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人人说英语 第五次 Unit 4

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Talking about the Weather
? A: Nice day, isn’t it? ? B: Sure it is. Why don’t we go to a park? ? A: Good idea.
? It is a nice day, isn’t it?

? ? ? ? ?

Lovely 可爱的 Cold 寒冷的 Hot 炎热的 Warm 温暖的 Cool 凉爽的

? A: Which season do you like best? ? B: Autumn. Autumn is the best season in Beijing. ? A: I like autumn, too. Where I’m from, autumn is the best time of year. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Which (代词)哪个 What (代词)什么 Who (代词) 谁 Where (副词)哪里 When (副词)什么时候 Why (副词)为什么 How (副词)怎样 Spring 春天 Summer 夏天 Autumn 秋天 Winter 冬天 Where I am from= In my hometown

? A:What’s the weather like in your hometown? ? B: Um, very nice. It’s warm in spring and cool in autumn. ? A: Is it hot in summer? ? B: Yes, it is, but not as hot as in Beijing.

? ? ? ? ?

What is the weather like in + 地点? in+地点(大)= 在……地方 In+季节 = 在……季节 It is not as hot as the weather in Beijing. as + 形容词 + as : 和……一样

? Does it snow a lot in Beijing? do(第一,第二人称单数) I/You/They + do does(第三人称单数)She/He/It + does ? It’s bitterly cold. ? What an awful day! What a lovely day! What a hot day.

? It is going to rain. You’d better take an umbrella with you. be going to 将要做某事 Eg: I am going to take a break. She is going to say goodbye to him. You’d better= You had better 你最好…… You are very tired. You’d better take a break.

? What is the weather like today? ? What will the weather be like tomorrow? will + be/ do 表示将来 Eg: He will be fine. 他会好起来的。

? It’s nice and warm out here.
? I hate this kind of weather. ? What’s the temperature?

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