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Unit 2 自测题 四年级 英语

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Unit 2 自测题

一 单项选择题

1 National day is on --------

A June 1 B December 25 C October 1

2 Children`s Day is on ------

A June 1 B October 1 C July 1

3 What are you doing ?

A I am going to draw a picture .B I am draw a picture .C I can draw a picture.

4 What is Pat doing ?

A He is writing a poem. B She is writing a poem. C She is going to write a poem.

5 What is he going to do tomorrow?

A He is going to see Tian`anmen Square B He is seeing Tian`anmen Square C They are going to see Tian`anmen Square

二 选择正确的单词补全对话,答案写在横线上 At going in on do

1 Do you like this poem? Yes I -----

2 What are you ----to do ? I am going to go to the park. 3 When is Father`s Day ? It`s ----June 20 this year. 4What are you doin ? I am looking -----my photos.

三 圈出句中的错误并改正

1 When is Father`s Day ? It`s on June 20 this year. 2 What is you going to do ?

3 What are they going to look at the park ?

4 What are you going to give you teacher on Teacher`s Day. 5 Different places have different dates on Mother`s Day.

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