: Water it. Wait for the . You can see the wheat in months.

5. Make sentences

(1) tomorrow, going, to, plant, flower, a, am, I

(2) seeds, soil, put, the, in, the, first

(3) you, come, where, from, do

(4) some, want, popcorn, I

(5) me, for, wait

6. Choose the answers

( )1. 节约水 A waste water B use water C save water ( )2.来自 A come B come from C come on ( )3.需要水 A need water B save water C come on ( )4.在海里 A in the river B in the sea C in the water


Unit One How tall are you? (Section A)

Teaching content

1. Words and phrases

Dinosaurs, taller, stronger, older, younger, shorter

2. Sentences

(1) -You are taller than your brother.

-Yes! I‘m 160cm tall. He is 159cm tall.

(2) – How old are you?

- I‘m 12 years old. I‘m older than you.

3. Dialogues

John: How tall are you?

Wu: I‘m 164cm tall. You are shorter than me.

John: Yes. I‘m 160cm.You are 4cm taller than me.

4. Passages(Page 6)(Finish the sentences)

5. Grammar-形容词的比较级

(1) 构成方法

①单音节和少数双音节词加-er, -est构成,在加词尾时注意:A: 一般直接加词尾;

B:以e结尾的词,加-r-st构成;C:以“辅音+y‖结尾的 词,变y为I,在加词尾。

D:以一个辅音字母结尾的 词,要双写这个辅音字母再加词尾,

② 其他词在前面加-more –most 构成

③特殊的比较级和 最高级

原级 比较级 最高级

good/well better best

bad/ill worse worst

many/much more most

little less least

far farther/ further farthest/furthest

old older/ elder oldest/ eldes

(2) 一般用来表示“比….更….” 通常用连词than引起,为了避免重复,有些成分可以省略。

(3) 特殊句型:①more and more ② the more……the more ③much or less

④more (less) than ⑤ so much the better(worse)

(4) 形容词最高级在使用时,前面通常加定冠词,并有一个短语或者从句表示在哪个范围的情况。

6. Reading

Our school

Our school is big and green.

Teaching buildings are modern and clean.

Teachers are kind and students are nice.

Flowers are read and trees are green.

We are leaning and we are playing.

Our school life is interesting.


1. 将单词于音标连线

∕beibi∕ /baik/ /b i/ pain/

Boy baby bike tail

2. 选词填空

bigger heavier stronger shorter thinner

(1) Line up from__to taller.

(2) My feet are__than yours.

(3) This box is full of books, It‘s __than that one

(4) –I‘m stranger than you.

-Yes, I‘m __than you.

(5) A tiger is __than a cat.


litlet__ sezi__ waer__ shoretr__ heaveri__ younerg__


small__ long__ strong__ thin__ big__ old__ 5单选

(1)-How __you?

- I‘m 40kg.

A much B heavy C many

(2) –How __is Tom?

- He is 160cm tall.

A heavy B tall C big

(3)-How __are you?

- I‘m 14 years old.

A tall B old C heavy

(4)My brother is __than me

A heavy B heavier C heavyer

(5) My legs __longer than yours

A am B is C are

(6) I‘m __than you.

A tall and strong B taller and stronger C taller and strong


(1) than you are 4cm me taller

(2) one am year I older you than

(5) long is how your ruler

(6) you handsome more than I am

(7) hands my are than bigger yours

7 Reading

My best friends

Jim and Kim are my best friends, Jim is short and quiet, Kim is tall and strong, but not fat. Kim and I like to play football. We often kick the ball on the playground, But Jim dose not play football with us. He likes to read books in the library. Sometimes he likes to listen

to music. In the evening, Jim often helps Kim and me with our English. We talk and laugh. We are best friends

1. Read the passage and choose ―T‖ for ―True‖ ―F‖ for ―false‖

( ) 1. Jim is tall and strong

( ) 2 Kim is tall but fat.

( ) 3. Kim and I like to play football.

2. Choose the answer

( ) 1Kim is tall and strong, but not__

A thin B heavy C slim D fat

( ) 2.Kim and I __to play football.

A likes B liking C like D liked

( ) 3.Jim __play football with us.

A dosen‘t B isn‘t C don‘t D aren‘t

Unit One How tall are you? (Section B)

1. Words and phrases

heavier thinner bigger longer smaller

2 Sentences

(1) His tail is longer.

(2) His head is smaller.

3 Dialogues

Mike: How heavy are you?

Zhang: I‘m 48kg.

Mike: I‘m thinner than you, and shorter.

Zhang: Yes. I‘m bigger and stronger than you.

4 Passages (P9)

5. Phonics

合口双元音/ei/ /oi/ / i/

/p/ /b/ /t/ /d/

/ei/ pain baby tail day

/ i/ pine bike type dive

/ i/point boy toy doven

Unit Two What’s the matter, Mike? (Section A)

1. Words and phrases

have a fever(发烧) have a cold(伤风) hurt(受伤) have a sore throat(喉痛)

a toothache(牙痛) have a headache(头痛) earache (耳朵痛)

stomachache(胃痛) sore nose(喉痛)

2. Sentences


What‘s the matter? I feel sick./ I have a fever./ I have a toothache/ My leg hurt.

3. Dialogues

Doctor: How do you feel?

Amy: I feel sick.

Doctor: What‘s the matter?

Amy: My throat is sore. My nose hurts.

4. Passages(P18) (Answer the questions) & Weather(天气)

(1) How do you feel if you have the flu?

(2) What do you do if you have the flu?

5. Phonics /ou/ /au/

/k/ /n/ /h/ /l/ /s/ /r/

/ou/ coat know hole load soap rose

/au/ count now house loud south arouse


1. Reading


In the morning, The sun is shining.So two ants carry their food out of their holes to make them dry. Suddenly, it is cloudy and latter it rains heavily. All of their food are wet. They cry and ask their parents for help.

Finally, the ants all carry their food home. The two ants also carry their food out of their holes to make them dry. They are happy.

Note: suddenly突然 dry 干的

Read and answer

(1) What‘s the weather like on the first day?

(2) Why do these ants carry their food out of their holes?

(3) Are they happy on the first day?

(4) What can their parents help them?

(5) What do they do on the second day?

Choose the right answer.

( )(1)-Do you like raining?

- ----------

A No, he is B Yes, I like C Yes, I do

( ) (2)- -Where is your cake?

--- ---------------

A I have some cakes B I want to eat C It is on the table

Exercise on books

1. Choose the right answer

(1) A: What‘s the matter?

B: __

A My leg hurts B I have a book C Very well, thanks

(2) A: How dose Will feel?

B: __

A He is sad B She is sad C I‘m sad

(3) A: I failed the test.

B: __

A I‘m happy to hear that B I‘m sad to hear that C I‘m excited to hear that

(4) A:My parents is going to buy me a piano. I‘m very_

B: _

A sad B tired C happy

(5) A: What‘s the matter_,Sophia?

B: She is sad.

A to B with C for

2. Make the sentences

(1) do feel how you

(2) throat is sore my

(3) have you do headache a

(4) Mitchell is a angry little

(5) Am going on a trip I

Unit Two What’s the matter, Mike? (Section B)

1. Words and phrases

tired(累的) excited(兴奋的) happy(高兴的) sad(伤心的) bored(无聊的)气的)

2. Sentences

(1) How dose Amy feel? She is tired. / She is happy. / She is sad.


(2) Look at the picture, how do I feel? You look sad.

Yes, because I failed my test.

3. Dialogues

Sarah: How are you, Liu Yun? You look so happy.

Liu: Yes. I am excited. I am going on a trip. How are you, Sarah? You look sad today. Sarah: I failed the math test.

Liu: I am sorry to hear that.

4. Passages(P21 & Birthday Party)

5. Grammar- 一般将来时

1. 一般将来时的构成形式: 主语+ will/shall+动词原形

(1) 肯定形式:主语+ will/shall+动词原形 Eg: I will go to school.

(2) 否定形式:主语+will/ shall+not+动词原形 eg: She is not going to the party.

(3) 疑问句式:shall/ will+主语+动词原形+?

肯定回答:Yes, 主语+will/shall

否定回答: No, 主语+will/shall+not

2. 一般将来时的用法

(1) 表示在将来时间发生的动作或存在的状况,常于表示将来的时间状语连用,ex:

tomorrow, next week, next month, next year.

Eg: we will learn English next week.

(2) 在复合句中(含时间状语或条件状语),从句一般用一般现在时表将来。

Eg: We will come if it dosen‘t snow.

3. 将来时的多种表示方法

(1) 表示计划要发生的事 “be going to +动词”

Eg: I am going to be a teacher.

(2)表示“正要,刚要发生的动作”“be about+不定式”

Eg: We are about to leave.

(3) 按照日程要发生的动作,“be to +动词原型”

Eg: There is to be a party next week.

(3) 表示位置转移的词,用现在进行时表示将来。Eg: go, come, leave, arrive, fly.

Eg: The bus is coming.


1. 用所给词的适当形式填空

(1) The class_(begin) soon.

(2) What_you_(do)tomorrow?

(3) They_(go) to Xihuayuan Park tomorrow.

(4) Michael _(leave) on Friday.

2. 选词填空

(1) Fish without water.

A dies B is going to die C won‘t die D will die

you leave for Beijing?

A do, leave B are, leaving C did, leave D were, leaving

a sports game in our school next week.

A is going to have B are going to be

C will have D is going to be

A sing B am going to sing

C sang D have sang


I. Reading

Birthday party

Sam is 12 years old today. We have a birthday party for him. We all gave him some interesting and beautiful presents. Lily also makes a birthday cake for him. The cake was not only big but also beautiful. We burnt the candles, Sang birthday and gave our best wishes to Sam. Happy birthday Sam!

1. Read the passage and answer the questions

(1) How old Was Sam last year?

(2) What did Sam‘s friends do for him?

(3) What was the birthday cake like?

2. Translation the sentences into Chinese

(1) Happy birthday to you!

(2) Best wishes for you!

(3) Have a good time!

3. Choose the right answer

(1) How old is Sam? ( )

A 10 B 12 C 11

(2) _gave him a birthday cake, ( )

A Tom B We C Lily

(3) What did we do on Sam‘s birthday party? ( )

A We sang birthday sang B We gave the presents to him

C We burnt the candles D All of the above

Exercises on textbooks

1. 选词填空

Flu hurt game throat excited

(1) In winter, people often get the _

(2) How do they feel before the football _starts?

(3) A: What‘s the matter? B: My feet _

(4) My _is sore. I need some water.

(5) Will kicks the ball. It‘s a goal! Everybody is _

2. Translation

(1) What‘s the matter?

(2) Do you have a headache?

(3) How do you feel?

(4) There is a football game between class 1 and class 2.

(5) I win the math test.

Unit Three Last weekend (Section A)


Watched TV washed clothes cleaned the room played football grandparents visited


2. Sentences

---Where did you go last weekend?

--- I visited my grandparents.\ I listened to music.

3. Dialogues

John: What did you do last weekend?

Wu: I played football. How about you?

John: I visited my grandparents.

Wu: Did you help them clean their room?

John: Yes, I did.

4. Passages(P30)&(扩充练习)


(1) his grandma Saturday morning.

(2) Sunday morning, he with his friends.

(3) and Sunday afternoon.

5. Grammar— 一般过去时

1. 一般过去时的用法

(1) 表示在某个或者某段时间内发生的动作或存在的状态。

Eg: Helen was here a moment ago.

(2) 表示过去的习惯动作。Eg: I read English every morning when I was a student.

(3) Used to 和would也常用来表示过去的习惯性动作或者状态(used to表示不再存在


Eg: Wang Xuan used to play Wushhu every morning.

2. 一般过去时的基本结构

(1)肯定句:①主语+动词过去时+其他 ②主语+was/were+其他

Eg: I played basketball yesterday.

My last weekend was great.

(2)否定句:①主语+didn‘t+动词原型+其他 ②主语+was/were+not +其他

Eg: Sun didn‘t play computer yeaterday.

I wasn‘t happy yesterday evening.

(3)一般疑问句:①Did +主语+动词原型+其他?

回答:Yes, 主语+did./ No, 主语+did +not

Eg: Did you play sports last weekend?

Yes, I did. / No, I did not.

②Was/Were +主语+其他?

回答:Yes,主语+was/were. / No, 主语+was/were +not

Eg: Was your weekend good?

Yes, it was good./ No, it was not.

(4) 特殊疑问句: 特殊疑问句+一般疑问句语序

Eg: Where did you go yesterday?

What did you do last Friday?

3. 动词过去时的构成

(1) 规则动词过去时的构成

①一般再词尾加-ed够成。Eg: play-played

②动词末尾是不发音的e时,在e后直接加d. eg: like-liked live-lived

③重读闭音节中,末尾只有一个 辅音字母的,先双写这个辅音字母,再加-ed

Eg: stop-stopped drop-dropped

④以辅音字母加y结尾的词,要先变y为i,再加ed. Eg: study-studied carry-carried

marry-married worry-worried

(2) 常见的不规则动词的过去时

Do-did go-went have-had read-read am/is-was are-were see-saw come-came run-ran say-said put-put write-wrote eat-ate take-took sit-sat feel-felt get-got


1. 根据汉语完成句子

(1)We (参观)the Science Museum last weekend.

弹钢琴)the piano yesterday.

(3)I 去学校)to school at 8:00 yesterday.

看电影)an interesting movie last night.


(1)I watched TV last night.(对画线部分提问)

(2) He writes a letter to his mother.(用yesterday改写句子)

(3)Linda ate some bread yesterday.(改为否定句)

(4)Will had a great time.(改为疑问句)

(4) Sophia did her homework at home.(对画线部分提问)

2. 单选

(1)He to Yuantong zoo yesterday.

A go B didn‘t went C didn‘t go D going

(2)How your vacation?

It was great.

A is B did C was D were

it yesterday?

A is B was C were D are

(4)I A do the reading B did some reading

C did reading D do some reading

6. `Phonics /I / /e / /u /

/p/ /f/ /h/ / / / /

/I / period fear here shear cheer

/e / pear fair hair share chair

/u / poor

Exercise on text books

I Reading

Yesterday was Friday. I took the final exam. I finished my work quickly. I think I will make a good result. But, to my surprise, I got a bad result because of my careless. I felt very sad.

Today is Saturday. It was a wonderful day. My friends all go to the park and have a picnic, but I don‘t go there with them. I stay at home study. If I study hard, I will make progress in my study. No pains, no gains. I will not give up myself. I think, I am going to have a bright tomorrow.

备注:bright 美好的 final exam期末考试 stay at home留在家里

make progress 取得进步

1. Answer the questions

(1) What day was it for the final exam?

(2) Why did he fail in the exam?

(3) Did he go to the park on Saturday?

(4) What did he do?

2. Arrange the right sentence sequence

(1)bright am I have going to a tomorrow

(2)stay home I at a holiday for

(3)wishes everyone for Best

II Exercises on text books

1. Write out the words

lit seden

felw2. 写出下列单词的过去时

3. Choose the right answer

A are B do C did

A tomorrow B last weekend C next Sunday

(3)I was grateful the dog.

A with B for C to

(4)Helen her homework yesterday.

A do B dose C did

bike yesterday

A with B by C on

4. 连词成句

(1)did you what do yesterday

(2)you did go the to park weekend last

(3)visited I grandparents my yesterday

(4)played Will football Rick with

Unit Three Last weekend (Section B)


`went to a park(去公园) went swimming(去游泳) read a book went fishing (去钓鱼) went hiking(去远足)


2. Sentences

---What did you do yesterday?

----I went hiking.

3. Dialogues

Teacher: What did you do yesterday?

Mike: I went fishing.

Teacher: Did you read books?

Mike: Yes, I did.

Teacher: Did you clean your room?

Mike: No, I didn‘t.

4. Passages (P33)&`(扩充)


I Reading

Yesterday was Sunday. I had a party with my friends in my house. I am very happy, because Sunday was my birthday. My mother made a lot of delicious food for my good friends. At the beginning of the party, I received many gifts from my friends and parents. Mother and father hope me to be more and more clever. The friends blesses mo to happy everyday.

And then, we sang the birthday song, ate the birthday cake and food. At last, we went to a park and flied a kite together. We sang and danced. We were very happy, I will remember this birthday forever.

Note: housework(家务活) excellent(优秀的) for example(例如)

go fishing(去钓鱼)

1. Fill the blanks according to the text

Yesterday was my birthday, my mother made (许多)delicious food for my good

开始) of the party, I 收到) many gifts from my friends and then we sang the (生日歌)。

At last, we

2. Read and choose the proper word to fill in the blank

(1)Yesterday was Sunday. I (have, had) a party with my friends in my house, I (received, receive) many gifts from my friends and parents.

(2) We (3)At last, I (4) We

II Exercises on textbooks

1. 音标,单词,汉语连线

/pe / beer 梨

/pu / pear 啤酒

/bi / poor 这儿

/hi / chair 贫穷的

/ / here 椅子

2. 用所给单词适当形式填空

(1)I usually hiking on Sunday.(go)

(2)Last weekend, I (3)I am you go home by bike yesterday?

B: No, I did not.( do)

(5)I 3. Translate the sentences into Chinese.

(1)What did you do last weekend?

(2)Did you go swimming yesterday?

(3)I read a book last night.

(4) I was grateful to him.

(5)Will went to a park by bike yesterday.

Unit Four My holiday(Section A)

1. Words

learned Chinese sang and danced took Chinese climbed a mountain

ate good food

2. Sentences

What did you do on your holiday? I ate good food.

3. Dialogues

Mike: Where did you go on your holiday?

John: I went to Xinjiang.

Mike: What did you do there?

John: I sang and danced with my new friends.

4. Passages(P42)&扩充

(1)On Monday John (2)On Tuesday he (3)On Wednesday he (4)On Thursday he I. Reading

Li Feng was always concerned for his comrades when he was in the army.

One day, Xiao Zhou ,a solider in Li Feng‘s squad, got a letter from home. After reading it, he looked worried, But he did not tell Li Feng anything. Li Feng thought: there must be something. Soon he found out that Zhou‘ s father was seriously ill. Li Feng wrote a letter and send the money to Zhou‘s father secretly.

Later, Xiao zhou got another letter from home. He knew his father was getting better because of ―his money‖. But he didi not know who wrote the letter and send the money.

It was one of Li Feng‘s good deeds. He WAS AS MILD AS Spring for his comrades.

Note: comrades 同志 solider 战士 concerned关心的 in the army在部队里 a solider一名战士 get a letter 收到一封信

1.Read and judge

( ) (1) Li Feng was solider.

( ) (2)Xiao zhou got a letter from his friend.

( ) (3) Xiao zhou did not got a letter . So he looked worried.

( ) (4) Li Feng told Xaio zhao about the money.

2 Read and choose

How when where what

(1) do you watch TV? I watch TV at 7:00.

(2) (3) (4) She studies in a primary school.

3. Find out the mistake of the sentences and correct them.

(1) At six.

A when B where C who

(2) A at B 去掉 C in


A at B on C with

(4) A on B in C of

II Exercises on text books

1. 改正下列单词

elpehatn 写出下列单词的过去时


(1)What did you do your holiday?

A in B On C at

A on B in C by

(3)We A have B has D had


A on B in C at

did you go?

B: I went to Beijing.

A where B when C why

B: On foot.

A when B where C How

(7)A:Did you have a good time there?

B: Yes, I A do B did C does

4. 连词成句

(1)climbed I mountain a my on holiday

(2)went he bus by his holiday on

(3)played we pingpong Wednesday on

(4)went she yesterday ice-skating

(5)did how you to Beijing go

Unit Four My holiday(Section B)


bought presents rowed a boat saw elephants went skiing went ice-skating


What did you do on your holiday? I bought presents.


Amy: Where did you go on your holiday?

Sarah: I went to Harbin.

Amy: How did you go there?

Sarah: I went by train.

Amy: What did you do?

Sarah: I went hiking.

5. Passages (P45)&(扩充)


Tom: Nice to meet you!

Alice: Nice to meet you, too. Are you a fresh man ?

Tom: Yes, could you tell me where the library is?

Alice: Certainly. Come here with me.

Tom: My name is Tom. Your name?

Alice: My name is Alice. What classes are you in?

Tom: I am in class two. What about you?

Alice: I am in class 2. Too. We are in the same class! We are classmate.

Tom: Yes! Do you like reading?

Alice: Yes. I like reading English books. And you?

Tom: I like reading story books.

Alice: Oh, here it is, Let‘s go into the library.

Tom: Ok., let us go!

Note: freshman新生 library图书馆in the same在同一个班 make friends交朋友

1. Read and judge

( ) (1) Alice is a freshman.

( ) (2) Tom is in class 2 and Tom is in class 1.

( ) (3) Tom likes story books and Alice is too.

( ) (4) They go into the classroom.

2. Arrange the right sequence of the sentences

( ) Yes, please.

( ) What is the time now?

( ) Excuse me, can I ask you a questions?

( ) It‘s half past nine.

( ) Thank you very much. Goodbye!

II Exercise on textbooks

1. 选词填空

Took bought got singing does

(2) I left Beijing yesterday and

(3)Tom (4) Listen! A girl is (5)He usually 2.翻译

(1) What did you do on your holiday?

(2)How did you go to Beijing?

(3) Where did Tom go on his holiday?

(5) Mitchell went to Xingjiang by train.

(6)I went to skiing on my holiday.

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