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( )1. A school B. lunch C. breakfast

( )2. A morning B. evening C. dinner

( )3. A. grandparents B. teacher C. English

( )4. A. visit B. play C. weekend

( )5. A. Monday B. sometimes C. usually

( )6. A. piano B. evening C. noon

( )7. A. Tuesday B. Friday C. football

( )8. A. watch B. often C. eat

( )9. A. snow B. rain C. rainny

( )10. A. shopping B. work C. hiking


( )1. –I often go shopping on the weekend. What ___ you?

I often go hiking on the weekend.

A. at B. are C. about

( )2.How often do you do the dishes?

A.two B.twice a week C.day

( )3. Let’s go ___ together.

A. sports B. homework C. swimming

( )4. I ___ my bedroom every week.

A. clean B. go C. cleans

( )5.___I go to the movies with binbin?

A.what B. how C. Can

( )6.Mom,can I watch TV now?

Sorry,you ____,you have to study for your test.

A. can’t B.can C. do

( )7. It’s going to rain tomorrow. I___ go hiking.

A. can B. can’t C. do

( )8.after school,he ___practice the piano.

A.have to B. has to C. don’t have to

( )9. Look, this is my weedend ___.

A. timetable B. day C. time

( )10. ___ do you do on Saturdays? –I usually do my homework at home.

A. When B. What C. Sometimes


(football, breakfast, get, worker, morning, lunch, afternoon, student, enjoy, eat, piano, have, 7:00)

I’m aat 6:00 in I at 6:30. Then I take a bus and go to work at . I work in a big factory. I

1._____________2. _____________ 3. _____________4.________

5. _____________6. _____________ 7. _____________ 8. ______

9. _____________ 10. _____________


Hello, I am Zoom. I get up at 6:00 in the morning every day. I eat breakfast at 6:30. Then I go to school at 7:00.We do morning exercises at 8:00. We have three classes in the morning and three in the afternoon. I go home at 5:00 p.m.. I play basketball at 5:30. I eat dinner at 7:30. Then I do my homework. I go to bed at 9:00. This is my day. What about yours?

( )1. Where does Zoom eat breakfast?

A. At home B. At school C. At 6:30

( )2. How many classes does Zoom have in a day?

A. Five. B. Three. C. Six

( )3. When does Zoom play sports in the afternoon?

A. At four B. At five C. At five thirty

( )4. When does Zoom eat dinner?

A. At seven thirty B. At home C. At eight

( )5. When does Zoom go to bed?

A. at nine in the morning. B. at nine in the evening. C. at nine a.m.



相符的打“√”,不相符的打“×”。 (5分)

⒈spend( ) ⒉ same( ) ⒊ half( )

⒋ time ( ) ⒌ catch( )

二、听录音,选择你所听到的单词或短语。 (10分)

( )⒈ A. quietly B. carefully C. beautifully D. loudly

( )⒉ A. high B. fast C. well D. doll

( )⒊ A. go shopping B. grow flowers

C. make clothes D. make the bed

( )⒋ A. clean the living room B.clear the table

C.take some medicine D. take out the garbage

( )⒌ A.have to B. have a cold

C. should D. shouldn’t


1. 保持健康 2. 疲劳的

3. 充足的睡眠 4. ....以前

5. 喝牛奶 6. 锻炼

7. 到处乱扔 8. 太多

9. 熬夜 10. 垃圾食品

11.应该 12. 头疼

13 a running nose 14. Sleepy

15. medicine 16. Right after

17. 感冒 18. 吃药

19. 胃疼 20. 糖果

21. 更多

四. 选句填空

A: what’s wrong ?


A:You have a cold


D: I am sleepy


五. 圈出正确的字母组合

1. h____dache a . ea b. ae

2. dr___k a. In b. an

3. t___thache a. Oo b. oa

4. wr___g a. An b. on

5. me___ne a. Dici b. deci

6. sl____py a. ee b. ea

7. ex___cise a. ea b. er

8. sh___ld a.or b. ou


1. I have ____cold and i feel sick a. a b. the c. /

2. I have a headache 。You should go to _______ a. school b. a shop c. see a doctor

3.we should exercise to _______ a. tired b. stomachache c. fit

4. you should always wash your hands ______eating

a. after b. before c. behind

5.I shouldn’t drink _____coke every day a. many b. too much c. lot of

6.You should _____ much water.

a. to drink b.drinking c. drink

七. 根据汉语提示写单词, 完成句子

1. What’s wrong with you ? I feel ____(疲劳)

2. The boy has got a _______(感冒) and he takes some


3. The doctor says I should __________________(多喝水)

4.I am sleepy. What

十should 点I do ?You 之前should 睡

and ________________(觉)_________________________(睡眠充足)


5. You shouldn’t eat _______(太多) meat


的打“F”。(10分) Hainan is my hometown(家乡). It’s a very beautiful city. The

buildings are tall, the trees are tall, too. Summer is the favourite

season for many people in Hainan. It’s hot and sunny. The boys

and girls can wear their sunglasses and beautiful T-shirts, they

can swim in the sea, too. The favourite drink in Hainan is

coconut(椰子) juice. It’s fresh and sweet. It’s very delicious.

Spring is very warm in Hainan. Fall is cool. It seems that(似

乎)there is no winter in Hainan. Because it’s warm and cool in

winter. It’s not very cold.

( )1. Spring is the favourite season for many people in


( )2. It’s sunny and hot in summer.

( )3. The boys and girls can skate in the sea.

( )4. Spring is very cool in Hainan

( )5. It’s warm and cool in winter in Hainan.

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