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Unit 6 自测题 四年级 英语

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Unit 6 自测题

一 选出不同类别的单词

1 A Camera B tiger C rabbit 2 A Whendesday B ground C Thursday 3 A run B jump C Thursday 4 A restaurant B June C high 5 A toy B first C third

二 用there be ,have ,has 填空 1 The girl ----a nice toy car .

2 ------a shopping mall near our school. 3They -----apple junice.

4 -----some milk in the glass.

5 How many months ---in a year?

三 选择正确的答案

1 -----there a book shop ?Yes ,there is .

A Are B Is C is

2 Linda and Harry are -----the shopping mall.

A on B in C to

3 Is there a camera ? ------------

A Yes ,there is B Yes, there isn`t C Yes ,it is 4 -----there any books? No, there aren`t.

A Are B Is C are

5The toilet is on the ------floor .

A Five B four C fifth

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