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Unit 1测试题四年级英语

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四年级Unit 1测试题

姓名: 得分:一、 Unjumble the words and write.(连词成句)

1. birthday May 17 her on Is

2. calendar is Where the birthday

3. today is What date the


4. is aunt’s in His birthday September .

5.there many months How are

二、 Choose and fill in the blanks.(选一选,填一填)

To at in of on

1.My uncle’s birthday is April.

2.Is your birthday 3.Let’s buy her a present first.

course, I like this card very much.





三、Read and write.(看一看,写单词)

sixth seventh tenth eleventh thirteenth

四、 Read and write.(读一读,写一写)

1. What are you (go) to do?

2. What are the children (do) ?

3. They are (play) football on the playground.

4. On Teacher’(sing) songs.

五、Read and correct.(读一读,找错误)

( )1. Today is my brother’s birthday, she is seven.


( A B C

( A B C

( A B C

( A B C

六、Read and choose.(读一读,选一选)

( A. ten B. twenty C.twelve

( ) 2. What’ A. children B. girls’ C.child

( A. her B. Betty C. Betty’s

( ) 4. They’a birthday cake.

A. make B. making C. making

( A.books B. book C. a book

七、Choose and write.(选一选,填一填)

(your; you)

(she; he) is eleven.

3. (He; Him) is Peter, his birthday is on July 14.

4. ---Is your birthday on Apr. 15?

八、Read and choose.(读一读,选异类)

( )1.A.Monday B. January C. August D. March

( ) 2.A.son B. policeman C. father D. grandma

( ) 3. A. five B. fifth C. fifteen D. fifty

( ) 4. A. car B. bus C. horse D. minibus

( ) 5. A. ten B. ninth C. twenty D. twelve

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